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Many people use laxatives when suffering from constipation, which act in different ways to evacuate the already digested contents of the bowel.
Bulk-forming laxatives, also known as fibre supplements, work in the same way as dietary fibre; they increase the bulk of your stools by helping your stools retain fluid. Note bulk-forming laxatives must be taken with plenty of fluid, may be several days before you feel the effects and they can cause bloating and flatulence (wind).
Stool softener laxatives add water to your stools to lubricate them, making them more slippery and easier to pass.
Note that they can cause abdominal cramps, a feeling like you are going to be sick (nausea) and a skin rash.

Osmotic laxatives acting on the stool, such as MICROLAX®, for example, act purely locally in the rectum without risk of bowel dependence.
Different laxatives will work at different speeds, depending on the active ingredient, and there are also side effects of varying intensity. Psyllium husk, wheat bran and linseed swell up in the intestine, softening the stool, increasing intestinal content and stimulating bowel activity. Cramping, diarrhoea, loss of electrolytes may occur and takes effect after six to eight hours. This increases stool volume, which activates receptors in the intestinal wall and triggers passage of the stool.

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This increases bowel motility via an irritant effect that hastens the passage of the stool. Water absorption increases stool volume and so distends the bowel, stimulating it to evacuate its contents.

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