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If you're on a diet or trying to lose weight, you don't have to give up fast food completely. Sometimes, you just don't have access to health food, and in the moment, a double-chalupa'ed-McWhopper might not sound like a bad idea. These 10 delicious (and, believe it or not, nutritious) meals will help keep you honest in the face of deep-fried temptation. When the company decided to disclose their ingredients online this summer, they went an extra step further and became the first to list foods containing GMOs in its online menu. Make your own salad with no-hormone-added barbacoa, which doesn't use unnecessary antibiotics (chicken, pictured here, is also a great choice). Load it up with baby spinach, fresh mushrooms, and diced tomatoes, none of which have preservatives.
Your portable lunch comes equipped with a cage-free hardboiled egg, cheddar cheese, multigrain bread, peanut butter, apple slices, and grapes.
Opt for this hearty, fresh salad, which comes with mixed greens, black beans, corn, cheese, and tortilla strips. If you live in Boston, New York, DC, or Chicago (or Hong Kong, the UK, or France) you're in luck!
With a fresh and truly healthy menu, you really can't go wrong, but our favorite pick of the moment is the Wild Salmon Salad, featuring cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, tzatziki sauce, and lemon.
Blind yourself to the corn syrupy Frosty and beeline for the classic Wendy's side: the fabulous baked potato. Dressed with reduced-fat sour cream and chives, it's one of the healthiest picks on the menu.

This member of Panera's hidden menu (just ask) is a favorite of Prevention's RD Ashley Koff.
Choose their roasted turkey breast meal, which has a relatively short ingredient list: just good ol' turkey breast, with a solution of water, salt, lemon juice concentrate, and vinegar.
While diving into the ingredient lists, we realized why Chick-Fil-A chicken tastes so irresistible: monosodium glutamate is one of the first ingredients. Pair it with a fruit cup of apples, strawberries, and grapes, and you've made a respectable choice on the run.
Get healthy recipes and eating tips to help you lose 10, 20, 30 pounds or more with our Eat Up Slim Down weekly newsletter. A Week in Photos: Germany’s Renewable Energy and an Elephant Panics DowntownOne week of images capturing memorable moments in our world. Fight For the ForestsTakePart journeys deep into the woods to report on the fight against deforestation.
Social JusticeInvestigate the global crisis behind the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal. PivotTrue stories of ordinary people going to extraordinary lengths to expose large-scale injustice. Ever wonder what to order at a fast-food restaurant in order to keep things relatively healthy? The average meal at a sit-down restaurant will set you back more than 1,000 calories, 151 percent of your daily sodium, and 89 percent of your daily fat, finds a recent study.
Unfortunately, most of their corn and soy contains GMOs, which is par for the course since these are the two most common genetically modified crops.
You can try Chipotle's new Sofritas: shredded organic (and non-GMO) tofu braised with chilies and spices.

Plus, there's no partially hydrogenated oil (code for trans fat) here, unlike in Pizza Hut's thin crusta€”code for trans fat. After you meet 15% of your daily calcium requirement, sip an Evolution Fresh Sweet Greens and Lemon juice, with no additives and 10 different fruits and veggies. Pret uses wild salmon, which has way less fat and more zinc than farmed fish (check out the differences between wild salmon vs. Spuds are packed with potassium, folate, and fiber (just remember to eat the fiber-rich skin). But in terms of fast-food salads, theirs is one of the cleanest around, with Romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, red cabbage, carrots, and a smattering of cheese.
Here, we show you what foods you should avoid and what healthier foods you should eat to save calories and fat at popular fast-food places. But Chipotle makes it easy to choose other options with simple color-coding: anything with a pink square and a "G" is GMO, along with other designations for preservatives, organic, and responsibly raised meats.
They're only available in California right now, but fingers crossed they'll expand all over. A dollop of hummus later, and the dish packs 33 grams of lean proteina€”without many calories, thanks to a satisfying squeeze of lemon in lieu of dressing.
Luckily, our friends at Self did some sleuthing and found these hidden healthy fast-food finds at popular restaurant chains. Let them cool down firsta€”cool potatoes have much more resistant starch, which gets fermented in your colon and becomes food for your gut.

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