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Intense WorkoutsIn the final days before a fight, a boxer may be in a position where he has to drop five pounds or more over a period of just a few days in order make the prescribed weight. Chewing Gum and SpittingMany boxers who are in the final stages of losing weight will do anything they can to help their cause. Turning Up the HeatThis is similar to wearing a plastic sweat suit because it promotes excess perspiration.
You might expect science to have provided a reliable answer to such a question – water is a fundamental constituent of life, after all. In fact, the best guidance is simply to follow the natural call of the body when more fluid is needed: just follow your thirst. The body is masterful at maintaining an exquisitely well-tuned water balance against the amount we consume – and it lets us know through thirst when we need more or this need has been quenched.
A large proportion of the human body consists of water, with the exact proportion depending on factors such as age and fitness. The principal chemical making up the human body is water (H2O), roughly comprising two-thirds of the body because humans show considerable variability in body composition.
The average young man has a percentage water composition anywhere between 50-70% of their body weight. A similar range is seen between early and later years – infants have 75% of their body weight accounted for by water, whereas the proportion in older people is just 55%.
Variability in the overall water composition of the body is mostly due to differences explained by age, sex and aerobic fitness.
Healthy humans can survive only a matter of days without water intake, and water loss through illness that does not get replaced can quickly prove dangerous in vulnerable people such as the very young or old. We have evolved fantastically effective physiological mechanisms for maintaining our bodies’ fluid homeostasis (water balance).
Urine output – the kidneys regulate the surplus, or deficit, of the water we consume by either emptying it into the urinary bladder or holding onto it in the blood plasma. The kidneys also regulate the balance of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium in the body fluids. The brain’s response to plasma osmolality is also partly responsible for the sensation of thirst that drives us to replace lost water.
The start of the millennium saw the widespread repetition of the idea that we needed to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. One of the major questions about water intake concerns exercise, and this is the area saturated by marketing messages from manufacturers of bottled beverages. All shapes and sizes take part in marathons, and drinking too much water over the course of a race can lead to blood plasma becoming dangerously dilute.
Within the guidelines issued for normal daily intake in healthy adults, there is also guidance on how much to drink during exercise, but it is controversial.
Messages about water intake during exercise could even be proving dangerous in the case of high-endurance exercise.
The study also found that some 90 finishers in that event might have had critical hyponatremia. In the field of sports science, there is a well-established belief that dehydration during exercise is bad for sports performance, but even that message has been called into question by recent research. Guidance from the American College of Sports Medicine, published in 2007, recommends an individual estimation of the fluid replacement needed by people taking part in exercise, to avoid dehydration that it says is detrimental to performance.

It may be a myth that 2% dehydration during exercise has any adverse effect on performance. The ACSM is following advice that bodyweight should not drop by more than 2% as a result of dehydration during exercise. The idea is based on a belief that exercise performance is affected by this level of dehydration. The research involved well-trained participants being blinded as to their hydration status. Performance, physiological and perceptual variables were the same between the groups tested.
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Someone who is in the final hours before weigh in will often chew gum constantly, carry a cup with them and spit into the cup.
Some boxing trainers are known to turn the heat up to as high as 140 degrees and have their boxers work out and spar under these stultifying conditions in an effort to cut weight in the final days and hours before a fight.
It makes up about three-quarters of our lean body mass, about 10% of our fat, and in terms of the amount of time we could live without consuming it, water is the most essential of our nutrients. Vested interests come up with highly questionable ideas about how we should all be drinking more water. From the earliest origins of life on earth to continued survival today, organisms have adapted to avoid dehydration.

The kidneys receive hormonal signals to conserve or release water into the urine following the brain’s detection of alterations in the concentration of the solutes in the blood (changes in the plasma osmolality), via tiny changes in cell size according to the amount of water inside versus outside cells. Sedentary loss is somewhere between 1,300-3,450 mL per day but can range from 1,550-6,730 mL per day with sweating due to physical activity.
However, the origins of this mantra, and scientific support for it, remain elusive, even though it is still widely cited.
A study of runners taking part in the 2002 Boston Marathon, for example, estimated that almost 2,000 of the participants would have had some degree of hyponatremia (abnormally low levels of sodium in the blood).
These abnormally and potentially dangerously low sodium levels in the blood plasma at the end of the race were put down to excessive fluid consumption, as evidenced by weight gain while running. Other respected bodies following this recommendation have included the International Olympic Committee and two North American associations of dietitians.
But one carefully controlled study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2013 dismisses the premise of this guidance.
This was so that there could be no influence on their performance measures due to a placebo effect from drinking more fluid. If you're a boxer brief or 'tighty whitey loyalist', we at BIGGIES Boxers Underwear say to you: Al Martino - "To each his own". This follows their invitation to the World Boxing Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, in June. Critical for boxers is the amount of muscle they have, as this will provide the power and force used during fights. In the case of a 145-pound fighter who must fight at 140 pounds, he will try to engage in serious workouts to lose the weight. The loss of saliva can actually help the boxer lose ounces in the final hours before weigh-in. Even well-respected sources cite daily intake amounts that lack good scientific evidence to support them. And is there any real role in the fight against obesity to be played by drinking more plain water? John Gicaci, the team manager, said classification will be done on Saturday before doubles, singles and mixed doubles start next week.
This week’s blog will provide tips and hints to maintain muscle mass during periods of overall bodyweight loss. One of the most popular ways to do this is to wear a plastic sweat suit while running, lifting weights or skipping rope.
These are high-intensity activities that burn quite a few calories on their own and even more when wearing a plastic suit because that piece of clothing promotes perspiration and the loss of weight. This activity is quite dangerous because of the prospect of dehydration but many boxers engage in this activity.

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