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Unfortunately today, the importance of diet and overall nutrition is often overlooked by conventional medicine. The focus in nutritional medicine is always on eating whole, unprocessed food (nothing that comes out of a packet), while avoiding grains and sugars.
Meal planning is the advanced planning of the menu for the next few days, or even the entire month. What better way could be there be to start the new year by taking charge of your own health. Diet has also been an integral element of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine since their inception thousands of years ago. Further, very few physicians receive any education about nutrition during their medical training.

Dr Carolyn Dean, a nutritional medicine doctor from the United States says that “doctors generally do not learn about nutrition or nutrient supplementation in medical school because they are studying the disease, not wellness”. Eating plenty of non starchy vegetables and consuming fruit in moderation because they contain fructose (sugar), which should be kept below 25 grams a day, including 15 grams from whole fruit. To make things worse, pharmaceutical companies are only interested in patentable drugs and not natural therapies that provide little profit. Consumption of a diet primarily high in healthy fats like coconuts, avocados, olive oil, ghee and raw nuts like almonds (ideally between 50-75% percent in your diet) and raw, organic vegetables is advised. Finally, reduce or eliminate grains from your diet to help lower your insulin and for you to better achieve optimal health and well being. Wheat roti can be replaced with coconut flour, almond meal or with millets such as bajra, jowar.

Thus sadly, the average doctor today, despite having taken the Hippocratic oath, still rejects the Hippocrates dictum. This followed by consumption of good proteins such as grass-fed, organic meats and organic pastured eggs. Mainstream medicine’s common advice to us is often that nutrients have no inherent power to treat or prevent disease, and that we don’t need to make a special effort to obtain these substances for our bodies.

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