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You can find even more healthy snack ideas (plus a summary of the best tips for eating healthy from leading fitness and weight loss experts) in my post on Healthy Snacking.
This height weight chart is based on body mass index and the healthy weight range shown covers both men and women. Slim women tend to be towards the lower end of the healthy weight range, whilst men could still look slim at the top end of the healthy weight range. Maintaining a healthier weight is important for protection against obesity related illness and disability.
If your weight is currently over the healthy range for your height, losing some weight may be beneficial to your health, your looks, and how you feel. To find out how many calories you need to maintain your current weight, or to reach a healthy weight, you can try out the tools in Weight Loss Resources free.

See the healthy weight range personal to you, set a Weight Loss goal, and see how many calories you need each day to get there - try the Weight Loss Resources Tools free for 24 hours. Fruit – Fruit is a healthy way to get natural sugars, fiber and many of the nutrients your body needs. From how to work out your calorie needs, to how to count exercise calories, to full nutrition information for over 22,000 UK brands and basic foods . Baked tortilla chips and homemade guacamole are not the diet busters you might think they are. Consider placing them in your desk drawer, your purse, and your glove box and anywhere else you might have a snack attack.
Tuna and sardines also come in handy snack packs, which makes them an easy snack to take on the go.

A dollop of guacamole and five or six low-fat, baked, tortilla chips is a perfectly healthy snack. They help you stave off cravings and they help you get all the nutrients you need to get and stay healthy.

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