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Whether you're just starting to exercise or you exercise regularly, you can print off a copy of this exercise chart for a month's worth of fitness inspiration.
July 25, 2014 By wlhg According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the cost of obesity related medical conditions in the US in 2008 was $147 billion.
When you embark on a weight loss program or diet, you should be prepared to go the whole hog. Avoid foods that contain simple carbohydrates because they tend to cause blood sugar spikes as well as cause weight gain. Furthermore, take plenty of fluids like water to ensure you remain well hydrated as you exercise.
In conclusion, if you would like to lose some weight, you do not necessarily have to starve yourself or spend hours in the gym. July 10, 2014 By wlhg Losing weight is can be a hectic task if you have no idea where to begin. Good nutrition is essential to building a healthy metabolism and regulating cravings for food.
Working out is essential in helping your body to develop lean muscle mass and build your metabolism for long term weight management. Psychological frustration or dissatisfaction about one’s body is not effective in supporting behavioral change. Surround yourself with positive like-minded people who can offer some form of support towards your objective to lose weight. Stick it on your fridge, tick each day off as you complete it, and by the end of the month you'll have established a healthy, new habit.
Figures published by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) show that you need to walk or run one mile to burn about 100 calories. Exercise also lowers levels of low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) and raises levels of high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol).

Some of the things you should carefully monitor include the types of foods you eat, number of times you eat in a day, as well as snacks that you eat in between meals. Weight control is all adopting healthy habits including exercising regularly, surrounding yourself with a support network, evaluating and changing your eating habits, reducing your meal portions, setting realistic goals, and shunning foods that contain simple carbohydrates.
It is important to make lasting changes to several aspects of your life so that you are able to achieve your weight loss goals. Being active also gives you energy, less stress, builds self-esteem and balances blood sugar levels. A better approach is to let your motivation come from a sense of how your life would be better if powered by great health, vitality and self-esteem. Whether it is a support group, a gym partner, friends or family members, a great support system can be very helpful in the long run.
The good news is overweight people can prevent the development of such diseases if they lose excess weight.
An effective way of achieving this goal is using small plates (such as salad plates) to serve your meals. According to a study (involving 74,000 women) carried out by researchers from Harvard University, participants who ate whole grains at least two times a day were 49% less likely to gain weight compared to those who chose to eat foods that contain simple carbohydrates. Finally, exercise triggers the release of chemicals and hormones that make one feel relaxed and happy, according to ACSM.
According to a study published by, people who divide their morning meals into several portions and then eat them at hourly intervals consume 30% fewer calories during lunchtime. Finally, if you have a medical condition such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, consult your physician before you start dieting or exercising. The main idea is to address any underlying issues or patters as well as lifestyle behaviors that predispose you to gaining weight. Relying on a reduced calorie diet and restrictive eating plans are not always effective if one does not understand the value of nutrition.

The secret lies in identifying activities you enjoy, finding some level of challenge and improving your overall fitness over time. If you are able to set a positive–minded fitness oriented goal, you must be willing to change your behavior.
A supportive environment helps you to focus your energy towards proactive steps and dials down destructive thinking. The problem with using large plates is your food portions will look very small, which means you are likely to pile even more food. Taking a 30-minute walk every day, jogging, swimming, or dancing can help you shed body fat over time.  Remember to warm up by doing gentle stretches before exercising. In addition, such staggered meal portions cause the body to release less insulin, which means you do not have to worry about blood sugar spikes.
A balanced lifestyle turns of stress hormones that are responsible for ramped up appetites that contribute to weight gain.
There may be other factors, obstacles or underlying health conditions that need a professional approach. For instance, you should not set a goal of losing five percent of your body weight within two weeks. Instead, give yourself a more realistic time limit of about three months or so depending on your work or study schedule.

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