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Cut up the cauliflower and using a blender or food processor go ahead and grate up all the cauliflower into crumbs.
Put it into a microwave safe bowl and microwave it for 3 minutes, stir it, and then microwave for 3 more minutes. Pull your towel up and start twisting it in order to squeeze all the water out of your cooked cauliflower. Remove the water and pour the dried crumbs back into your bowl and add your eggs or egg whites. Sticking with our Cinco de Mayo theme for the day I thought why not go with a favorite for lunch?  The Taco Salad is a for sure a crowd pleaser but often the crispy tortilla shell it comes in is at least 300 calories on its own! Combine the tomatoes, cheddar cheese, olives, green onion and green pepper in a large mixing bowl. Tortilla, meat and vegetables are the starting point, but we love how versatile tacos can be. Pineapples are a sweet counterpoint to the spicy kick of jalapenos and sausage in this creative taco recipe. Tender shredded pork is the foundation for these tacos; the rest of the ingredients are up to you!
Perfect for little hands, these bite-size tacos are great for kids, or as an appetizer at your next fiesta. Grilled fish and low-fat flour tortillas make this taco recipe as healthy as it is delicious. Tofu provides the protein, and fresh veggies add loads of flavor in this vegetarian-friendly recipe.
Mediterranean flavors including feta cheese, oregano and fresh mint combine with standard tortillas and ground beef to yield tasty results.
In this low fat chicken taco salad, a baked whole wheat taco bowl gets filled with seasoned chicken breast and plenty of vegetables before being topped with a mango lime salsa which serves as a fat-free dressing. This has really nice flavor and one of those recipes that are easily adjusted to your families taste.
I used ground turkey, homemade taco seasoning, & brown rice, but otherwise followed the recipe.

Pizza – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaThe dough must be kneaded by hand or with a low-speed mixer. Easy Taco Soup – Low Calorie Easy Taco Soup RecipeThis easy taco soup combines low calorie beans, beef, and vegetables with a spicy southwestern flare. Meat – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaLow temperatures tend to prolong animal development and high temperatures tend to retard it. We made Shredded chicken and diced up red onion and cilantro with our homemade salsa on the side.
Once you start throwing in sour cream and shredded cheese you know it’s headed no where good. Think again, because there are plenty of low fat Mexican recipes that can have you preparing a healthy, tasty dish that you and everyone else will enjoy. Top each with meat & veggie mixture and garnish with lime wedges and avocado slices if desired.
It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. To prove it, we’re giving you ten of our favorite taco recipes, each of which features a delicious variation on the basics.
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I didn’t add anything, I just had the chicken and mango salsa, no tomatoes, no olives. Add the rice and cook, covered, until done (for my brand of rice this takes around 25 minutes). Turn down the heat and cook until the meat is done and the liquid is almost completely absorbed.
I used jalapeno for the bell pepper for more kick and also used homemade taco seasoning and yes, I used jarred Pace picante sauce for the salsa and it worked out great. Although usually packed with healthy ingredients like chicken, lettuce and tomatoes usually the shell is deep fried and loaded with carbs and fat.

Not only tacos and burritos are the choices you have with Mexican cuisine, salads are very popular choice.
The premise of a taco is simple: tortillas wrapped around the savory filling of your choice—chicken, goat, beef, or fish—and doused with sauce, some greens, and maybe cheese. From the classic ground-beef taco to a hearty vegetarian version, these taco recipes illustrate why tacos are so hard to resist.
I baked whole wheat tortillas as chips instead of a bowl, I made this for my lunch for the week and the bowl would have been soggy. So I came up with this meal- it has the flavours of Mexican food without the majority of the calories and if you have extra points, you can even add a little guacamole or sour cream on top! I halved the recipe all but the rice and this made 1.5 quarts, easily 6 servings!, I plan on freezing the leftovers for another day.
I've been working in the hospitality industry since then with some pretty awesome celebrity chef experience!
In addition to irresistible flavors, tacos are surprisingly easy to make once you master a few key steps.
It's worth using fresh salsa, not the jarred stuff for this recipe- it adds a lovely fresh bright flavour.
They are chock full of flavor that pleases your palate and they are extremely healthy for you. Using extra lean beef, this recipe has a total of 19 Weight Watchers points by British points calculations. While this recipe (as written) may be low in fat, it still has a whopping 600 calories per serving, but since the full recipe realistically would serve 8, it is sure to be closer to around 250 calories per 1-cup servings. In the last minute of cooking add the seasoning from above to the chicken, tossing well to coast all the pieces in the seasoning mix.
Add the salad ingredients to the baked taco bowls, then top with the cooked chicken and the mango salsa to serve.

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