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Here is my simple, healthy meal planning system which you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements. Sample of a mainframe checklist you can create, to jog your memory when doing up your weekly list. One of my favorite ministries is serving as the Meal Planning Contributor for The Better Mom, where I share my bi-weekly real food meal plans as a way to help inspire and encourage others. NO OVEN REQUIRED DINNERS: On hot summer afternoons, the last thing most of us want to do is turn on the oven. Grilling is not only a quick and easy way to enjoy a healthy homemade dinner, but it also spares you from heating up your kitchen and results in faster clean-up too! To view the recipe links for the bi-weekly meal plan, please pop on over to The Better Mom. All content (recipes, photos, text, etc.) on this site is the creative property of Kelly Smith of The Nourishing Home.

As fast-food chains increasingly try to appeal to health-conscious Americans, supposedly nutritious items are popping up on menus more and more. From KFC's grilled chicken to McDonald's (shockingly caloric) kale salad, massive restaurant chains want to signal to customers that nutrition and fast food can go hand in hand. If these chains want to compete with the new wave of healthier fast-casual alternatives, they're going to have to prove they can become daily go-tos for nutrition-savvy millennials. So I decided to see for myself how the chains, and my stomach, held up after a week of eating only at fast-food restaurants.
Each bi-weekly meal plan includes what’s on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as links to more than 40 of the delicious real food recipes featured. So I’ve put together a two-week meal plan that features some of my family’s favorite grilled and stove-top-only dinner recipes perfect for summer! My heart in creating this blog is to help you by sharing helpful meal planning strategies and nourishing GF recipes that are healthy, easy and delicious with thanksgiving to God!

You are welcome to share a photo via social media, as long as it contains a link back to the corresponding recipe from this site. Additionally, please refrain from adapting recipes without properly linking back to the original recipe, and keep in mind that simple substitutions do not constitute an adapted or original recipe. I also plan what I am going to cook ahead to freeze for next week and so make sure I buy extra food for that too when I do my shopping.

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