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Elle eat totally 100% organic and credits it her continued youth and pregnancy weight-loss. Vanessa Hudgens is another one of those popular young celebrities that we at How Celebrities Lose Weight get emails about everyday.  I think that Vanessa looks good here.  What do you guys think?
Before the Grammy’s Nelly Furtado ate lots of fresh fruit, steamed veggies, and drank a lot of water 2 weeks before to slim up. Toni Collette macrobiotic diet she has no qualms about physically preparing for a role and keeping fit at the same time. It does not sound like someone that has their weight under control and looks amazing, does it? Penelope Cruz doesn’t have body weight problems but she decided to start a healthier life style so she quit smoking, started exercising, meditating, and paying more attention to sleep quality. Her tips for rapid weight loss: Skip treats like the odd glass of wine and chocolate bar, cut out simple sugars, increase your intake of low calorie fruit and vegetables (cucumber and melon are good), eat fish 5 times a week, and get more exercise. Ok, all that sounds great, but isn’t there some short of quick weight loss secret or some sort of quick diet that all these trainers and nutritionists can suggest?
What intervals are, exactly: Short bursts of more intense or faster exercise—whether you walk, swim, bike or jog—alternated with easier, slower recovery periods. Why they’re effective: “You get the big calorie burn from the intense intervals, and the recovery lets you catch your breath so you can go all out again while still keeping your heart rate up,” says Pete McCall, an exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise. For the first 10 minutes, alternate between 30 seconds of intense exercise and 60 seconds of moderate.
For the next 10 minutes, alternate between 60 seconds of intense exercise and 60 seconds of moderate exercise. For the final 10 minutes, alternate between 90 seconds of intense exercise and 60 seconds at a moderate pace.
Leann Rimes never deprives herself, but is a self proclaimed health nut, too, so she tries to keep her diet in check.
She makes low-calorie turkey taco salads and grilled chicken with sauteed spinach with garlic, instead of tacos and fried chicken. Her healthy version of a grilled cheese sandwich: Rather than regular American cheese on white bread, I use low fat cheddar on 2 slices of Ezekiel bread cooked in canola oil spray. In 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2003, Anna was named one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the world. Organic food contains 50 percent more minerals and vitamins than mass-produced (GMO) foods.
One of her routines has been 500 sit-ups a day, and a five-mile cycle or running for 40 mins.

I was having lots of pizza, lots of pasta, lots of cheese and lots of wine,” she says laughingly.
Eat a balanced diet: at least 5 portions of fruit and 5 portions of vegetables a day, 1 source of protein and 1 source of whole starch at every meal.
She does not try for rapid weight loss programs, she does not look for easy ways to lose weight. The result: Experts estimate that you’ll burn about 20 to 25 percent more calories with interval training. The intense spurts should be a 7 or 8 on a difficulty scale of 1 to 10—with 1 being practically effortless and 10 being run-for-your-life tough. Penelope danced for years growing up and has maintained her long and lean ballerina form by continuing to participate in dance classes whenever possible. Penelope exercises with her personal trainer 5 days a week, but prefers a variety of cardio (such as walking or jogging) and lightweight training at each workout. Penelope’s trainer leads her through integrated workouts that work multiple muscles (like a bicep curl with a squat), in addition to concentrated core work for lean abdominals. Years ago, Penelope decided to change her life for the better by doing yoga and Pilate’s workouts, quitting smoking and changing her eating habits. Penelope chooses to have her meals delivered by NutriFit or similar dieting programs whenever on location, because it takes the calorie and size control out of her hands. Although Penelope makes healthy choices whenever possible, she continues to enjoy moderate amounts of her favorite foods like red wine, steak, double double cheesburgers and dessert. One of Leann’s favorite snacks is whole wheat toast with organic peanut butter and organic bananas. Anna Kournikova’s Diet Anna Kournikova does portion control and says she ate healthily to lose weight. First by limiting the tempting junk food, Second supplementing a side salad instead of going back for seconds. Her diet guidelines it to her eats twice a day, so after a small breakfast of a fruit, then she chooses between lunch or dinner.
Let’s find out how Penelope Cruz is able to lose weight and what kind of exercises does she do! Sleeping cannot lead to weight loss but depriving oneself of it can certainly lead to weight problems. There’s a shape-up trick every trainer uses for rapid weight loss results: interval training.
Just be sure that each recovery period isn’t so easy that your heart rate returns to normal.

Try returning to your favorite sport or activity as a child or try out a hobby that you have never done before. Positive lifestyle changes can be far more motivating for weight loss than striving for a smaller clothing size alone. If you stop depriving yourself, it can be easier to enjoy a well-rounded eating plan without ever going to extremes. With her personal trainer, Daon Johnson, she does several 50 minute light weight-lifting workouts combined with short 1-2 minute cardio burts each week.
One of the secrets for her was not depriving herself, she still had a half a dessert, or a few cookies but, not the whole bag. Interval training is a fitness term for alternating high-intensity bursts with less intensive effort. To keep her blood sugar balanced she avoid processed carbohydrates like pasta and picks more whole foods in her diet. I work out, do cardio, like 45 minutes a day, I have a trainer and I’ve always wanted a bike, one with a back. We keep finding out that the majority of celebrities that have their weight under control, do not keep trying different diets until they lose some weight and then once the gain some weight back they go on a different diet program. Penelope is keeping the carbs minimal, but still including a reasonable amount in her meal plans. It is a known fact that most Americans don’t get enough sleep (6 hours) which lead to stress and bad eating habits.
If you do not make weight loss fun (or at least palatable) you will not be able to make it part of your every day routine. The majority of celebrities eat healthy, the take vitamins to support their health and they exercise. So if you enjoy exercise machines, treadmill machines or different exercise equipment, by all means use them. But if you enjoy doing a fast walk in your neighborhood, or hiking, or swimming or using the bike for losing weight, then do that!

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