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It's estimated that it takes 3-5 years to start seeing permanent body fat loss on this lifestyle, and it's pretty incredible that it happens effortlessly!
I definitely suggest sticking to this lifestyle, as it is the most optimal way for humans to eat and live.
I lost my period from going off the birth control pill back in October 2014, and still nothing now. Thanks for this, I severely restricted my calories for almost 4 months this summer becoming bulimic during the last 2 months. I come from a past of restriction and have stopped all high intensity exercise and eating HCLF vegan (6 months now) to try and get my period back.

I then found the high carb vegan diet and put on 10kg, my BMI was still in the healthy range, and my BMI was correct before I practiced this obsessive calorie restriction, but it scared me how much weight I was putting on. I find it disheartening that we seem to know more about quantum mechanics than we do about good nutrition in this day and age.
No 5'11 girl should be 120 lbs, that is not healthy and this is coming from a fellow tall girl. My mood has improved, I have recently lost my period which is worrying me as well as gaining a bit of weight.
It feels like i've been living in a box until coming to this vegan lifestyle- we are indoctrinated into thinking we need animal products for health, when in fact this is just a manipulative scam to make the economy thrive.

I'm almost glad I have had this eating disorder because I probably wouldn't have been so ready to embrace veganism without having been in such a state of desperation. Gained about 20 pounds after going high carb vegan 5 years ago, and only recently 15 pounds, including cellulite, slipped right off by continuing to eat the same diet! In your experience is it common for vegans to have come from a history of an eating disorder?

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