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Well, there’s a reason for that and according to a new study with mice, it can be summed up in one word: Fat. Researchers at Vanderbilt University found that eating a high-fat diet leads to overeating because of faulty brain signaling.
Our bodies control how much food we eat by carefully balancing our need for food for survival with our desire for food for pleasure. But when we eat a diet high in fat, defective signaling in our brains cause pleasure to take over, resulting in what researchers call hedonic eating. For the new study, the researchers focused on one particular signaling pathway in the brain — insulin signaling — and the way it works in specific brain cell circuits.
Rapamycin complex 2 (mTORC2) is a group of proteins involved in insulin signaling in the brain. They also found that the mice whose mTORC2 does not function also had less dopamine in specific regions of the brain. The researchers now plan to find out whether the tactic of disrupting the signaling system works. Last updated: 21 Sep 2015Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. Janice Wood: The sources of protein used in the study included beef, pork, soy, legumes and milk. Gastroparesis is a long standing problem which stems from weakening or complete nerve damage (mainly, the vagus nerve). Gastroparesis in diabetic individuals is characterized by symptoms, such as those of frequent belching, feelings of nausea or vomiting and fall in the level of appetite. It is a well known fact that foods, which are packed with fiber, substantially lengthen the time required for moving bolus of food through the digestive tract. Foods, which are packed with high fat content, are nothing but a cause for trouble, especially in case of diabetics suffering from gastroparesis.
Products; for example, cheese, full fat milk, fried or greasy food, fruits like avocado and even yoghurt must be slashed off your meal plan. If you are worried as to how to supplement the body with the required amount of energy and nutrients, there are plenty of healthy choices to look for. There is unequivocally no harm in consulting your medical care provider about churning food in the blender so that the consistency can be modified for easy digestion.
Also, if you are in the habit of taking a nap after every meal, it is time to let go off this unhealthy habit. October 27, 2014 by Cholesterol Guardian Leave a Comment The foods that you consume might determine your health.
Before you learn about the connection between certain type of fat and cholesterol level, the first thing that you should know is the details about high cholesterol.
The next thing that you should know about cholesterol is that there are several different types of cholesterol. Since the high cholesterol might cause health problems, high cholesterol itself could be considered as health problem.

After you know that saturated fats might cause high cholesterol, it’s very important for you to limit or even prevent consuming foods that contain high amount of saturated fats.
Eating saturated fats definitely could make the level of cholesterol in your body becomes higher. Besides planning your diet, high level of cholesterol also could be lowered by performing certain types of exercises.
A specific signaling pathway in brain cells that control motivation, movement and attention determines the amount of high-fat foods consumed. Defects in insulin signaling can override the body’s natural balancing mechanisms in favor of the reward mechanisms, leading to obesity. The researchers wanted to find out how insulin signaling and mTORC2 affect how rewarding high-fat foods are.
Lower dopamine is associated with obesity in humans and animals, and also in escalating substance abuse, the researchers report. But, he warns, it also appears to cause changes in the areas of the brain that are involved in controlling eating, by causing, for example, insulin resistance. They plan to restore mTORC2 signaling in obese mice to determine whether it leads to them eating a normal amount of calories. This type of neuropathy retards the rate at which food digests and exits the stomach and occurs as a long term consequence of an elevated blood sugar level. In fact, fiber strands pose a risk of obstructing the gastrointestinal tract as high fiber collects into a rounded mass termed as bezoar. Some of the fiber rich foods to avoid include raw fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, broccoli to oatmeal. The same stands true for high fiber supplements as they also have a tendency to hamper stomach motility and proper digestion. To avoid slow rate of digestion, diabetic patients with gastroparesis must opt for those items which have a considerably low amount of fat. In mild cases, milk shakes (these should not be too thick in consistency) are well tolerated and can be taken for proper calorie as well as nutritional intake. Those with diabetic gastroparesis are able to tolerate liquid foods easily as compared to solids. You can also opt for soups, vegetable juice, high protein smoothies as these hasten the process of gastric emptying. To aid quicker and efficient assimilation of food without feeling full or bloated each time, it is always better to go out for a short walk. It is true that you could get various essential substances from your foods such as carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Just like any other health problems, there are some symptoms that might be shown by high level of cholesterol in your blood. There are several types of foods that are known for their high amount of saturated fats, including butter, suet, tallow, lard, several types of cheese, pate, sausage, fish oil, whipped cream, dark chocolate, coconut oil, palm oil, dried coconut, macadamia nuts, cashew, sesame seeds, pine nuts, and vegetable shortening. Basically, there are various types of exercises that you could choose if you want t lower your cholesterol level such as walking, running, jogging, bicycling, and swimming. Experts estimate that about 2 billion people are overweight, and 600 million of them are considered obese.

Slow and sluggish gastric emptying can be seen in patients dealing with either type of diabetes (type 1 and type 2).
It is, therefore, recommended cutting down on the volume of food, and instead opting for small proportions of food at frequent intervals throughout the day. On the other hand, the foods that you consume also contain various substances that might harm your health as well such as fat and cholesterol. If you want to have lower level of cholesterol, you should reduce or prevent consuming these types of foods since they contain high amount of saturated fats. These days, there are various diet plans that you could choose if you want to lower your cholesterol in more effective way.
With regular exercise, the level of cholesterol in your blood could be lowered in more effective way. On the other hand, your body also could get cholesterol from the foods that you consume as well. High cholesterol will not cause any pain and you will not feel sick when you have high cholesterol.
Before deciding which diet plan that you’re going to follow, it’s better for you to consult your personal nutritionist so that you could get the best results from your diet plan. Exercise also allows you to maintain ideal body weight as well so that you could have healthier body.
If the level of cholesterol in your blood is average, it will not bring any problems to your health. However, when you find out that your cholesterol level is high, it’s better for you to get treatments immediately to prevent further issues. You also need to make sure that your diet plan could allow your body to get the nutrition that it’s needed as well. But when the level of cholesterol becomes too high, there are several health problems that might appear. By choosing the right diet plan, you will be able to lower your cholesterol level without causing other health problems. In fact, you might need these types of fat since they could give several health benefits for you. To find out whether eating certain types of fat could cause high level of cholesterol, there are several important aspects that you should know about cat and cholesterol. Foods that contain high amount of saturated fats, cholesterol, and trans-fats could make your cholesterol level becomes higher.
When the level of both LDL and triglycerides is high you will have higher risk of having heart attack. Other factors that might cause high cholesterol are including overweight, age, family history, and certain health disease.

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