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In this video CarolAnn, a professional fitness trainer with master’s degrees in health promotion and exercise science and 19 years industry experience discusses healthy body fat range and how to measure this. The goal of a healthy weight loss plan is to lose body fat, however losing too much fat is detrimental to essential health.  For men, levels lower than 3% and women, lower than 11% should be avoided for prolonged periods of time.
In order to maintain optimum health, Men should be aiming to keep their body fat percentage within a range of 10 to 20 percent and women, between 15 and 25 percent.
You may be asking, 15 to 25 percent of what?  Your body is comprised of lean mass tissue and then your fat mass tissue so your body fat percentage is a ratio.  For males, 10 to 20 percent of your total body weight should be fat, and females, 15 to 25 percent of total body weight should be fat.
Watch the free video above to learn several different ways you can measure and calculate your body fat percentage, including skin fold calipers, underwater hydrostatic weighing, body pod, and infra red reading. Given the latter half of the question — the bit about being underweight — does my answer change? I’m just one dude, but I gained muscle on a shady training program when I was a newbie while simultaneously losing body fat.
I think people have this impression that they’re going to build all of the muscle they want in one short bulking cycle.
If you liked this and want to know when I uncover more cheat codes and insights, then you should subscribe to my exclusive email list using the box and button below. I used to use a scale which, although inaccurate, were consistent enough to measure change over time. I think short people with light bones structure (like myself) have a good reason to be afraid to look too thin. In order to gain muscle without getting fat, you need that visual feedback to help guide your calorie intake, and in order to have that you need to have some kind of prominent visual marker. I think an added benefit of being lean is the simplistic nature of progressing in the future. I mean: beyond 3 times a week, does weighttraining become useless or even counterproductive?
A very big guy some times ago, told me that the whole concept of overtraining is a bit overvalued and that the overtraining concept only applies to professionals that train 6h per day. I can eat the foods needed depending on whether I workout that day or not, but do they need to be actual meals?

Recently, I replaced starchy carbs for carbs low on the Glycemic Index and introduced a lot more vegetables and fruits. You all know I'm a huge fan of health and fitness before and after photos, and I think this one is particularly inspiring example of how you can lose fat and build muscle fast when you put your mind to it. It all started when I was having dinner at a certain restaurant, in a certain city called Santa Monica, on a certain street called Santa Monica Blvd, right next to Equinox. There are many quality programs out there for free, and then there’s The Skinny-Fat Solution. I didn’t get hyooge or anything, but you can see a visible difference in the amount of muscle I was carrying. In that respect, slashing the fat and then building yourself up brick by brick over time is much more mentally calming. Nowadays I find the best method is to monitor ab visibility in the mirror and how you feel about your figure.
The thing with BIA (scales, handhelds) is that they fluctuated based on hydration and such. We all want to see gains in a month, or 90 days, and it’s disappointing when not much happens.
I cannot wait to just stop worrying about the process of getting lean, and just worry about progressing in my lifts. Would you recommend any modifications to the diet and training principles you lay out for the “skinny fat” guy? Its always hard to tell how the people in these photos got into shape, and how quickly they were able to do it, but either way you look at it, its dedication that always transformed them. Cut off stalks of eat brussel, peel leaves and blanch (drop in boiling lightly salted water for 1-2 min max). Cut off stalks and half all the Brussels (quarter for the large ones), place on baking sheet with a spritz of Pam EVOO spray, pepper, very lite salt if any, and oven roast those puppies until golden brown.
I could have sworn I??ve been to this website just before but immediately after browsing via many of the post I realized it??s new to me. I had never tasted brussel sprouts and this recipe has ensured that I will eat them for the rest of my life.

But if you start from that base structure, all that’s left is dialing into your training and nutrition. But with something like the Chaos Bulk, you might just add that 10-15 pounds of muscle that makes you to feel good about yourself over the span of one year. You can be confident about yourself body fat wise, even if you aren’t there muscular wise. I’ve always been a thin guy but at the moment I look like I just stepped out of a POW camp. If you're looking to build muscle and burn some fat, I always suggest that people start by doing as much research as possible, and to start by downloading some really informative fitness ebooks that have great workout and eating plans for beginners and even people who have been trying to lose weight for years but haven't had any luck. I know, weird, but so many times I find myself out and loving a particular dish and want to recreate it without having to fork out (no pun intended) another $30! Anyhow, I??m surely delighted I discovered it and I??ll be bookmarking and checking back regularly! And then when you throw another year on top, you look like a new person — all while never fattening up like a cow and never doing a devastating calorie deprived hamster treadmill treading cut. Calipers from someone that know what they’re doing are the most economic, save for underwater weighing or DEXA. Going from six pack to no six pack is noticeable, and that’s why the solid base exists. OR, I see a menu item that looks delish and can’t have it because of my dietary limitations. Would I technically need to get down to 106 pounds to lose the fat or am I missing something?
The bright green brussels sprout leaves, crunchy toasted almonds, succulent dried blueberries, a touch of creamy Sheep’s milk Manchego cheese, hold the salty bacon bits, and tangy champagne vinaigrette.
After strained pat them dry with a paper towel or if you have a salad spinner use that to get rid of excess moisture.

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