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Helping you reach your best health potential by eating food that taste good and is good for you! Remember, if fat loss is your goal, then weekend eating and exercise needs to be just as focused and deliberate as it is during the week! To stick with a few healthy eating tips is all it takes to improve your overall body health and enhance your life quality. These healthy eating tips prove that it’s actually quite simple and easy to make healthier food choices once you realize that the formula for good health lies in a good diet. In an ideal diet, starchy carbohydrates, like bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and cereals, should make up about one third of all the food you eat in one day. Try to include veggies and fruits in your meals whenever you can – aiming for at least five portions of different fruits and vegetables each day. Fat is an important ingredient of our diet, however, it is important to note that there are two types of fat: unsaturated (like that in avocado, oily fish and vegetable oils) and saturated (found in biscuits, cream, cakes, butter, pies, hard cheese, sausages and such). Consuming drinks and foods high in sugar on a regular basis increases the risk of obesity and tooth decay. The key to the success of any plan for healthy eating tips to eat what you like, but to exercise moderation when it comes to the less healthy foods. There are a number of good reasons for cutting back on levels of healthy eating of dietary fat.
And of course eating fewer high fat foods means that you will be able to enjoy many more low fat alternatives, such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Of course cutting back on dietary fat is easier said than done, so we have compiled the list of healthy eating tips for low fat healthy eating to help you get started. In place of spreads like peanut butter and full fat cream cheese, use lower fat alternatives such as low fat cream cheese, jellies, jams, fruit spreads, apple butter, mustard, low fat margarine, or low fat mayonnaise.
Instead of potato chips, which are very high in fat, choose pretzels, unbuttered popcorn and other healthier alternatives. In addition to choosing the right healthy eating foods, the preparation of the foods you buy is very important to keeping fat levels as low as possible. Proper low fat food preparation starts with buying the leanest cuts of beef, pork, fish and chicken, and removing the skin and fat from chicken breasts, legs and thighs.

Broiling, backing and grilling are generally the lowest fat methods for preparing the meats and seafood you buy.
Try to avoid frying foods, and if you must fry, try to use a pan that allows the excess fat and oil to drain off easily. The most important thing is to be an educated consumer and shop carefully for the healthiest produce, meat and seafood. Eat three meals per day at regular times.  Regular meals keep the digestive system functioning at their most efficient levels.
Don’t skip breakfast.  Studies have shown that failing to eat because you “don’t have time” or ill-advised reduction in calories a day can lead to poor health.
If you get hungry between meals, don’t resort to fatty, salty, or refined-sugar snacks.  Instead, eat fruit, raw vegetables, or whole grain snacks.
Non-clinical and non-urgent messages, please click here to send us a non-secured and non-encrypted message. What I like about this is that it has easy to follow tips to help you make healthy choices at the grocery store. I'm a Holistic Nutritionist, CPT, CES or AKA "The Nutrition Ninja." I'm here to help keep YOU informed on the BEST and most effective Healthy Fat Loss strategies. And the key to a healthy diet lies in the right daily intake of calories based on the level of your body activity, while making sure at the same time that your diet is balanced in a way that your body gets all the necessary nutrients. Make sure you choose a whole-grain version of these whenever you can – they are richer in fiber and make you feel full for longer periods of time.
This is why you should eat fish at least twice a week – especially the oily fish that is rich in omega-3 fats that help prevent heart disease.
It is important to remember that the latter one can increase the cholesterol levels in your blood and thus increase the risks of a heart disease. This is why one of the most important healthy eating tips highly recommends cutting down on alcoholic beverages, sugary fizzy drinks, breakfast cereals that contain sugars, pastries, cakes and biscuits.
While all drinks that contain no alcohol count, keep in mind that water and milk are your healthier options. While some fat in the healthy eating diet is necessary, and it would be a mistake to try to eliminate all fat from the healthy diet, most people simply eat too much fat.

Fat contains twice as many calories per gram as protein and carbohydrates, so eating less fat usually means consuming fewer calories. Dietary fat, particularly saturated fat, has been implicated as a factor in heart disease and elevated cholesterol levels. Although this matter has not been totally settled, there have been a number of studies that indicate that a diet low in fat can keep certain cancers at bay.
Since these types of foods tend to be nutrient rich and low calorie, they can be enjoyed guilt free. When eating out, request the salad dressing on the side so you can compare the amount used. Other delicious baked potato toppings include steamed broccoli, cottage cheese, salsa, low fat cheese and low fat or nonfat sour cream. Garnishes like lemon juice, herbs, salsa or green onions are great toppings for vegetables and salads.
For instance, instead of using a tablespoon of blue cheese salad dressing, try using only a teaspoon.
Using skim milk or 2% milk instead of whole milk can make a huge difference in your daily fat intake. Ginger snaps angel food cake, vanilla wafers, fig bars; jellybeans, hard candy and gumdrops are all excellent choices for a sweet treat. While many people are convinced that starchy foods cause body fattening, they actually contain less than half the calories of fat. Likewise, low fat alternatives to ice cream, such as frozen yogurt, provide the entire flavor and none of the fat. If you are planning to create more articles relating to this subject, I definitely will be back in the near future!

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