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Learn how to provide healthier foods and drinks in your organisation with out new online training! Check out your training options for long day care, outside school hours care and retail food outlets!
Pasta with tomato-based sauces: spiral or penne shaped pastas are easier to serve, and eat!
Falafel wraps: falafel mix can be purchased commercially and is quick and inexpensive to prepare. Oven-baked vegetable chunks or wedges: served with yoghurt or hummus dip – a great alternative to a tub of hot chips. Skinless chicken drumsticks: drizzle with honey soy marinade or stir-fry sauce and bake in the oven. Warm chicken salad: mixed salad with grilled chicken or warm skinless BBQ chicken sliced across the top.
Fried rice: add plenty of diced vegetables – canned or frozen are okay to use for convenience.
Burritos: Mexican-style lean mince, beans or chicken, cheese and salad wrapped in a soft burrito. Pizza: topped with plenty of vegetables (use English muffins or pita for easy individual size serves, or use regular bases).
Lean mince bolognaise sauce (try a bolognaise made with mince, tomato, garlic, onion and carrot).
Tropicana: crushed pineapple, diced lean ham, low fat grated cheese mixed together with a little tomato paste. Finely diced or grated vegetables (capsicum, carrot, corn, celery, mushrooms) combined with a sauce such as low fat mayonnaise or salsa and reduced fat grated cheese.

When selecting commercially made food and drink products, remember to check their nutrition information panel against the ‘Nutrient criteria for “occasionally” foods’ table in the Healthy Canteen Kit - Food Planner. Now that everyone is well settled into the New Year we hear that there are people who would like to have a little help keeping on track with their new year resolutions to eat more healthily. It can be very repetitive when you are restricted to the same range of foods and it takes a very disciplined person to stick to the same old range of foods. We got very positive responses and we set to work on a range of options which were specifically tailored to customers  who were wanting to control calorific intake – but who wanted something tasty and satisfying. Some of our customers attend Slimming World and we were asked to cater for their new requirements. Our breakfast usually consists of poached eggs, lean bacon, and our own Drumhoney Boxty – a perfect start to any day.
At Lunch time we have a number of little twists, where we go for the low fat option – without loosing the taste.
If you have to eat on the move we are able to offer a box of tasty lean chicken with or without a side salad as you choose. This entry was posted in Blog posts and tagged slimming options on January 28, 2015 by Jolly Sandwich.
The Jolly Sandwich Bar 2 hours ago Inside this door is the start and nearly the end of, our renovations! It is often grabbed on the run in the middle of a hectic day, and might seem fairly harmless, but experts claim that many seemingly nutritious lunchtime snack choices are laden with unhealthy ingredients. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. It will also make it tender and fluffy as it will keep the humidity inside the potato.  Bake for 90 minutes or until soft when pierced with a fork.

I never used to like jackets as my mum undercooked them when I was a child but I have grown to like them a lot more in my later years. Many are suggestions from school canteens which have been popular with students and are easy to prepare. It’s at times like this when our resolve could weaken to the point that we give up – not if we can help it ! Indeed, your working lunch could harbour more calories and fat than the rest of your daily meals put together.Surveys by Which? At home, cut the fat off the rashers and grill, dona€™t fry, but be wary of buying a BLT from a supermarket or sandwich shop.
Surprisingly, this meal contains more fat than a mayonnaise-laced sandwich and almost as much as the Cornish pasty. But this burger is still high in fat, although it contains fewer calories than a toasted club sandwich and less overall fat than a BLT. But this can be reduced by combining it with low-GI fillings such as chilli, cottage cheese or baked beans. A lot of these also contain calorific processed ingredients.In general, making them yourself will ensure they are far healthier.
Has the most calories,yet it is unlikely to leave you feeling full, as it consists of so much fat and little protein.
Fat is less satiating than protein and carbohydrate a€” so youa€™ll end up eating more to feel full.

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