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Always buy fresh, locally grown foods IN SEASON for the best prices and the most nutritional quality. Eat plenty of healthy carbs like legumes, fruits, vegetables and whole grains to increase your fiber intake.
Whole-wheat flake cereal is rich in fiber and higher in protein compared to refined cereal. Throw in a ½ cup of corn, increasing your protein intake by 2g and your fiber intake by 7g.

She graduated with a Bachelor's in exercise science from the University of Oregon and continues to train clients as an ACSM-Certified Health Fitness Specialist.
This meal has 366 total calories, 30 percent of which are from carbs, 57 percent from protein and 14 percent from fat. Seventy-nine percent of the calories come from carbs, while 19 percent come from protein and 3 percent from fat.
Forty-seven percent of the calories come from carbohydrates, including fiber; 46 percent of the calories are from protein and 6 percent are from fat.

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