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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Whether you're celebrating Australia Day with a BBQ or a beach-side picnic, eating delicious food is a must on Jan.
You can't have a BBQ without potato bake, but if you can't stop at one scoop on the side then you'll want to make this low-fat potato bake for your next Summer soiree. You know you need to add more colour to your salad but if you’ve be having salads every day for the past month you’re probably all out of ideas. Enjoy the deliciously fresh Mexican flavours in this fish and quinoa salad without the guilt that often comes with your fave Mexican dishes. Each slice of this protein-packed tomato, bean and basil frittata comes in under 200 calories so you can be sure this will keep you full and away from those other naughty options that always seem to be at a Summer BBQ.
Crispy on the outside but soft on the inside these delicious cauliflower buffalo wings will satisfy each and every one of your guests, even the boys!

What do you get when you chuck lettuce, avocado, Greek yoghurt, black beans, tomato, olives and cheddar cheese into a bowl?
For those always on the hunt for healthier alternatives to usually fat-packed comfort food, you'll be very familiar with the sweet potato. This light and tasty salad adopts the motto the brighter the better and one bite of this chilli, ginger and lemon grass chicken rainbow salad will leave you wanting a lot more. It’s the perfect salad for a weekend lunch so ditch the boring old lettuce, tomato, cucumber combo and inject your healthy diet with this tasty number.
Created by the healthy recipe queen Lorna Jane Clarkson, your salad (this dish) will make you the centre of attention. Make this for your next Summer BBQ and you'll definitely satisfy those health conscious guests.
But before you ditch your 2015 healthy living resolution to over-indulge POPSUGAR Australia is here to save the day and your waistline.

These tasty, crispy little things will curb your high-calorie cravings for the cheeky alternative while keeping you satisfied. Serve it with carrot sticks or some cheeky corn chips and this dip will be the life of the party. The ridiculously tasty bacon guacamole dip is a must-make if you really want to impress your guests.

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