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It will cost you some money, but you’ll get results, and most probably a life changing experience! Any Workout Team you prefer: Local gym, spinning class, aerobic, fitness, zumba … you name it! When I first joined Instagram I did it because it was the new social media craze and, as a blogger, I need to keep up with those things. It wasn’t the pictures of my friend’s kids (though they are adorable) or the car selfies (we all have done it), or the nature photos (I like a good flower as much as anyone) that got me hook on Instagram. Instagram is a great way to hold yourself accountable and track progress as you move through your weight loss journey.
Instagram is the perfect option for someone who wants to document their efforts and progress without the hassles of maintaining a blog. Posting pictures on Instagram, along with your thoughts, gives you to opportunity look back on your journey and see how far you have come. Another way I find people to follow on Instagram is to by commenting and staying active with other Instagramers. However, it is not just the pictures that are motivation it is often the words behind the picture.
In this Instagram post I shared a great deal on powdered peanut butter at my local warehouse store BJs. Instagram is a great way to share your weight loss journey, hold yourself accountable, learn from others, and join an amazing community of people that are working everyday to build and sustain an healthy lifestyle.
Please note that some posts on Organize Yourself Skinny include links to sponsors or affiliate programs (ex. Tweak your lifestyle little by little until you are loving how you live and loving how you look and feel.
Get Healthy U is a registered trademark of Motivating Bodies, Inc and cannot be used by a third party without permission. Do you have the feeling like everything that your mouth touches goes directly in your hips & thighs? I did not understand the appeal or how it was different from Facebook or any other social media platform.
It was the people I began to follow that were using Instagram as a tool to hold themselves accountable to a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.
As a blogger, who has been very public with my weight loss efforts, I understand the power this can hold in reaching your weight loss goals.
People post these on all different days but you can find a bunch by searching these hashtags #weighin #weeklyweighin #wednesdayweighins I started posting my weigh-ins, on my blog, a couple years ago. This made a huge difference in holding myself accountable and keeping myself in check. Most of the people I follow on Instagram use weight watchers and they are some of my favorite Instagramers to follow. A lot of my favorite bloggers are on Instagram so I follow their posts and meet lots on new people that way. Of course, you will always get that one negative nelly but for the most part people are in the same boat as you and want to cheer you on. The ads that are displayed I have less control over though I am active in making sure all ads are relevant to this site.
Celebrate your small wins and share your progress with a Facebook post, Tweet or Instagram pic. Sign up for an online workout streaming service so you can take the gym with you when you’re traveling, too busy, or simply want to workout on-the-go.
Add intensity to your workouts: add time, speed or effort to your regular workout to take it up a notch.
Eat fiber-rich foods like green beans, broccoli, avocado, bananas, spinach, pears, Brussel sprouts, oranges, apples, beets, almonds, beans, brown rice, flax seeds, bok choy, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower and raspberries. Stop eating foods that come in a package and try to eat more foods that come from the earth.

I love the smell of a newborn baby but not the sleep deprivation, to spend time with my kids and husband, and girl’s night out with my friends and sisters. I learned the hard way after I realized that my hormone imbalances and gall stones were caused by the low fat diet I had been on most of my life.
Have you tried every possible diet by the book, and you are still not happy with the way you look? That is the secret! When you go on a diet (non-eating-one) you find yourself in moments of absolute hunger; moments when you actually increase your fats and slow down your metabolism! However, in the last 6 months, I started to explore the photo-sharing world a bit more and now Instagram is my new social media obsession. I found myself becoming incredibly motivated and inspired by their photos and what they had to say. It is much easier to keep yourself on track when others are watching, taking notice, and supporting you. Trust me you will think twice about eating that extra serving or snack if you need to take a picture and post it for everyone to see. With posting pictures of your journey on Instagram you begin to celebrate the small moments and accomplishments instead of always focusing on the final results. If you feel posting your weight would help keep you motivated then try joining in on the Instagram #weighins. Having a group supporting and cheering you on can make all the difference between pushing hard or giving up. They post all their meals, weight watchers journal, and lots of inspirational quotes and pictures.
If you have a question about a product advertised via these networks I suggest you contact the company directly. We all know someone (maybe it’s you?) who wants to lose weight, but quits after two to four weeks.
My goal is to empower you and let you know it’s going to take some time.  It’s all about the small decisions you make day in and day out. Whether you want to lose ten pounds or 100 pounds, focusing on micro-goals can keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Support can be friends, family, inspirational images, a Facebook community, or all of the above. Signs of over-training include irritability, tension, restless sleep, aches and pains and a decline in athletic performance.
Make a list of your trigger foods (those you can’t stop eating if they are in the house) and don’t buy them. If your job doesn’t allow for that, stand up once an hour and try to sit less when you aren’t at work. I have tried almost all of them!, low fat, low carb, no sugar, gluten free, grain free, weight watchers, South Beach, Paleo, you name it! My body is more satisfied and my cravings go way down when I eat meals packed with nutrients. I always know I’ve done a good job shopping when my fridge is over flowing with fresh foods and my pantry shelves are sparse. I have the worlds worst sweet tooth, and have about 51 places where I rotate hiding my stash from my kids.
While blogging has worked for me I do realize that maintaining a blog takes a lot of effort and is not for everyone (if you do want to start a blog check out this page).
This helps to keep you intentional and mindful with food instead of eating without thinking. My favorite hashtags are #weightloss #weightlossjourney #cleaneating #healthylifestyle #freezercooking and ones like that.
There are a ton of Weight Watchers hashtags but the ones I see the most are #weightwatchers #ww #weightwatchersjournal #weightwatcherspointsplus #weightwatchers360. I also love motivational quotes. Sometimes the simplest of words can really resonate with me and keep me moving forward when I want to go back to bed.

Weight loss is about feeling in control of your decisions, allowing a little leeway here and there, but ultimately staying focused on your long-term goal.  It’s about patience and positivity. When I buy products at the store, I always try to get those items that have been processed the least and avoid added ingredients whenever possible.
If I was rich I would buy it all organic and free range, but I have a super tight budget so I just do the best I can.
I try and drink half my body weight in ounces, but I will warn you, if you’re not used to drinking that much water, be prepared to be in the bathroom ALOT till your body gets used to it. What we all should be focusing on is developing habits that promote an overall healthy lifestyle.
That love is what keeps you going. This is so important and makes a huge difference as you begin and move through your weight loss journey.
If you use Weight Watchers, or even if you don’t, I recommend following Weight Watchers Instagram folks.
You can find all kinds of motivational quotes by using the hashtag #motivationmonday #exercisemotivation #weightlossmotivation or ones like it. Over the summer one of my friends said “If you’re not moving forward then where are you going?
Of course you are not obligated to make a purchase using these links but if you do thank you for supporting this site. Practice kindness and understanding with yourself and simply make a better choice next time. On the other hand, as healthy as some whole grains can be, I gain weight quickly if I eat too many. My mom always tells everyone that drinking plenty of water is the cheapest and best think you can do for your body. I have never been able to stick to any of them long term, and I would always feel like everyone around me was having a party and enjoying life while I was missing out. I hate working out in big groups but I love a walk with a friend or a walk outside by myself with some awesome tunes. Motherhood is teaching me my greatest lessons in life and the journey gets a little brighter the higher I climb.
If you want to finally lose weight and keep it off for good, you have to master consistency and small, doable changes. I don’t eliminate them but I try and replace them with fruits and veggies as much as possible.
This perspective is what separates successful weight loss strategies from those destined to fail. It’s hard enough to be a mom of 4 kids without also stressing about how much I was working out or how much I was eating.
Everyone seems to be so obsessed with low fat or sugar free but most of the time those products are loaded with other ingredients that are just as bad or worse than what you’re trying to avoid. I fill up my jug or bottles at the beginning of the day so I can physically see how much I still need to drink. I have learned so much in my lifetime and have researched to finally find what works for me.
I have to remind myself, I’m In this for life, not a week or several months, so whatever I do, I need to be able to do long term.
I’m not a medical professional, just sharing what I have learned in the hope it will help someone else who might be as frustrated as I was. When I was doing weight watchers, if I had a bad day, I would be so discouraged and feel like I sabotaged my whole week.

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