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Photo via ladiesagainsthumanityMeet the Douchebros of the Week: Michigan House members Ben Glardon, Peter Pettalia, and Roger Victory. These are just a few of my favorite cookie recipes but there’s tons of other healthy cookie makeovers here. Living a healthy lifestyle is about moderation, balancing a mostly healthy meal plan with occasional snacks and treats.
I wanted to swap out the butter for something with a bit more protein and the Greek Yogurt base turned out so amazing I just kept making more flavors!

With these healthy recipes you can enjoy a cookie or two (or even 3!) with a glass of milk and still feel good about your nutritional choices.
Greek Yogurt makes them moist, rich and adds 3g of protein while making them (except where I added nuts) completely fat free!
Keep in mind, no one cookie, cupcake or one anything is going to “ruin” your progress but if you want a healthier dessert you can have daily, these are a great option! You can use the base recipe of yogurt, Truvia, egg whites, flour, soy milk, vanilla & salt then add whatever other fillings, extracts or flavors you like (next on my list is chocolate raspberry).

Next time you want a sweet treat give these a try, they’re really easy to make and perfect for whatever your sweet tooth desires.

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