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Peanut butter and cheese (Vermont sharp white cheddar, specifically) on 12 grain bread was a dietary staple for my last pregnancy. Although I'm eating less tuna while I'm pregnant, a lifelong favorite has been PB and tuna!
Tell me if this sounds familiar: You had a healthy lunch, maybe a sandwich or a salad, at noon and you felt satisfied. Try mixing up your breakfast routine with eggs and whole wheat toast, oatmeal and fruit with greek yogurt, or a banana and peanut butter. Put down the Chipotle burrito and enjoy a turkey and avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread with an apple or a spinach salad with walnuts, chicken breast, veggies and balsamic vinaigrette instead.
Greek yogurt with almond slivers, apple and peanut butter, cheese and whole grain crackers, veggie sticks with hummus, whole grain cereal with blueberries and milk, or a handful of mixed nuts are all healthy, and delicious, alternatives to a pack of Skittles. Oatmeal, whole wheat toast & bread and whole grain crackers are all processed foods too, Even though you think you're healthy with "whole" in the label, they aren't naturally occurring foods.
But overall this list is great - I've avoided those extra sugars and totally see the difference!
I also find that a handful of trail mix is really helpful to keep you focused (and full) when you feel like you need a pick me up! I have been eating protein bars lately because they are easy in the morning but I know they are bad because they are processed!

Get instant access to a talented network and personalized tools that will help you get on the path you want - and make an impact. Levo arms you with the tools to develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, and jobs. Feed your inner carnivore with these high-protein meat recipes.And if you're in need of a side dish, may we suggest our 50 amazing veggie soups? Mozzarella-Stuffed Turkey MeatballsWhen you've got meat and cheese, who needs carbs?Get the recipe from Baker by Nature. Skinny Orange ChickenIf you love ordering this for takeout, now you can enjoy it at home with zero guilt.Get the recipe from Delish. Turkey Taco Lettuce WrapsIf you're really missing the tortilla, just look on the bright side—there's still avocado.Get the recipe from Cooking Classy. I have a hard time getting all the protein my midwife recommends and think the Brewer diet is too high in protein, but, at the same time, I recognize the need for good, high quality protein as part of a balanced diet. Herzog says it isn’t so much about eating the right snacks, but by eating right throughout the day. Also, chances are most whole grain crackers you'd buy have more added "stuff" than most people realize.
I am always lacking energy a couple hours after lunch, and I am glad this article reminds me that healthy snacks are the way to go when in need of an afternoon pick-me-up!

I find that eating smaller meals, drinking plenty of water, and incorporating two snacks a day helps sustain energy and focus.
It traps you in a bad cycle because you keep wanting to feed your body sugar and trigger a bigger crash later.
Ive been considering making a diet change because Ive heard a hearty amount of protein helps your body get ready for pregnancy as well. A little sugar never hurt anybody right (well, except those kids in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)? This is especially important if you sit at a desk for the majority of the day, and have fewer opportunities to get up and walk around.
I think what works best for me is eating small portions throughout the day instead of a big breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It’s too early in the afternoon for a coffee break, but that bowl of Snickers and bag of Skittles you stuck in your drawer yesterday start calling your name. For 20 minutes you feel like you have the energy to run the company and do a SoulCycle session at the same time.

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