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Optimum Endocrine Carea€™s weight loss program incorporates the use of appetite suppressant (Phentermine) with starch blockers together witha€‹ a a€‹a€‹personalized weight lossa€‹ dietA plan that includes.
At Optimum Endocrine Care we believe in preventing bone fractures that can occur with Osteoporosis. Our research department has been developed by Physicians and experienced industry professionals who are dedicated to advanced research in Endocrinology.

The Investigators are focused on high quality research in the areas of Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Thyroid, Cholesterol, & Hypertension. Nidal Hasan, MD and his caring staff, will create aComprehensive weight loss program tailored just for you!
Our physicians are Board certified in Endocrinology, a specialty that dealswith hormone disorders such as diabetes, thyroid, metabolic and sexual disorders.
We approach treating people who have type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes with a personalized approach.

Our specialists diagnose secondary causes of osteoporosis and establish individual treatment plans for each patient. All of the staff speak Spanish and were very helpful with making future appointments for other family members of mine.

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