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Look, you don’t just drop as much weight as Christina has by laughing, smiling and doing some yoga!
Noone will know exactly how she’s done it, even if she does give some more details into her regimen. It’s as simple as increasing your energy expenditure (moving more when not exercising), exercising (doing at least one hour of exercise a minimum of 4 times per week, and watching what you eat (cutting out sugar, carbs, lots of salt, unprocessed foods). Of course, there are some other tricks that celebrities have up their sleeves when it comes to shedding weight fast and furiously. Olivia’s fitness exercise program consist of her doing her fitness training exercises 5-6 days a week to play the sexy warrior Quorra in Tron, doing a combination of cardio exercise, weight-lifting and martial arts fitness training exercises, she reveals in the January 2011 issue of Women’s Health. Olivia is already sexy and that’s why the producers of the movie told her she need not lose weight or gain weight while shooting Tron because the high-tech futuristic form-fitting costumes were one of a kind, read: it could not have any alterations. Olivia Wilde revealed that it was difficult to play Quorra in the new “Tron: Legacy” film because the role demanded that she maintain her lean physique throughout the whole shoot.
Despite the months of grueling workouts and strict dieting, Wilde really enjoyed playing the feisty Quorra.
When asked what her normal fitness exercise program is, the actress said that she normally does yoga exercise, Pilates exercise and spinning to stay fit.

While fitness exercise and health are important to the Irish-American beauty, being obsessive over her looks isn’t.
When asked if she keeps any kind of weight loss diet plan, she said that she tries to be relaxed about her diet plan, but she avoids bread and pasta from her weight loss diet plan as much as possible. Wilde confesses that she actually can eat a lot, telling the story of her eating 33 pancakes in 20 minutes because of a dare. But she did lose weight, a lot of it when she got sick with Dengue a year ago and had about 15 pounds of weight loss.
When asked about the other things she must have as part of her weight loss diet plan, she says, “Kombucha. Whenever she did gain the occasional pound or three, Wilde manages to lose weight because she does her fitness exercise program daily. Alanis Morissette was once a Vegetarian but these days just follows a balanced Diet with little meat. Charlotte has never been much into hitting the gym to begin with, and is determined to lose her baby weight without working out. Remember Tori Spelling’s revelation a few weeks back about how she totally fibbed about dropping the weight through diet and exercise, when really she just stopped eating everything in sight.

She’s best known for her role as the sexy bisexual and dying of Huntington’s disease doctor “Thirteen” on the Emmy award winning TV drama House.
Her weight loss diet plan is pretty simple as her weight loss diet plan is all about being a vegan. In fact her brother is a Yoga instructor mastering Iyengar, Ashtanga, vinyasa, Viniyoga, and kriya yoga.
A woman on average burn 500 calories a day just breastfeeding, with all the moving around and care that also goes into a newborn, a woman can easily get back to normal weight.
So if you want to speed up your weight loss and get back into your fighting form, make sure you buy the book and make following the tips in it your new year resolution.
But the actress is making new buzz because she’s starring in the box office hit, Tron sequel.

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