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What Are Electrolytes?We would have all heard of ORS or electral at some point of time, these are drinks that contain electrolytes. DoubleDee Publications, publishers of Travel Talk Asia and Mum & Me, launched “Health Style” – a magazine dedicated to providing insight and information on the world of health and fitness. The human body depends on a complex balance of nutrients that are required for its healthy growth and development. This paved the way for us to publish ‘Health Style’ where we would provide Sri Lankan’s with a platform not only to promote their products and services pertaining to the industry but also highlight the diverse and industry related advancements made over the past few years” said Dinushka Chandrasena – Editor of Health Style. They maintain the fluid balance in the body and help keep the cells and tissues moist and hydrated always. Also Read: Foods That Are Rich In IodineThey are taken when a person loses vital nutrients due to diarrhoea, vomiting, exhaustion due to heat or after a particularly long and hard day, resulting in excessive sweating.

When the body lacks sufficient electrolytes, it can cause a variety of problems like cramps, spasms, headaches and can affect the brain and muscle functions. When electrolytes are lost due to vomiting and diarrhoea, heavy exercise or too much of sweating, they must be replenished immediately with supplements.
It is akin to the shutting down of power, as cells can get deprived of fluids and have to be restocked instantaneously. We need to look for alternatives instead, and what better than those that are closer to nature rather than going in for the artificial ones, right?
No sports drink with its high sugar content and artificial colours can ever match the coconut water's healing properties. Fruits and vegetables with these colours like the ones found in beets, corn, apples, limes, lemons, oranges, avocados, bell peppers (red, yellow, orange) and squash are rich in electrolytes.

Veggies like potatoes, cucumbers, turnips and radishes are also electrolyte and nutrient rich.
Some are a rich source of potassium and magnesium, whereas others supply calcium and sodium. So, it is important not to omit any plant product to get all the supplements that the body requires.
But the sad truth is that along with the nutrients, they are also loaded with artificial sweeteners, colours and sugars that may do more harm than do good in the long run.

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