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I was a runway fashion model and became bored with that and made a transition to fitness modeling.
I do not train normally, because I am not normal, just joking of course.I train Crossfit Wednesday and Friday and standard fitness exercises the other days of the week.
Friday : Crossfit again, but focusing on arms, and 50 swings with kettlebells, 50 burpees, 50 bicep curls, and 4 sprints. I love trance or hardtrance music, but sometimes I listen to the music being played in the gym.

I like a lot of Italian food so I try to use the original recipes but I modify the ingredients to make them healthier. With Crossfit you can really lose weight quickly, more effectively than with a gym routine or diet.
There are so many great athletes who have influenced me, I could not even begin to list them. In addition to modeling, I have acquired other interests, such as fashion design, language translation, and working with publicity and marketing.

Crossfit is very fun because you have a great amount of variety in the exercises and change them frequently, which helps prevent boredom and staleness from setting in.

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