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This includes food from all the core food groups: vegetables and fruit, breads and cereals, milk, yoghurt and cheese and meat and alternatives.
Vegetables and fruit have a low energy density, which means they will help to satisfy your child with fewer kilojoules than most foods from the other food groups.
Milk, yoghurt and cheese and other milk products are an important source of protein and calcium for this age group. Milk is an important source of calcium, which is essential for healthy development of bones and teeth. Physical activity is very important for healthy growth, and to help prevent your child from becoming overweight.

Remember the healthy eating key: choose mostly eMarks 1 and 2, blue and green, with 3s in moderation. Children under five years have small stomachs and can’t eat the same amount of fibre as older children or adults, so increase fibre gradually with a variety of vegetables, fruit, and wholegrain breads and cereals. If your child doesn’t like milk, you must ensure adequate calcium intake from other sources such as cheese, yoghurt, nuts and calcium-fortified soy products.
Swimming, outdoor games and walking or cycling to school are great ways to fit in regular physical activity.
Your child should also drink plenty of plain water, rather than soft drinks and fruit juice, when they are thirsty.

Serving sizes are approximately 250ml of milk (but will vary with fat content), 1 pottle of yoghurt, 1 thick slice of cheese or 2 scoops of ice cream.
After two years of age you can start to introduce reduced and low fat milk and milk products if your child is eating well, and height and weight are following the normal growth curves. This programme has offered me a comprehensive guide to eating well and in the process, I’ve developed a much better understanding about nutrition.

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