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I think that while dogs are natural omnivores, they shouldn't have to subsist on vegetarian meals as they aren't given a choice. For hundreds of years people have experimented with various diets in order to see if there are added health benefits.
I don't think its good to out your dog on a full vegetarian diet, simply because we are not able to know if it is good for them or not.
For humans, if you are a vegetarian you can take pills and supplements in order to receive the recommended daily amount of vitamins per day that would be missed due to the diet. Of course we can tell if our dog doesn't like a certain type of food because he simply wont eat it. However, this would be a complete inconvenience to dogs because the owner would not only have to remember to take their own pills, but also give their dog their daily supplements. Dogs being man best friend, I'd consider studies on the benefits of a vegetarian dog food diet before I switched my dog from meats to no meats.
According to your blog,after Shelley Boyle feed her dog with pinto beans, brown rice and sweet potatoes each week according to the doctor's recommendation for five month, her dog had no more ear infection, bad breath, dandruff or excessive shedding.

According to a study,catsare strictly carnivores.The cata€™s digestive system cannot convert plant based nutrients in to the form that its body can utilize. But just like your blog said, we are able to tell if we prefer a certain type of food, and if it sits well in our stomach or not.
Shelley Boyle began to feed her dog with pinto beans, brown rice and sweet potatoes each week according to the doctor's recommendation. I was a vegetarian for 6 years and in those six years having a nutritionist help me balance my diet and trying to eat all the essentials it was still very difficult for me to get everything I needed for my body and created short term health problems. Thata€™s why cat are are called strict carnivores, as they need to take the active form of the nutrients from other animals, who do the conversion beforehand. With many of us saying that it is "natural" for a dog to eat meat, it got me wondering about evolution. So in the end, it would be beneficiary to the dog to stick to a normal meat-based dog food diet. Dogs, like humans, are omnivores, meaning they can survive on a diet of either plant or animal origin.

If one is going to put a dog on a vegetarian diet, you should switch things up and give your dog meat once in a while. If cave men ate meat, and humans have eaten meat all through out history, shouldn't that be enough to just debunk vegetarianism as being "good for you" as a whole? The fibers and veggies contain antioxidants that will fight for cancers and other diseases also.Here is the vegetarian recipe that will interest you.
Also reading through a couple of articles about vegetarian dog diets, the question seems to linger on not exactly what a meat diet can do, but the potential harms mass produced meat can do.
But, I think that owners must be careful to ensure that their dogs are getting the proper nutrients from plant-based ingredients.
I understand there are other reasons as to why vegetarians choose to avoid meat, but I can't help but wonder if Darwin himself would deem meat something that the body craved, even if the mind didn't.

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