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In my experience, smaller birds don’t need brines to keep them moist, they cook quickly and they stay juicy. Before roasting, to save cooking time and make carving easy, I cut the chickens in half and remove the backbone.
I don’t oil these small chickens or otherwise fuss with the skin; simply pat it very dry with paper towels, then sprinkle it generously with salt, pepper and dry herbs. I take advantage of all the wonderful juices the chicken gives off by setting a pile of vegetables underneath the chicken. I love the delicious balance of sweet and crunch in the Honeycrisp apples here paired with deeply flavored kale.
Carefully move the chicken halves to a cutting board, tent with foil and let rest 5 minutes. This set of shopping lists includes all of the ingredients you need to make the meals in The Oldways 4-Week Mediterranean Diet Menu Plan. The Mediterranean Diet recently made front page news after it was  ranked the 3rd most popular diet of 2013 by online news site, Huffington Post. Hippocrates called olive oil “the great therapeutic” and Homer referred to it as “liquid gold.” Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) stands apart from all other types of fat for several reasons.
To take advantage of “liquid gold,” keep a small opaque herb-infused bottle of EVOO on your kitchen counter, and use it in all types of cooking. Eating a variety of different types of fruit every day is great for your heart: aim to “mix ’n’ match” for the most nutritional benefits.
To get more legumes into your day, snack on fresh raw veggies dipped in hummus; sprinkle a can of rinsed and drained chickpeas or kidney beans into your salad, eat legume-based soups such as lentil, split pea, black bean, pasta e fagioli, or minestrone, or snack on edamame (delectable baby soybeans)  available as an appetizer at Japanese restaurants or frozen at your local supermarket.
It’s called the “Eskimo factor.” As early as 1944, scientists began to document that Greenland Eskimos had virtually no heart disease. Fish oil is a centerpiece of the Mediterranean Diet and is rich in the superbly heart-healthy marine omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. If you eat out, frequent a steak house, where you can almost always find salmon or a tuna steak on the menu. Walnuts have sustained humans since the dawn of civilization—and they’re key to the Mediterranean diet because they are a top source of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). The Mediterranean diet emphasizes fresh and natural foods over those that are processed and refined. Red wine, another key part of the Mediterranean Diet, is known to reduce the risk of heart attack due to its cache of powerful antioxidant polyphenols. The Mediterranean lifestyle is an active lifestyle—regular physical activity reduces your risk for heart disease.
Imagine yourself sitting down to a leisurely meal of delicious fresh and artfully prepared food, slowly savoring the joy of your Mediterranean meal—a far cry from mindlessly gobbling down your food behind your steering wheel or in front of the TV.
I urge you to enjoy a long and healthy life by following the spectacularly delicious and easy-to-follow Mediterranean lifestyle—now scientifically proven to be the world’s healthiest (and tastiest) diet! She decided to start following it after reading ebook “Mediterranean diet weight loss results” on Amazon.
And when it comes to dinner, she often makes tuna salad; dressed in olive oil (she loves it). The aroma, the luxurious flavor and the warmth of the oven draw family and friends to the table like magic.

Roasters need brining to prevent dry breast meat, they cook unevenly and they take a long time to cook.
These half chickens will roast in 35 to 40 minutes – speedy enough for weeknight enjoyment. No need – especially if you own a pair of kitchen shears, which prove much safer than wielding a knife. Roasting the chickens on a rack, which allows the oven air to circulate around it, will yield golden, crisp skin every time. The mixture of apples, kale and leeks in the recipe below, seasoned with sage, marjoram and thyme, will remind you a bit of holiday stuffing – minus the bread. Other apple options include the sweet Sweetango, tart Granny Smith or quite-sweet, but nicely crunchy, Golden Delicious. Most of the basics on this list keep indefinitely, so you buy everything once, then just replace as needed.
After you enter your email and click Submit you’ll be given a chance to choose which newsletter(s) you want. This is most likely due to the stunning results of a five-year Spanish study, published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine last year.
A single definition of the Mediterranean diet is difficult because there are more than the 18 countries with coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea.
Head for your green grocer and buy veggies fresh and often—a spectrum of healthy colors is nature’s medicine chest. These nutrition giants are loaded with the heart healthiest of ingredients, including fiber, antioxidants, plant protein, vitamins, minerals, and iron — and all this for just pennies on the dollar.
The Eskimos’ diet was low in fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates, but loaded with oily seafood such as whale and seal meat. ALA is the omega-3 fatty acid derived from plants, which our bodies need (in addition to the other omega-3 that comes from salmon and other fish). Sprinkle crushed walnuts on a fat-free Greek yogurt with a little honey for a nutritious and satisfying dessert.
Grains contain three botanically defined parts – the bran, the endosperm, and the germ—and by eating natural whole grains you’re getting all three parts, which packs a powerful nutritional punch.
It’s important to make an effort, every day, to get off the couch and get those sneakers on! Actually, there’s no winner; scientists concur that the whole Mediterranean package confers the health benefits. She has spent her entire career helping to promote optimal health and prevent diet-and-lifestyle related disease through diet and exercise. Perhaps that’s the reason so many food writers and cookbook authors go on and on about the topic. Whole chickens sold in today’s supermarkets tend to be ginormous roasters weighing in around 5 pounds. Tuscan kale, aka lacinato kale, looks and tastes great here, but the readily available bags of chopped kale make a fine sub. Roast, stirring the vegetables once, (be careful moving the chicken while you do this), until chicken juices run clear when the thigh is pierced with a fork and vegetables are fork-tender, 35 to 40 minutes.
You'll also find two shopping lists to download -- Mediterranean and African Heritage shopping lists.

Keeping a jar of Better than Bouillon in the fridge is easier and cheaper than buying can after can of broth. But this study was the first major randomized clinical trial (the gold standard of scientific research proving cause and effect) that used meaningful endpoints, including heart attack, stroke and death.
Vegetables are chock full of myriad polyphenols (the major disease battling phytochemical). Go to your local fish monger and be sure to buy really fresh fish (don’t be shy about asking to smell the fish—and if it has a fishy smell, stay away!). Consider a can of water-packed albacore tuna served over your greens for lunch with olive oil vinaigrette.
One caveat: moderation is the magic word, meaning a little is good, and a lot is not better. There is a clear link between daily consumption of deep, dark chocolate with phenomenal health benefits, especially on your heart and blood vessels. Exercise is the best medicine for promoting healing, improving your joie de vivre, and especially for releasing harmful plaque-promoting stress.
The National Chicken Council says that just 40 years ago more than 60 percent of all chickens were sold whole. Use your shears (or a large chef’s knife) to cut it in half smack down the middle, right through the breastbone. If kale’s not your thing, use roughly chopped Swiss chard leaves (ribs removed) or baby bok choy. You can fashion a makeshift roasting setup with a deep baking pan and a wire cooling rack set over it – just be sure the rack is ovenproof. Drizzle olive oil over potatoes, bean soups, grains, and steamed vegetables to enhance their flavor.
Add figs or dried fruits to your lunchtime salad (think cranberries, apricots, or currants) for a delicious touch that provides a feast of antioxidants.
I buy fresh fish in bulk and cut it into individual servings, wrap in wax paper, label, and freeze. Cap off your day with a nightly cup of steaming, decadent homemade hot chocolate (mix 2 heaping spoonfuls of dark chocolate natural unsweetened cocoa powder, a touch of sweetener or sugar substitute, and soy milk and microwave). Start slow and make walking (or any other exercise you love) a priority in your life, just like keeping your appointments. Of course, you can always just set the chicken on top of the vegetables – you just may lose a bit of crispness on the skin. Remember, to satisfy your chocolate craving and fortify your heart disease defense strategy simultaneously, think real cocoa rather than solid chocolate bars. Natural unsweetened cocoa powder has the highest concentration of flavanols of all chocolate products, plus is low in sugar, fat and calories. This shopping list Is Not Intended To SubstituThis shopping list is not intended to substituThis shopping list is based on a heart healthy diet and is a g only healthy food choices so you .

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