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At the BTF L3 coach education last weekend we had EIS nutritionist Dr Kevin Currell as one of the guest presenters. You must have carbs as these are important for energy but more importantly the immune system. Generally when choosing foods if you can kill it pick it or grow it then you should eat it. Beetroot juice – can improve blood flow and economy and there is evidence to show it can improve performance by as much as 2%. Milk shakes or smoothies fit the bill nicely and are a lot cheaper than commercial protein shakes…unless of course you are lactate intolerant. Having some electrolytes (such as Gatorade G series pro recovery) in there will help to retain the fluid so this is better than plain water. Most of the stuff that Kevin covered was common sense but as we all know there is a difference between knowing and doing. Hopefully you will have picked up one useful piece of information that will help you this summer and maybe more. If you enjoyed this post then please “like”, G+1 or share via twitter at the bottom of the page.
My goal as a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Fertility Coach is to help women and men to discover how to promote natural healing in their bodies; leading to better health, a higher chance of natural conception, safer pregnancies, and relief from many ailments that occur when the body’s natural balance is disrupted.

Natural Fertility methods can help you identify and overcome barriers to fertility, improve chances of a natural conception and boost IVF success. What would you do if all of a sudden there were a savage lion in front of you poised to attack?
If winter to you means an endless round of colds and bouts of flu complete with runny noses, coughs, sore throats, headaches, fevers and fatigue, you may not look forward to the holidays at all. Appointment EnquiryI believe in talking directly with my new patients, that's why I offer a callback service when you make an appointment enquiry online. So if you think something works it will probably help you even if the research evidence doesn’t back up the manufacturers claims. Of course if you train in the evening you’ll end up losing sleep as you wake to empty your bladder so you probably want to leave at least 2 hours between finishing your workout and going to bed or before your next session. We provide post-natal care, including breastfeeding guidance and a nutrition plan to support new mums. Our healthy, guided, 30 day weight loss programme boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight naturally. We find the root cause for your lack of energy, and help you get safely back to bouncing out of bed. Well, in caveman days you may have faced this form of stress and to ensure you remained alive; you would have two options – run away from it or stay and fight.

PMS can make attending school, going to work, caring for family and self and many more everyday activities difficult. Not only is he very knowledgeable but he is also able to deliver his information in a format that the audience can use.
Iron is poorly taken in from veg & supplements so unless there are ethical, religious or medical reasons eating red meat is a better option.
Cereals (cornflakes, rice crispies with sugar & milk get significantly more glycogen to the muscle).
There are so many external things that can affect us, from stress to environment to the food we eat.
Many doctors will simply shrug and tell their female patients that this is “all part of being a woman”.

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