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But at times exercise is not sufficient as we ignore to take a perfect diet which is very important factor to keep our body fit. It is better to do fewer reps as overdoing them can be injurious to health and will not result in reducing belly fat at all. The better you do the exercise the less reps it will require because your muscles have worked hard and now they need rest.Making the Most of Workout scheduleTo get full benefit from your workout divide your exercises into sets.

But you have to do it regularly .Cut down weightage-weight-height chartIn order to get slim and healthy body you have to lose weight, if there is any excess weight to lose. It help in loosing weight and burn calories, as well as builds muscle.Go on a dietFirst of all, eat a good amount brunch. Breakfast is an essential meal as it starts metabolism and keeps you less hungry by the time of lunch.

You can even delight yourself from some sweets but that to in restricted amount.Do not eat hastily.

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