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Smoothies became prevalent in the US in the late 1960s, when ice cream vendors and health food stores began selling them to health-conscious consumers. Nutritious, easy to transport and versatile, smoothies make a convenient on-the-go breakfast or tasty afternoon pick-me-up. You may want to add a super-foods formula or immune support formula to your drink for extra vitamins and minerals.
For added protein and to help build muscle, think whole milk with a high-quality protein powder.
These refreshing smoothies can be made in a “BlenderBottle,” or use a standard blender if you would like to add pieces of fresh or frozen fruit to your recipe. Smoothies are they healthy?  Well it all depends on the ingredients and consumption consistency. Green smoothies are the healthiest type of smoothie, primarily consisting of green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli, collard greens, and parsley.
Adding smoothies to your well-balanced vegan diet will boost your nutrition, energy and overall zest for life.
THE BEST ORGANIC HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS TEA – Clean Energy + Appetite Suppressant + Craving Control + Boost Metabolism + Delicious Taste. The information for this post was found in BBC News Magazine’s article “Coffee v smoothies: Which is better for you?”.
Thanks Victoria Joanna Rushton is amazing and her recipes are delicious I have both books and use them all the time.

By the 1990s, smoothies were so well liked that many cafes and restaurants added them to their menus.
Smoothies are an easy way to get adequate amounts of vitamins and protein in your diet, especially if you are busy. Information and other content provided on this blog, including information that may be provided on this blog directly or by third-party websites are provided for informational purposes only. The fruit helps to sweeten the bitter taste of the greens while the greens slow down the sugar in the fruit. Be mindful when you are creating your smoothies that you choose healthy ingredients and have fun!!!
I have another smoothie recipe that includes the ingredient kale, but don’t be scared your kids can’t see or taste it!
100% Certified Organic Ingredients – Green Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Pu erh Tea, and More! Smoothies remain popular and pre-blended versions are now readily available in many supermarkets.
Recovery shakes are meant to replace your nutrients after exertion, and may contain ingredients such as peanut butter, honey, protein powder, and supplements like creatine and L-glutamine. They are comprised of amino acids broken down into three categories – essential, nonessential, and conditional. There have been many studies on the effects of coffee drinking on the human body and most of these studies prove this common thinking to be false.

For example, for weight loss and added nutrients, try a fruit juice and low-fat frozen yogurt-based smoothie as a breakfast substitute.
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In an article published by BBC News Magazine, the note that its not coffee that has negative effects on the human body is it the relationship between people who drink coffee and have other bad habits that throws off most studies.
In early 2013 researchers found that out of 52 commercial smoothies, 41 had more sugar than Coca-Cola and all had more calories. What is more interesting is that most studies suggest that moderate consumption (2-5 cups per day) of coffee can be protective. Continuing with the bad news the article writes that many smoothies contain fruit that has been peeled and mashed taking away a lot of the key, nutritional ingredients.
The article goes on to site interesting findings such as those who drink coffee in moderation are half as likely to commit suicide as those who drink decaf.

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