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Obesity is one big health issue that is a reason for distress for people of all age groups. Do I need to Exercise and Control My Diet while using Homeopathic Medicines for Weight Loss ?
Ignatia works effectively to decrease the weight in an overweight person when depression is the cause of weight gain. Hypothyroidism refers to a condition in which the thyroid gland of body that controls the metabolism becomes under-active.
In this case, all the medicines mentioned above efficiently aid weight loss but the selection of the proper medicine depends upon the individual symptoms presented by the patient. Menopause is a stage where the monthly cycles end in a woman; this period basically marks a cessation of reproductive ability in women.
Women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disease mainly face problems such as suppression of the periods and weight gain.
Both Natrum Mur and Lycopodium are natural homeopathic medicines for weight loss that help overweight persons with excess fat deposits in thigh and buttocks. Homeopathic medicines Ammonium Carb and Antimonium Crudum for weight loss in overweight persons having excess fat in the upper body as compared to legs that are usually thin.
Homeopathic medicine Ammonium Carb works well for obese persons who are sluggish and always feel tired and weak.
To select the suitable medicine out of above mentioned medicines for overweight children, the entire constitution of child is taken into consideration. Post pregnancy Weight Gain – Role of Homeopathic Medicine Calcarea Carb in reducing it. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea carb is very effective in reducing weight gain that has occurred  during pregnancy . Yes, Calcarea Carb is also very effective in reducing weight gain that has occurred  due to hypothyroidism . Im 28yrs old female, 5″5 and having gastric problem along with bloating of stomach and i weight 69kgs. I have always been slim un till I had my first child 1999 and continuously kept gaining weight. When I work I am hard worker but have lots the drive in the 6 months (my husband left me with a 40 acre farm in the US last June and at first I worked on getting it ready to sell and lots 30 lbs, then he wanted to get back with me, which I declined but it stressed me a LOT, then I gained that back plus 10 lbs and now don’t feel like working most of the time). I am looking for your help to suggest which Homeo treatment I can go for to lose weight fast.
I am 5ft 1inch and suffering from hypothyroidism and suffering also spondylaitis and sciatica. I am Bhavani age 43 having 2 kids after my 2 delivery i could not reduce my weight, as it was a c section.
I am suffering from acute obesity I have many bone problems such as arthritis, spondylitis, slip disc and sciatica unable to exercise.
I personally love the combination of cinnamon and Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss and this is one thing which always work for me, you just need to start taking Apple Cider Vinegar with hot water 5 times a day and use a pinch of cinnamon in it too then it will not only accelerate your weight loss progress and it help you with sweet craving too but with that there are some other herbs too which you can try and you would love the results. Cinnamon: -Cinnamon regulates blood sugar levels and cholesterol and it maintain the sweetness in your body and this makes it an important tool in the fight against fat. It does not matter how attractive your eyes are, but if there are dark circles under them then these will definitely spoil the beauty of your eyes. The word cancer brings in a fear in everybody’s mind because of the dangerous nature of this life threatening disease. Often due to certain health conditions or fitness issues we suffer from pains and aches that make our life challenging. Essential oils are a very versatile part of our natural medicine cabinet owing to their medicinal and cosmetic value. Avocados are a great tropical fruit which are full with nourishing vitamins for your skins.
Here’s a look at some of the best, all-natural, effective home remedies that will help you blast away belly fat.
Cranberries offer important organic acids, such as quinic acid, citric acid, and malic acid, and these acids work like digestive enzymes.
You may have a cup each before breakfast and lunch, after dinner, and at other times of the day. It’s important to detoxify the liver, since your liver isn’t able to effectively metabolize fat if it’s stressed, which leaves fat to be deposited around your middle.
While warm water is good to make lemon water for fat burning purpose, you can also use water at room temperature. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes after you have your regular lemon water every morning.
Individuals who follow a vegan diet free from fish will want to eat chia seeds to ensure they their body’s need for omega 3 fatty acids is met.
Not only do chia seeds offer you important omega 3 fatty acids, but they also provide a great source of calcium, iron, and antioxidants, as well as fiber, which helps keep you feeling full. If you’re not a vegan, you can get the omega 3 fatty acids your body needs from fish or fish oil. You probably already know how good garlic is for the cardiovascular system, since it helps to reduce your blood pressure, lowers triglyceride levels, and increases levels of good cholesterol. Chop the garlic and let it stand for about 10 minutes ( crushed garlic needs time to interact with oxygen to form the beneficial substances) before consuming them.
Of course, while garlic can be used safely in your diet, there are a few side effects to consider. If you want to improve digestion, reduce cortisol production, and boost your metabolism, try to drink two cups of the ginger tea each day. To regulate your metabolism, stimulate your digestion and reduce your cortisol production, have at least 2 cups of ginger tea throughout the day. Water infused with herbs, especially when you add lemon juice to the water, can help you lose belly fat. Ginger can also be infused into your water, and ginger helps to improve circulation, it improves metabolism, and burns fat. Join us as we share some no-nonsense tutorials about frugal beauty tips and natural health tips.
If garlic makes you feel ill, this is probably your body’s way of letting you know you should avoid it or maybe you may suffer from gastrointestinal problems.
2.) Mince the garlic finely and add them to a spoonful of yogurt or add them to a glass of milk. Can i use calamansi juice instead of lemon, most of the time were out of stock of lemons here but we have plenty of calamansi…if so,how many calamansi do i need every glass. How To Lose Weight Naturally Water An individual should drink atleast 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. Drinking cold water can help an individual in burning excess calories.
Hot Lemon Water An individual can prepare lemon water with the use of lemon juice and water. Green Tea Regular consumption of green tea can help in reducing weight. It is advisable to drink green tea 3 to 4 times in a day before each meal.
Honey Consumption of honey along with water on a regular basis can help in burning fat and excess calories. Intake of honey before sleep can give effective results.
Spices Consumption of food items prepared with the use of different spices like ginger, black pepper, mustard seed and so on can also help an individual in reducing weight. Consumption of all these spices can help in improving metabolism and digestion, removing toxins and so on. Apple Cider Vinegar Consumption of apple cider vinegar (2 to 3 spoons) in a glass of water before each meal can also help in reducing the weight. Adding honey to this mixture can provide better results. Tomato An individual can consume tomato as a salad item or as a part of various food items (on a regular basis) to reduce excess weight.
Yogurt Low fat-yogurt is another home remedy for weight loss. Consumption of yogurt two to three times on a daily basis can help in reducing excess fat.

If the popularity of slimming centers and continued patronage of weight loss pills and diet plans is any indication, then obesity is a huge problem. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica for weight loss- This natural homeopathic medicine tops the list of homeopathic weight loss medicines. Natrum Mur: Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur is also a significant remedy that is employed to lose weight. Nux Vomica: Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is recommended for persons who have gained excess weight due to sedentary habits.
Antimonium Crudum: This is mainly a homeopathic medicine prescribed for obese children in order to help them lose weight. The persons requiring Ignatia usually eat to a great extent due to sadness, and consequently gain weight.
As a result, various problems arise in the body owing to a sluggish metabolism; weight gain is a major health concern out of these problems. The persons requiring Alumina have constipation and they go many days without passing stool.
The Hormonal changes that take place at this stage are responsible for weight gain in menopausal women. Calcarea carb, Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla and Sepia can all be used as natural homeopathic medicines for weight loss in this case.
Homeopathic medicine Antimonium Crudum suits those obese children who are very irritable and cross. Constitutional symptoms indicating the use of Calcarea Carb must be present in the patient for  Calcarea carb to be used. My problem is that from the last one year i have gain fat and my weight has been gradually increase and also this fat can see on my stomach i.e toon in regional language.
I had my gallbladder removal 4 yrs ago, by that time I was weighing 82, have gained too much weight of 92kgs kindly help me reduce this weight.
The appetite of an individual would be reduced with the help of consumption of this amazing ingredient.
Weight loss process would be also speeded up with the help of consumption of this essential herb.
The metabolism level of an individual would be also improved by including dandelion in your diet. Herbal and ayurveda world have so many things which can help you lose weight more affectionately and during batter time of periods, and all these natural weight loss herbs contain tonics that boost your nervous system or your metabolism which make your body to work for you in your favor, instead against you, which makes you more capable of coping with stress and prevents you from emotional eating and all other causes of weight gain, and since they work naturally so they don’t give you any kind of side effects and if you maintain the healthy lifestyle then you don’t gain the weight back too, and they make your body to work for your weight loss. If an individual has puffy eyes, it suggests that his or her health is afflicted with one or more problems. Mint Leaves You can also cut fresh mint leaves into small pieces and apply these around the eyes for 5 to 7 minutes. Tea Bags Tea bags contain caffeine that helps to lessen he dark circles and, in addition, tea is rich in antioxidants that are beneficial for the skin. Potato Potato is one of the best remedies for the dark circles because it is an organic bleaching agent.
The correct foods can boost metabolism and detox the liver, allowing the body to eliminate fat. They work like emulsifying agents on all the fat deposits found in the lymphatic system, which the body uses to eliminate waste products the liver isn’t able to process. When you drink lemon water, it helps increase enzymes that work to detoxify the liver, helping your liver to function more efficiently. To prevent overeating and eliminate those hunger pangs, eat 4-8 tablespoons of chia seeds each day. Omega 3 fatty acids, including linolenic acid, icosapentaenoic acid, or docosahexaenoic acid, can help your body break down fats and reduce the amount of fat stored around your middle.
Thermogenics actually increase the temperature of the body, making the body burn more calories and fat.
Cortisol, a steroid hormone, is essential for mobilization and energy regulation, and too much cortisol in your body may lead the body to store belly fat. Cucumbers include plenty of dietary fiber and water, which makes them a great option to add to water.
But if you continue this routine in regular basis along with healthy diet and exercise, I believe you will see results in no time. However, an individual may not be able to maintain a healthy life style because of irregular sleeping and working hours, over dependence on junk food, poor eating habits and so on. This mixture should be boiled and consumed empty stomach (regularly) in the morning to obtain effective results.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
There is no miracle cure for obesity, though homeopathy has been successfully employed as a mode of treatment for many years now in Europe and South Asia.
This medicine is mainly given when there is excess fat in the abdomen and the metabolism is working at a very low pace, resulting in obesity and weight gain. This medicine is recommended when there is an excess of fat mainly in the thighs and buttocks as compared to other parts of the body. This is also used mainly when the thighs and buttock areas have excess fat, just like the above mentioned medicine Natrum Mur. The first important symptom in persons requiring this medicine is that they are chronic sufferers of the most obstinate constipation. A suitable candidate for this medicine is a child who possesses extreme irritability, very cross nature, and an aversion to be touched or be looked at. They have very fickle mood that changes from sadness to happiness and from laughter to tears. Weight loss in persons with hypothyroid through homeopathy depends on the basic constitution. The medicine is selected after proper evaluation of the case history provided by the patient. Some important features that stand prominent to select Natrum Mur are excess heated sensation, craving for salted food and reserved nature.
A typical patient of Calcarea Carb is constitutionally sensitive to cold ,  tends to be more obese around waist and is usually slow in movements . Suddenly my weight gain increased by 3 kilos in a month which is 58 and has become stagnant. The mucus fat would be stripped off with the help of this wonderful herb, thus helping to clean your intestines in a much better way.
However, the presence of dark circles under the eyes is not that serious problem, and one needs to be a bit meticulous about it. Before going to bed, cleanse your face properly and apply the peanut oil on the dark circles under the eyes.
The fat around the abdomen, known as visceral fat, can increase your risk for many health problems, including dementia, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. When you drink cranberry juice, it helps to digest lymphatic waste, reducing your belly fat. The body does have to work to turn the alpha-linolenic acid found in the seeds into the EPA or DHA that is found in fish oil.
If you don’t want to take fish oil, make sure you eat fatt fish regularly to get those important omega 3 fatty acids.
In adipose tissue, a process occurs wherein pre-adipocytes become converted into fat, and this process is called adipogenesis. In some individuals, regularly consuming garlic may result in body odor, diarrhea, nausea, gas, vomiting, and heartburn.
You may have excess belly fat due to hormonal problems, stress, lack of exercise, or overeating. This medicine gives wonderful results if the person has gained excess weight due to long continued stress or depression.

But again the constitutional symptoms that are unique to using Lycopodium differentiate between these two.
Such a person has a continuous urge to pass stool, but only a little stool is ejected at a time.
Natrum Mur is prescribed to those overweight patients who weep a lot in depression and have an increased appetite. Graphites and Sepia are both natural homeopathic medicines that help menopausal women lose weight without any side effects. For the selection of Lycopodium, the few guiding symptoms are excessive flatulence in abdomen, craving for sweets and hot drinks, and irritable nature. The homeopathic medicine Antimonium Crudum suits people with a habit of eating far beyond their capacity. I am not losing weight despite of trying with food diet and walking for 15 minutes on tredmill with a speed of 5.5 kms per hour. I don’t believe I over eat but my eating habit is terrible I skip breakfast and have a light snack mid day and have a large meal in the evening. Many doctors have told it will not cure so now due to overweight my legs bone has been cracked nd now dr has sugested to loose weight. In this way, your eyes will get the cooling effect and gradually the dark circles will start to fade away. Put them in the refrigerator to make them cold and then apply them on the closed eyes for 15 minutes.
Soak a piece of cotton in it and put it on the eyes so that the dark circles are properly covered.
If you want to take a garlic shot, I would just recommend that you add a bit of olive oil to the raw minced garlic to protect your stomach. If you are going to have surgery, make sure you stop taking garlic a couple weeks before having surgery. Excess weight can result in many problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid and so on. It requires a detailed case history of the patient and its evaluation for selecting a suitable constitutional remedy.
In order to be eligible to use this medicine to lose weight, the constitutional symptoms shown by the patient are given utmost importance. The patients who require Lycopodium are chronic sufferers of gastric troubles like flatulence and constipation.
The significant indicator for using this medicine to lose weight is a craving for acidic things like pickles in the child. The second homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica suits those over weight persons who are constipated but the urge to pass stool is very frequent. Graphites for weight loss -Graphites mainly suits women who remain sad, cannot tolerate cold air and suffer from chronic constipation. They are mentally and physically dwarfish, and also have tendency to catch cold easily and suffer from recurrent throat infections. I was diagnosed with PCOD 10 years back, then it disapperared and again resurfaced recently. 4 years back, PCOD was diagnosed and I took its treatment around 2 year and cured up to negligible level. However, do not make the mistake of adding sugar to the juice; else the desired results would not be achieved.
If you perform this remedy on a regular basis, you will soon find that the color of the skin has become lighter than before.
The main causes for weight gain include hypothyroidism, depression, slow activity of intestines, and sedentary life style.
For instance, the patients who require this medicine usually have a tendency to perspire profusely, especially on head. The important constitutional symptoms include excessive heat in the patient’s body and intolerance towards the heat of the sun. The third most important symptom is the eating habit – a person in need of Nux Vomica homeopathic medicine for losing weight likes spicy food, fatty food and stimulants like coffee or alcoholic drinks.
The child’s tongue in this case is usually thickly white coated and the stomach is deranged with alternate diarrhea and constipation due to a habit of over eating. The last homeopathic medicine, Calcarea carb, is mainly given to fatty and flabby children. There may be many reasons for the presence of dark circles under the eyes such as insufficient sleep, any types of allergies, genetic reasons, and so on. If it is not possible to apply peanut oil due to some reasons, you can also grind 2 or 3 nuts and mix it with milk to prepare a paste. Some of the yoga postures an individual can practice for reducing weight include dhanurasana, sarvangasana, chakrasana and paschimottanasana.
Women with polycystic ovarian disease and those around menopausal age are prone to weight gain. Mentally, the person is extremely sensitive to external impressions and gets angry to an extreme degree too. The patients requiring Lycopodium, on the other hand, have weight problems along with gastric troubles. The constitutional symptoms indicating its use are sensitivity to cold environment and excessive perspiration on head. Recently I have started getting palpitations, mostly in late nights, but it is rare as in had it 2 months back. The affected person may have a very thin skin under the eyes because of which the blood veins are perceptible, and therefore, the color of the skin under the eyes may seem different from the rest of the body. Apply the paste on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes and this should give you a very good result. Pregnant and lactating women, as well as children, shouldn’t consume large amounts of garlic. In this article various homeopathic medicines to loose weight are mentioned, but again the selection depends solely upon the constitution of the patient. Another important symptom seen in patients suited to this medicine is the craving for extra salts in diet. They show a tendency to eat far beyond their capacity with resulting bloated abdomen and weight gain.
A prominent feature that serves as a clear indicator that Sepia is required for treatment is a bearing down sensations in pelvic organs of the woman. Another prominent guiding feature indicating the need of this medicine is a craving for boiled eggs and indigestible things like chalk and pencils. Even an individual who stays in the sun for a considerable period of time has a greater chance of getting dark circles. There are no such things as homeopathic supplements for weight loss , neither is there any homeopathic diet for weight loss .
The eating habits include craving for boiled eggs, and strange things like chalk, clay, pencils, lime etc. Mentally, the person requiring this medicine is very irritable and easily roused to anger, especially on being contradicted.
Furthermore, if our diet is not balanced and has a deficiency of vitamins and iron, we may experience this issue. As we grow older, the skin below our eyes begins to get thinner and so we slowly get dark circles. Here we will discuss 6 natural home remedies that will help to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes.

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