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Do you ever wish that you were the kind of mom who had the time and energy (or let’s face it, the simple will to try) to make your child nutritious meals with farm-fresh, local ingredients? Our particular box contained five toddler-portioned meals from the Junior’s Fresh toddler menu. The five meals included: The Juniors Fresh weekly mini-quesadilla (on whole wheat tortilla),  their Spaghetti-Oh! Junior’s Fresh asks that when you select your package, to let them know if there are certain tastes your tyke prefers to others. Soon, Juniors Fresh will be offering their Tiny Tykes & Toddler Tastes as itemized selections so that parents can order specific meals and design their own bundles!
Each toddler meal delivery is filled with seasonally based meals perfect for advancing palates ready for larger bites.
You can also visit Juniors Fresh at their SoHo location, inside the Citibabes playspace (52 Mercer St.).

Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply eat  more balanced and healthier meals. The delivery service includes four different options from which you can select: Pureed meals for ages 4 months + (pictured above), textured meals for ages 9 months +, meals for ages 12 months +, or the toddler meals. So next time, I would note to Junior’s Fresh the kinds of foods Little J does not enjoy.
These meals are also great for storing half the bundle in the freezer and to pull out a meal when the babysitter comes for date night.
The delivery came in an insulated, reusable lunch box with freezer packs inside to keep everything fresh.
My picky little guy has a weird thing against anything that resembles a sandwich, so he did not take to the hamburger on a bun so well. I would, however, like to continue to expose him to things he doesn’t love, because I hear that repeatedly doing so eventually helps them come around to new foods.

I chopped up the meat and blended it into the pasta with turkey meatballs for extra protein. He also does not eat quesadillas, or burritos (for shame!), but I was able to take the inside of the burrito out and put it on a plate, which he acquiesced to picking at. We had enjoyed their homemade snacks from when they catered the Drama Llama Studios event a in January, and I was sure that their prepared meals would be just as yummy.

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