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But remember, the trick is to eat small frequent meals instead of just focusing on your breakfast lunch and dinner and starving in between.
So here is a list of  15 snacks at 50 calories or less perfect for your two “fasting” days for the 5:2 Diet with three real treats at the bottom of the list. As for your main meals, here are a couple sites that I have come across that have some pretty tasty options.
Just a reminder that most meals should be 600 calories or less if you want to maintain your weight. I am an organic farmer living on my homestead in Vermont, and I love sharing my work with you.

Well, for first timers, keeping to a 500 calorie diet a day, well 600 calories for men, even if it is only twice a week, can be quite tricky. If you want to make your breakfast healthier, then start your day with a nice balanced breakfast that won’t set you over your daily limit.
But important doesn’t mean that you have to load up on all the calories and just cut back from it for the rest of the day.
Think about it, if the average human should consume 2000 calories a day, 600×3=1800, that gives you an extra 200 for snacks. Riley's the name, and I am Homesteader in Chief of Pioneer Settler, where we are getting back to our roots one blog post at a time.

Once done, place on top of ? cup cooked polenta, 2 large fried eggs, 1 slice crumbled bacon and salt and pepper to taste. Just be sure to have whole wheat pasta, Italian-style chicken sausage, minced garlic, chopped onions, mushrooms and chopped zucchini.
Everyone’s diet is different to them, and varies based on body-types, heights, weights, and activity levels.

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