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The 5:2 diet is the darling of the diet world, but as we know, there's always a better diet waiting round the corner.
HuffPost UK Lifestyle caught up with Patrick to explain more about the diet.How does it work and what should I eat? Since 2005 we've been studying and testing the GL diet – not by eliminating carbs but actually introducing the right kind of carbs alongside protein.
With animal studies, it has been proved that if you eat low calories, you lose weight, but low calorie diets also seem to extend your life span and improve your health.
The 5:2 diet recommends you fast two days a week but the diets which are most effective are three days a week – I’ve gone with what the science supports. We have lots of cases of people losing, on average, one stone a month which is roughly 6.5kgs. There are two types - one is aerobic exercise and the other is resistance or muscle building.
A lot of time people who lose weight really quickly from reduced calories and intensive workouts everyday for a month, end up gaining some weight back because they can’t keep up with that regimen forever.
So that is why it took me a year, and I still have 10 more pounds I want to lose, and if it takes me a whole other year to lose that 10 extra than so be it!
A new book called Burn Fat Fast: The Alternate Day Low-GL Diet Plan by Patrick Holford and Kate Staples (she used to be the gladiator Zodiac before she broke her neck), looks at the priniciples of fasting and food combining, as well as what exercise to do to complement the diet. Eaten together, protein takes longer to digest when you combine the two – for instance putting seeds on your cereal or almonds with apples. It was then discovered that the reason for this is that a low calorie diet can switch on 'skinny genes'.
The 5:2 did have a clinical trial, but the scale of weight loss doesn’t excite me so much. From the beginning, I have been eating healthy and eating enough, and working out usually around 4-5 times a week (sometimes more, sometimes less). I am losing it the way that works for me and the way I saw healthiest and best for my lifestyle. A common report is that on the feast days you have an allowance of food, a lot of people find they aren’t feeling as hungry. We did a trial on 22 people and the trial was just on diet, and the average weight loss was 14.5 pounds in 12 weeks.

And I did that because I knew that I could stick to that long term rather than dieting really quickly and losing 30 pounds in 2 or 3 months, and then gaining it back when I got tired of dieting. What is striking about the diet is that even though it incorporates fasting, it's a good plan for people who like to eat, or more simply, don't like the hunger aspect that we associate with dieting. Conversely, we also know high insulin raises cholesterol, blood pressure, makes cancer cells grow faster and it makes you store fat faster. We don’t eat just for hunger but for other reasons, and it helps you understand the reason between eating for hunger and being upset or tired.
It was devised by Kate who is a brilliant personal trainer and found that her clients were getting amazing results while following my diet.
Vijay Kalakata and his staff at Access Rehab and Rejuvenation can help transform your body by using medical and scientific techniques to create a unique weight loss program designed just for you!What Causes Weight Gain? Weight gain can result from increased muscle mass through exercise, or increased storage of calories as fat. Salmon and potatoes - mixing carbs with proteinSo, first off, what is a 'low-GL diet plan?' GL stands for glycemic load, which measures the amount of sugar and starch in food and their impact on your body. Patrick says that a measure of glycemic load shows how much carbohydrate there is in each food and how fast the carbohydrate will break down into glucose (and therefore how quickly your blood sugar levels will rise).The crux of the diet is about managing your insulin, or blood sugar levels. Although many people attempt to take thyroid supplementations to correct his problem, they are actually causing muscle wasting.
So if you can control the levels of insulin, you can slow the ageing process and keep the weight off. The idea of the diet is that you combine three fast days where you can eat a maximum of 800 calories, in low-GL foods. You can feast the other four days (on low-GL foods) and should implement the exercise plan during the week.
Therefore, a weight loss program that worked beautifully for your neighbor may not be appropriate for you.As mentioned in the beginning, Dr. Vijay Kalakata and his staff at Access Rehab and Rejuvenation will design a weight loss program tailored just for you by using a scientific approach to identify the root cause of the weight gain.
Kalakata to review the results of the tests with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. No question is too big or small.  The doctor and staff understand that some of the results may be difficult to understand, and will help you along the way. You are a vital part of making the program work.  That’s why we take the time to really LISTEN to YOU!Upon determining the root cause of your weight gain, Access Rehab and Rejuvenation will begin treat your cause of weight gain.

The program will be comprised of the appropriate combination of Therapeutic life style Program, FDA approved medications, hormones and nutrients to curb your weight and give you long term results. We are also able to provide exercise counseling and support to assist with your overall goals as well. Our specialized, therapeutic lifestyle program called First Line Therapy (FLT). This means that this program will help you live your life in a way that improves your health. Our goal will be to help your health with targeted nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep.
BIA is much more sophisticated than a bathroom scale, but just as painless and almost as quick.
It is very important for long term weight loss results because you should lose only fat mass, not muscle mass.
Kalakata for your particular condition as well as the recommended nutritional supplementation. Depending on the condition being treated, the protocol, Medical Food, and nutritional supplementation will be personalized.
As you budget, consider the Medical Food will be a meal substitute and replace 2 daily meals.
We would like this will be sent to our office day before your appointment. We analyze your personal and family health history, appropriate test results, current lifestyle and state of health, and clarify your health goals. We then guide you through a comprehensive, highly personalized, step-by-step program to achieve those goals.  You can get maximum benefit from the time reserved for your consultation by being prepared!  How To Prepare1. Please fill out any requested paperwork before coming to our office, or arrive 15 minutes early and fill it out here. 2. Vijay Kalakata, MD  The Science of Losing Weight Is weight gain truly contributed to only the foods you eat? Due to the popularity of the FirstLine Therapy program all appointment times are often filled several weeks in advance with no openings for those desiring earlier appointments.  Cancellation made at least 24 hours in advance allows us to accommodate others.

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