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In my 2014 highlights post, I mentioned that two of my most popular posts from last year were my detox meal plans. After considering both of these facts, the light bulb turned on: why not create a challenge with a bunch of meal ideas to encourage myself (and others) to eat healthy?
Okay, for the rules, I didn’t want the challenge to be all about DO NOT EAT THIS AND THIS AND THIS AND THIS AND DEFINITELY NOT THAT.
On Monday I mentioned that I tend to eat the same things for snacks everyday; that’s why I made a decent list of healthy ideas, as to not get too bored and start hating food. My plan for the week was 5 small meals a day – smoothie, breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. I ate little and often, enough to sustain a busy lifestyle that has no exercise other than the daily walk in my commute to work or the stairs to the 4th floor. Previous article30 Day Clean Eating Snapchat Challenge – Week 2Next articleMy Red Earth & Mindy Brownes favourites! Roy Ballam, education programme manager at the BNF free Healthy Eating Week resources were being sent to schools in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. For Healthy Eating Week 2014, the BNF will also be delivering an online Cook-a-long programme, with separate pre-scheduled recipe demonstrations for primary and secondary age children to participate in each day of the week. All schools participating in Healthy Eating Week will also receive a certificate and pupils are invited to enter a Healthy Eating Week competition to win one of six £100 prizes for their school. A BNF survey of UK school children’s eating behaviour and knowledge in the context of mealtime occasions, is currently taking place and results will be revealed at the start of Healthy Eating Week. Last year more than 27,500 schoolchildren took part in the survey, which was the largest of its kind. John Carpenter House, John Carpenter Street, London EC4Y 0AN, UK, VAT registered, number 586 7988 48. We’ll also be running daily competitions so you can get your hands on some great foodie items that we’d love to have in our cupboards!

I usually have a snack mid-morning and when I get home from work, so these will be my go-to options.
It can be so easy to not make time to create a nutritious dinner, so I have the next two weeks mapped out with a bunch of healthy dinner ideas.
Since I can’t make a healthy eating challenge for both ends of the spectrum, I hope there are at least a few of you out there that are with me in thinking this is a realistic plan that will still be an actual challenge. A run through of what I ate for the week is below, and you can see Week 1 here and Week 2 here in case you missed it, but as always I documented it all on Snapchat if you’re following me there! My food was easy and fit perfectly into my day, but will be jazzing it up a bit from next week! Five different books, with a series of easy to make, incredibly nutritious recipes in each. If you disagree, feel free to mix this up a wee bit, but for me the following options are enough to keep me satisfied.
One thing to note for this is that I accommodated my own schedule for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
It gives you some ideas for what to make and eat each day to help you stay on track the healthy train.
Hopefully we can still be successful in only spending $525 for our family of four to eat healthily all month! We have been saving money by spending less on meats, not eating out, and resisting impulse buys. You can wing meals, buy packaged foods, and go out for meals all while being quite healthy. By not straying from these, especially during this challenge, I think I can make sure my midday meal is on track without any spontaneous badness. Angela Barnes has combined all the secrets in her Nutritious Appetite Guide, along with her knowledge of how the human body interacts with and utilises various food groups, to create this set of recipe books.

I just find for me, personally, it’s extremely difficult to make smart food decisions when I’m not in complete control of what I’m consuming. I will set new targets and goals – eating healthy feels great, regardless of the number on the scales. If you want to skip all the reading in Nutritious Appetite and go straight to a proven set of recipes, then this is for you!
That’s why I find it worth putting forth the extra effort to make sure what I put into my body is fairly wholesome (or that’s the goal, at least; laziness and decadent foods get the best of me more than I’d like to admit).
Fridays (Day 6), I’m always unmotivated to cook, so I set up throw-together meals that would be easy. I have some tips to get you started here, and there’s plenty of info in the My Health Corner section too!
Since receiving my new juicer we have been also juicing often so we bought a lot of produce this week! Lastly, on Saturdays (Day 7) I just don’t care (are you seeing the trend for my weekends?).
Groceries can really add up there so I was worried when we were ringing up at the register, but I was so excited that we came in right on target!
As a result, I picked crockpot recipes that can also be thrown together that are still quite tasty.

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