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There is always a way to overcome any problem, but the first thing you have to do is to forget that it’s unsolved problem and start thinking positively! That’s the first step, then you should consider it as a goal that A you want to achieve and you will! Here is the point which is how to beat our weakness “FOOD” by focusing on something we extremely want to get like beauty and feeling free to wear whatever we want! Check out some of Hollywood stars who transformed from over weighted to healthy persons with a very good figures.
Kelly’s childhood was a fairly chubby girl and suffered from a tendency to be overweight. Kelly Osbourne Aishwarya Rai Miley Cyrus Jennifer Love Hewitt Demi Lovato Christina Aguilera Britney Spears Renee Zellweger Charlize Theron All the girls are great!

And if you need a motivation while you are on your way to achieve your goal, well, here is something will help you! A lot of actors, actresses and singers have lost weight just to keep their bodies healthy and beautiful. Some of Hollywood celebs did exercise and followed special diets to get the result they desire. Previously, Kelly has never played sports, so heavy workouts have become a significant impetus to the active weight loss.
After the show she continued to exercise and diet, and is now actively observes the mode and supports a chiseled figure.
Three years later Rene was invited to play in the continuation of star movie (Bridget Jones: the edge of reason) with the condition to gain 15 pounds.

Now she willingly shares her secrets of healthy eating and exercising and removed the cover of sports magazines. This time the return to the old body was not as smooth, quick to set and reset the body mass her skin has lost elasticity and firmness.
After filming the movie she had a month to recover shape, as under the contract it was waiting for new footage in the film Floating in the clouds.

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