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Click here to enroll on my e course ‘how to lose weight fast with a ketogenic diet’ and type the code keto25 in at the checkout to receive a massive 25% discount! In July 2013 I finally had an operation to repair my separated muscles and since then my body confidence has grown and grown. I started doing loads of research on food and nutrition and came across a diet I had never heard of: a ketogenic diet. A Don’t forget to grab your free copy of my ebookA here and I will also keep you updated with free information, tips and advice on maintaining or starting a ketogenic lifestyle.

HereA you will find free articles, tips and advice on using a Ketogenic diet to lose and maintain weight and reach your fitness goals. After having 3 children quite close together my body had changed and I had a condition called Diastasis Recti (where the stomach muscles separate during pregnancy to make way for the growing baby and don’t go back together after the baby is born).
I feel strong, fit, healthy, happy and confident and I want to help YOU achieve your fitness goals.
I couldn’t believe it- all those weeks of counting calories and sweating my butt off in the gym didn’t come close to what Ketosis did in just one week!

At the time I was eating whatever I liked and not doing much exercise so I decided that to reach my fitness goals I had to change my diet and join a gym.
I avoided going out with friends and hardly had a social life due to my lack of body confidence.

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