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It is no secret that while I love to cook and create recipes, I also love to eat out and experiment. Cooked is a local Chicago company that is setting the standard in fresh, healthy food and meal delivery. Our healthy, locally sourced meals are crafted with care and packaged in sustainable, biodegradable packaging.
Not only are these meals created to satisfy your taste buds and your stomachs while nourishing your body, I LOVE that the packaging is biodegradable!
Nutrition info is not provided for all dishes at this time, but they have recently (as in, this past weekend) updated their nutrition reporting system to make it more accurate for the entire dish. I chose a selection of different types of foods–I wanted to see how they would stand up, how the flavors would come through, and also some (such as the posole and the shrimp and papaya salad) that I just have a super huge weakness for! Unfortunately, there was a mix up with the delivery, and the quart of broth didn’t make it to me.
I adore true Mexican chicken soup, and I love posole, but it is generally a no go for me, as posole (or pozole) is traditionally made with lard and pork. Due to the mix up with the Posole, the folks at Cooked offered me a substitute meal, and Chef Jona suggested the duck breast salad. Many of you might not remember, but Som Tom (Thai Green Papaya Salad) is one of my absolute favorite dishes, period. The food selection truly is among the best that I have seen, and they willingly accommodate a multitude of diets (and even have cleanse-like plans). I can see that for some palates, the dishes might be a little too light, either in seasoning, calories, or otherwise.
I reached out to Cooked on my own after being introduced to them at the Good Food Festival. I too gave Blue Apron a whirl and while I was pleased with the recipes, quality of the produce and ease, I wasn’t thrilled about the options.
This is great for people who work full time or have a difficult time getting to the supermarket regularly.
I’m right with you on the eggs, salad, or smorgasbord of different things for dinner for one.
I really want to try to recreate some of these meals since I’m so far away from getting these delivered!!

However, I do have several dietary restrictions that keep me from going out on a limb like some people are apt to do.
Meals are delivered fresh with reheating instructions and are designed to be hot and ready to eat in minutes. As a former waitress and someone conscious of the amount of waste we produce (I recycle everything), this really stood out to me! Plus, if you have dietary restrictions, simply let them know in the product notes, and they will modify accordingly. The site warns that dishes can be up to 1.5x the size accounted for in the provided nutritional information (to account for the hand made nature of the meals). To the credit of the folks at Cooked, they immediately offered to supply with a replacement posole or meal from their new menu!
I am not typically a fan of duck (at least in restaurants, where it can jut be too fatty), but I was game if he particularly recommended it, and I wanted to try one of their heartier offerings. Appropriately sized, clean recipes with top notch ingredients and freshly prepared with no preservatives. But again, you don’t come to Cooked if you are looking to splurge on anything other than fresh goodness. They graciously provided me with a gift card for my own selections, but all reviews and opinions are my own.
Love that everything is preservative free but still keeps for a few days–allows you to plan a few days in advance.
I try to minimize any and all food and container waste, and it’s good to hear a delivery service is doing the same! I enjoy (I truly do enjoy!) a very healthy and health conscious diet, and getting in proper nutrition particularly during marathon training is of the utmost importance to me (read my tips for fueling your body during marathon training). Executive Chef Jona Silva is certified to create meals for those with Celiac or gluten intolerances. Also, they have just (as in this weekend) updated their ordering and packing system to avoid these issues, so I’m sure that had something to do with it. I had this to refuel midmorning Saturday following marathon coaching and before lunch as it was a bit too light for a lunch option for me, but had excellent nutrition and macronutrient ratios–great carbs and just enough protein!
I added some red pepper flake to it, and I liked that heating it up gave the spinach within an extra layer of moisture, flavor, and texture (you could eat it either cold or hot).

Let them know–as long as it is an even swap (like jasmine for brown rice), they are game for your suggestions. I swear I used to be on top of things but gosh lately I’m flying by the seat of my pants. After our terrible experience with delivery pizza a few weeks ago I don’t think I will be doing that ever again! Cooking for one is tiresome and tedious, and makes it so easy to be lazy and say, cereal it is!
The duck was tender, juicy perfection cold as well as warmed (I tried both)–it made me want to try duck again later on! Until then, it was great inspiration for some fun new dishes, like Blue Apron, but on a more accessible level (dishes that I could eat again and again, rather than every now and then!). Thus why I focused so hard on my nutrition during Ragnar–for me, nutrition affects my whole being.
Perhaps a tad underseasoned, but a perfectly portioned light bowl for lunch or a larger snack. Cutting through all that richness was the strawberry and golden raisin chutney and pickled red onions, which were all sweet, sour, spicy, acidic, and lots of different textures.
Salmon? I was incredibly impressed by the virtually endless options from menus that change weekly. The lime and cabbage came on the side (as is customary for caldo (soup) of this nature), and omg, yes.
And that lime-Thai dressing was so good that I am not ashamed to say I actually drank a little of it straight from the cup. If they want to send croutons, they would be better served to have them sealed (to preserve crunchiness).

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