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Taking whey protein in the morning: Whey protein is a fast-digesting protein that is perfect for you when you wake up, as it rapidly carry amino acids to your muscles and neutralize muscle breakdown. Taking whey protein before workout:  A whey protein is essential to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body.
Taking whey protein after workout: the most important time for you to take protein is immediately after workout. Taking Whey protein before bed: As you have to starve whole night without food so you need to take proteins and nutrients before sleep. Different Types of Protein in Muscletech and Images of different Series of Muscletech Whey Protein. The only way you will ever change the shape and look of your body is by burning off the body fat that covers your muscles. So, make sure you reduce your carb intake throughout the day to about 30 g per meal to allow your body to use energy from body fat instead of energy from carbs.
If you have reached your goal weight and body fat already, then snacking before a workout can help you push yourself harder and make your workout more productive. 1. Dairy can make you congested so reserve it for refueling after your workouts or skip it entirely. If you want to lose fat and maintain muscle, then do your workouts on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. This entry was posted in Nutrition Tips and tagged exercise, fitness, fitness boot camp, fitness tips, gym, health tips, nutrition tips, workout on June 23, 2014 by TeamBooya. Booya Fitness is an on-demand video platform that partners with boutique gyms and high-quality instructors to bring you the industry's most fun and challenging workouts. The New York Times published an article “Should Athletes Eat Fat or Carbs?” last week which was based on a study that shows a diet comprised of 85 percent fat can help improve overall performance for ultra-endurance athletes more than the traditional high-carbohydrate diet considered best for athletes. Let’s be honest: Most of us don’t run more than two marathons a week or work out at all hours of the day, so this way of eating is not recommended, even for high school and college players and people who exercise regularly. It’s important to remember that carbohydrates are an essential part of a healthy, well-balanced diet and provide fuel for your workouts in the form of glycogen, which is stored in the liver and muscles.
Before you head to the holiday party this weekend, dominate this 14 minute upper body and core HIIT workout.
Crush the abs today with this short but sweet ab circuit that gets to the point by attacking all areas of your abs.
Give yourself a reason to not feel guilty for all the bad food you eat over the holidays by crushing this intense fat burning HIIT workout before you start the festivities! What you eat and how much you eat plays an important role in how much energy you will have at the gym. Oatmeal: A small serving of oatmeal is just enough to give you some energy for the upcoming workout session. A cup of coffee: A hot cup of coffee or milk is the right choice and will provide you with ample energy.
Bananas: Banana is one of the best snacks before a workout session, as they are a good source of carbs and also contain potassium which prevents muscle cramps.
Orange juice: Orange juice has plenty or vitamin C and helps in increasing energy levels during a workout. Supplements as whey protein provide extra benefits; they help you to build the muscle mass quickly.

The whole night glycogen stores run low so the body is forced to turn to amino acid stores to power metabolic processes.
As of this time your body has gone through lot of stress and your body needs nutrients for repair and growth of muscles.
You eat nuts or granola, energy bars, dairy or fruit and then spend an hour doing cardio on the treadmill or eliptical or take a conditioning class.
Well, the issue is that fat loss only happens when your body runs out of energy from carbs. Unless you drop to a body fat of about 20% for women and 16% and below for men you are not going to see any muscle tone because the muscles are hidden underneath a layer of fat. That might last you about 20 minutes – depending on how long ago you had your last meal and how many carbs you ate. Once the time for your workout comes, you’ll burn through your blood sugar energy and muscle and liver glycogen stores quickly and then draw energy from your fat stores. You might have to run on the treadmill for about 30 minutes to just burn through the food you ate to fuel your workout – that’s a total waste of time. The muscles will only use it for energy if nothing else is available, so save yourself the fruit sugar. If you work out at night them have a snack or protein shake about 90 minutes before your workout. And by fat, they mean good fats that come from foods like nuts, avocados, and extra-virgin olive oil — not your cheeseburgers and French fries. However, this information certainly brings into question traditional thinking and, as so often with these studies, leaves us wondering if this type of eating could benefit other types of athletes or moderately active people.
Fat, however, must be broken down into fatty acids before it can be used as fuel, and only endurance athletes who vigorously exercise throughout the day are able to use up all their glycogen stores before their bodies start using fat. Fats should only comprise 20 to 30 percent of your total daily calorie intake per meal (think two slices of avocado). Good carbohydrates and fats give you energy, may help you lose weight, and promote cardiovascular health.
Anything containing lots of sugar like donuts for example will spike your blood sugar and cause you to crash right in the middle of your workout. Training on an empty stomach starves your muscles of glycogen and will make you tired faster.
Energy drinks contain lots of sugar and the high amount of caffeine will wreck your sleeping cycle. The high fibre content found in oatmeal provides long-lasting slow release carbohydrates and is also a good source of vitamin B. While working out, the body tends to dehydrate due to sweating and it is important to hydrate the body with plenty of water.
Whey protein helps you to increase muscle mass, lower body fat or helps recover from sport and training. Take the protein shake an hour before bed and stop your muscle from entering a catabolic state. Take a look at the pictures below, which illustrate the level of definition based on your body fat percentage. Did you know that the average person can live for several weeks without food because your body becomes ultra-efficient at burning fat as fuel?

But before you throw all your healthy eating rules out the window, it’s important to note that this recommendation is not for most of us — these recommendations for real athletes. A ketogenic diet, like the ones the article reviews with 85 percent of the diet from fat, forces your body to use fat more readily as an energy source. Carbohydrates should make up 40 to 50 percent of your meal, and sources of good carbohydrates include vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. When we don’t move, or if we move for only an hour a day, we’re not utilizing all the carbohydrates we are eating, and therefore we continue to gain weight and increase our risk for chronic diseases. Meals that is high in fat takes up to four hours to digest, which will seriously slow you down. Information provided on the site or any opinion expressed over the blog are only general information which should not be confused as a diagnosis or expert opinion, please consult your doctor for diagnosis and adequate treatment options.
You might not be able to walk for a while afterwards, but you will thank us when you have rock solid legs!
We’re here to teach you everything you need to know about getting and staying fit in less than 20 minutes a day!
During your sleep, your body takes nutrients from the liver, fat cells and muscle cells to keep the blood sugar constant and to stimulate the brain and other tissues. It make sure that nutrients should be available during night fast and muscle breakdown can be avoided. Once the blood sugar resources are used up, your body turns to carbs stored in your liver and muscle. And, the best fat loss trick of all is to finish your day with a protein shake instead of a heavy dinner. We’re talking about people who exercise for a living — think NBA players, Olympic swimmers, or professional marathoners.
Government experts have offered suggestions for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines, (due to be published in the fall) which encourage Americans to cut down on meat, added sugars, and starchy, high-carb foods and include more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats into their diets. For the most part, we are moving too little and eating too much and especially carbohydrates because they are easy, available, and taste good,” says Maureen Namkoong, MS, RD nutrition and fitness director at Everyday Health.
Whey is the left over part of milk, while milk is coagulated during the process of cheese production. These supplements are highly efficient, it take 20-40 minutes to reach the level of amino acids at its high point. The muscles can hold up to about 450 grams of carbs if you have a lot of muscle and much less if you have little muscle (that’s why you want to strength train. You can take it with your normal breakfast consisting of high quality low fat protein food and some low glycemic carbohydrates. Both muscles and liver can store about 2,000 calories worth of glycogen, which can provide you with about 3 hours of energy during an endurance event or last you for about 2 days if you keep a moderate carbohydrate diet. Only once those stores in the muscles and liver are used up will you burn fat . This is important for bodybuilders and gym devotees, as well as people who need to lose weight or are simply lacking protein in their diet. Whey is generally well accepted, although people with lactose unacceptable people need to be careful with it.

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