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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Granola is quite dense in sugars and fats which makes the impressive amounts of fibre slightly redundant. For example, burgers and fries will always be bad for you, while fruits and vegetables will always be considered healthy food. Following that train of thought, there is a list of common foods that many people consider to be healthy food. However, with just a little bit of research and simply reading the nutrition labels, you'll discover that a lot of the supposedly healthy food out there actually isn't.
While most of these foods won't completely ruin your diet, they should be eaten in moderation and shouldn't be taken so lightly. Traditional Japanese sushi made of rice, raw fish and seaweed can be considered a healthy food.
Cream cheese, sweet sauce, mayonnaise and fried batter are just a few examples of how these calorie-busting ingredients can turn this healthy food into something that isn't healthy at all.
Oh, and if you really want to maximize the health benefits of sushi, you should skip the rice and eat the raw fish by itself as sashimi instead.
As a meal supplement, an energy bar every so often can be a good alternative to not eating anything at all. Skipping or missing a meal can ruin your caloric intake for the day because it can lead to binge eating later.
An energy bar is perfect for keeping you satisfied while providing you with the carbohydrates, protein and calories to keep you fueled. However, many people consume energy bars as a snack, making this healthy food, not so healthy. While all those oats and fibers do, indeed, sound nutritious, a quick look at most nutrition labels will shock you.
The fact that granola is touted as a healthy food snack, plus the added taste from all that extra sugar, keeps customers reaching for more, completely unaware of how many calories they are consuming. Before you buy this healthy food, make sure you properly read the label beforehand, and choose the low-calorie, low-sugar and high-fiber variety. Salads are great when substituted for a full meal, or to help you get full so that you eat less of the main course.
However, restaurants are great at destroying a healthy food and turning it into a caloric nightmare. Fatty salad dressings, croutons, cheese and a heavy helping of meat can make a salad no different than eating a full-size meal.
With all those fruits, health supplements and even veggies, in some cases, a smoothie sounds like a healthy food treat.
Unfortunately, the addition of sugar and fatty yogurt can turn most of these healthy food beverages into something that resembles a milkshake. Most people know that a good helping of bran for breakfast in the morning is a healthy way to start the day.
The bran you should be eating typically comes from a cereal box with skim milk and maybe a side of fresh fruit.
Most pretzels offer no nutritional value, and will only provide you with a helping of sodium, calories and fat that your body does not need. In reality, these snacks aren't so bad, but what destroys their nutritional value is all the added sugar the manufacturer includes during production. So, enjoy your raisins, just be mindful that you would be better off eating a bunch of grapes, instead. Waters with added flavors and vitamins can reach calorie levels that are dangerously close to soft-drinks and juices.
To stay on the safe and healthy food side, just have a slice of lemon with your water if you want some flavor.

Matthew Cenzon has been writing for numerous publications since 2003, covering topics ranging from health and nutrition to the electronic entertainment industry. Matthew is a college graduate of the University of California, Riverside, with degrees in English and Asian literature. He is very fond of the outdoors and enjoys everything from rock climbing to mountain biking. This picture is a bit graphic BUT I think it does a great job of demonstratinghow our bodies function with healthy food and with unhealthy food. This post is not to convince people to stop eating all together lol - I know I might get some strange comment like that.
Patricia Conte has a background in marketing communications and works as an independent writer. The Plan is a 20-day program that can help you test and identify trigger foods that cause weight gain and inflammation.
Recitas found many people telling her that they were eating right and exercising, but they were still experiencing health issues and their weight wouldn’t budge. According to Recitas, inflammation is what can cause not only weight gain, but also other health problems.
The Plan is a program that helps people identify the foods that are friendly or unfriendly to their body. Phase II begins on the fourth day of The Plan, when you begin to introduce different foods into your diet (like wine, cheese and chocolate!). During Phase III, you’re instructed on how to continue to test foods on your own until the end of your 20 days on the program. Water – A lot of people make it a point to drink a ton of water because it’s been said that water is good for the body.
Soy – Dieters usually choose soy as a healthier replacement to many dishes, as this controls cholesterol and blood pressure. Apples Apples contain both high levels of sugar (as do grapes), and cyanide, in their pips.
It often has syrup and other sugar substances mixed within it and often is unsatisfying which means that people like to top up portions.
However, when you start eating a Westernized version, like the popular Philadelphia Roll, that nutrition value goes flying out the window. People just love grabbing a quick and convenient granola bar to satisfy their hunger between meals. Many granola bars and cereals come with added sugar and calories to keep them sweet and flavorful. If your salad comes with a breaded chicken breast, it is no longer a salad; it is a breaded chicken breast with a side of lettuce. A bran muffin, on the other hand, is loaded with sugars and refined flour, which are two things your body doesn't need that early in the morning. While this is probably true since they are baked and not fried, and tend to have fewer calories, they aren't exactly healthy. However, most people often overlook the fact that many iced tea drinks have just as much sugar as most sodas. His interest in health and nutrition started at a very early age from his involvement in youth sports all the way up to the collegiate level. Some people have faster metabolisms than others, and therefore might not be affected so much by food physically.
For example, maybe you can eat salmon or asparagus without any negative effects, but someone else can’t.
Recitas says you’ll lose about half a pound a day until you introduce a trigger food into your diet.

She started her practice working with immune response and hormonal balance 20 years ago on the West Coast and has been running health centers in the New York City area for the past 10 years.
Well, it is better than high-fat meat no doubt, but not so good if this is pretty much your protein staple. However great spinach is for our health—as it is a source of fiber, protein, and loads of vitamins and minerals, and high in lutein, which aids in preventing macular degeneration—it also high in oxalate. Dried fruit can often be high in sugar too, which makes it less healthy, although high in potassium and iron. Just uploaded a new health video talking about 3 ways to stop craving bad unhealthy food, like fast food and sweets.
Meal plans are provided for each day, and you slowly and systematically test the foods that you love.
This happens when too much water intake actually dilutes the sodium in the body, which leads to abnormal low blood sodium, which may result in problems with brain functionality and even death. Apples' pips contain Amygdalin a sugar and cyanide compound that ingested in small amounts is easy to deal with, but which can cause death. Some dried fruit, like cranberries is even sprayed with sugar making them twice as sugary as regular cranberries. I LOVE doing these types of videos because I think feeling good in your own body and being proud of your body is such an important thing. When we have proper functioning cells, we start feeling better, happier & more energized than if they were malnourished.
It’s true, though, some healthy foods are bad for you, BUT only if you eat too much of one. The fact is some tuna varieties contain higher-than-average amounts of mercury—some three times higher than others (albacore vs skipjack). Too much of lean animal protein triggers the body to produce IGF-1, which is the hormone insulin-like growth factor 1. Another component of soy is estrogen-like compounds (isoflavones), and consuming large amounts of soy over a long period may cause endometrial hyperplasia, which is proliferation of the uterine lining—this may lead to uterine cancer.
And it seems like you guys like them too, so that makes me happy :) Feel free to leave more health-related video requests down below in the comments - as well as any others you may have. If we fix this crave the first time with fruits and veggies, even though it might not be as mentally satisfying at that very moment, you will start to notice the difference long term. Excessive mercury in the body can lead to problems in vision, lack of coordination, issues with hearing and speech, and muscle weakness. And overtime it can cause Barrett’s Esophagus, which is a disorder that causes precancerous lesions to appear on the esophageal lining. If it’s always transparent, then you’re drinking too much, and you should take your water intake a few notches down.
It seems the phrase ‘too much of one thing can be bad’, also applies to certain healthy foods. In a recent study, a link was found between high lean protein intake and cancer-related deaths. Also, for those with calcium oxalate kidney stones, you should also be extra careful in becoming excessive on this one.

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