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Debbie, a certified personal trainer, is sharing her best tips for you to get the flat belly and toned abs you've always wanted! Sit-ups aren't enough so read on to learn what you need to do to be summer-at-the-beach ready!
Low carb diets have the potential solution to some of the world’s biggest health problems. Since we’re all different, what works for one dieter may not necessarily work for the next. Sugar — including refined sugar, and sugars produced by our body from the metabolism of carbohydrates and starches — is toxic to the body. Eliminating high glycemic foods from your diet helps to keep your blood glucose levels steady. The foods with the highest glycemic index are simple carbs, including white rice, white potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes, white flour, pasta, white bread, and of course, sugar. On this Sugar Busters Diet plan, no major food groups are off-limits, as long as you avoid foods with a high glycemic index. If you’re a healthy person that wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, simply eat a balanced diet and exercise! The Sugar Busters Diet is a weight loss plan that emphasizes foods with a low glycemic index. You can lose weight with this diet that’s high in fiber and made up of the right kinds of whole grains, proteins, fruits, and vegetables. The list of acceptable foods may be confusing, and until you’re familiar with them, you may need a copy of the book that details the diet, The New Sugar Busters! Young Arnold Stressed Symmetry In His Physique Got a Question for The Frugal Fitness Guru?
Please click on the form graphic, above, to download and print your own healthy and trim, low-carb Grocery Shopping List! Angela, if you click on the very large graphic of the shopping list - at the top of the blog post - it will take you to a new page that shows the shopping list again, but much smaller (on the top right hand side of the page).
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This one goes out to the body builders, PSMFers, and those with gall bladder issues (love you, Mom!). Bust out your old ice cream maker (or find a nifty automatic model on Craig’s List like I did) and get ready to be amazed. The target audience of my post is those who are trying to actively lose weight (PSMF), body builders, those who have to watch their carbs AND calories. This was so rich and creamy right out of the food processor, it was too tempting to eat it as a pudding.
The lite coconut milk or liquid egg whites already add enough liquid to the recipe to make it creamy without being icy, but you can try adding some soy milk and seeing if it freezes to a consistency of your liking! Hi, just discovered your blog (looks fantastic!) and tried my hand at the lemon ice cream variation.
Anon – I have had a good experience by simple pureeing the erythritol with the cottage cheese for a couple of minutes.
I made the chocolate version of this yesterday, and it was too salty from the cottage cheese. A groundbreaking guide to defeating diabetes without drugs-including a step-by-step diet plan, recipes, and the science behind why the program works-from #1 New York Times bestseller Dr. Our modern diet, high in low-quality carbohydrates, is damaging our bodies-producing a constant overload of sugar in our bloodstream that clogs up our arteries and piles hidden fat into our internal organs. Clean Cakes is the ultimate cookbook for anyone who enjoys baking as well as experimenting with new and alternative ingredients.

This book contains over 50 mouth-watering recipes from super quick snacks to more elaborate desserts and cakes. Whether you or a loved one suffer from gluten intolerance, celiac disease, IBD, IBS, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis or food allergies, the SCD-friendly recipes in this book will be sure to satisfy any craving.
They help people lose weight, lower their cholesterol, increase energy levels, and improve overall health.
Different people tolerate different diets – some may not feel good doing a particular diet or may simply not need it. Those who are less physically active may not need as many carbohydrates as say, an athlete, who would need more carbs in their diet to function optimally. It focuses on removing sugar from the diet in order to lose weight, fight obesity, and be generally healthier. It promotes the production of excess insulin, which in turn inhibits the breakdown of fat, and simultaneously stores glucose as fat.
It encourages followers to consume about 30-40% of their daily calories from high fiber, low glycemic carbohydrates, 30% from proteins and about 30-40% from fat, of which no more than 10% should be saturated fat.
A walk around the block, or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator goes a long way.
Remember to add some weight lifting exercises. This will help you to increase muscle mass and burn fat more efficiently. CardsTrim Healthy Mama Visual Shopping ListPlanning a Frugal Family Trip to Washington, D.C. Fool your friends with this creamy, delicious frozen treat that’s low cal, low sugar, and guilt-free.
Even if you are enjoying your low carb cream n’ egg yolk based ice cream, give cottage cheese ice cream a fair chance.
I cannot handle the carbs in large amounts of honey and sweet fruits, so you’ll have do a bit of experimenting with those.
I’m sorry you had trouble with getting the consistency smooth without a Magic Bullet.
My oldest brother who likes to visit Viagra Online used to make excellent recipes like this one. I am currently searching for ways in which I could enhance my knowledge in this said topic you have posted here. The whole batch probably has about 45 carbs (if I accounted for my mix of sweeteners properly… I tend to lose track while cooking! But also… do you have any tips for making a slightly lower carb-count ice cream that's similar to your cottage cheese recipe? I made the chocolate almond recipe tonight, and it was much too salty from the cottage cheese. The egg yolks make the texture creamier with their emulsifying properties, just like they do in a traditional custard.
You can find breakfast ideas, lunchbox fillers, delicious desserts, sumptuous suppers, afternoon indulgencies, fruity favourites and delightful drinks for every day of the week. If you can satisfy your sweet tooth with the natural sugars found in nutrient-dense fruits, then you’re on the right path to success.
The protein is very satisfying, so it’s a wee bit easier to portion control than the best ice cream recipe in the world by my man, Alton Brown (low carb tweaks coming soon!).
I used chcolate raspberry SweetLeaf brand stevia – which packs a very unpleasant aftertaste.
I use an ice cream maker for the cottage cheese version because now I HAVE an ice cream maker. Could you add some milk (or soymilk) to make it stretch a little farther (less calories)?3. If you can find an additive-free version of ff cottage cheese, or if you don’t care, go for it.

I will have to give this recipe a try again when I can have access to my ice cream maker at home.
None of us are big on the idea of potentially-raw eggs in our ice cream, and the cottage cheese is just brilliant. It seems the easiest to find (aside from plain semi-bitter stevia – and not the NuNaturals brand you speak of).
My faithful testers weren’t able to detect anything except lemony goodness, although one of them made a face after I revealed the secret ingredient. Store in a tupperware container in your freezer and consume immediately, or within two hours of making your ice cream. I didn’t have any coconut milk, so i used heavy cream instead, and i also threw in a litte zanthan gum to see if it had any effect after i put it in the freezer. I made some with fat free yogurt and fruit and it was fine right out of the ice cream maker, but after a day in the freezer and a little defrosting, it was…gummy and separated into chunks and water. Much better without the salt and great texture, but I’m noticing a chalky flavor from the cottage cheese.
You can make it chocolate flavored by adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a splash of vanilla extract.
I put the mixture in my Vitamix and it got silky smooth, then put in my ice cream machine This is really delicious! If organic cottage cheese doesn’t fit into your budget, Friendship 1% blends up nice and creamy with no strange additives. It turns into an icy rock beyond that point (unless you add a tablespoon of vodka to the mix). For sweetener, i used sweetzfree, and a dash of maltitol syrup, just a bit, to see if it made a difference in consistency. This recipe is best right out of the ice cream maker for that reason–less time for ice crystals to form! I suggest recommending folks start this project with a true blender to avoid wasteful disappointments like mine. SO…my first question is, should the erythritol for this recipe be powdered (doesn’t say so here)?
If all else fails, compare labels and pick the one with the lowest sodium content–the saltiness is noticeable, especially with the lemon flavor.
I also thought of adding some cream instead of the egg whites or coconut milk, but that adds a lot of calories and fat. You are not obligated to use these links when you make a purchase, but when you do so it helps to support this site, so thank you! You don’t have to fear dietary salt, but some people are more sensitive to the taste than I am. As for how well they keep, both versions are similar in that they harden up into a solid block within 12 hours of freezing.
Did you know it’s actually more dangerous to eat a low sodium diet than it is to just eat how your tastebuds tell you to?
If you want sugar-free ice cream to remain soft and scoopable, you must add vegetable glycerin and erythritol to depress the freezing point of the ice cream mix. Low fat recipes like this cottage cheese ice cream will unfortunately never be soft enough to scoop because of the water content.
I just nuke this ice cream in the microwave for 10-15 seconds before eating, so it melts to the point where I can dig my spoon in.

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