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I never imagined the benefits that I would reap.  In general, I restored my mental sharpness, re-energized my body and increased my creativity in 60 Days (Read my blog post about 12 Changes that I experienced during my 60 juice fast to see more specifics about how the fast affected me).
My weight loss has been significant, and I have maintained most of the loss.  More importantly, I have kicked many bad habits to the curb, I am much more aware of what foods I choose, my sugar cravings are a thing of the past, and the majority of my foods are raw plant based foods.
Yes, I can do that, but very briefly, the foods that you are eating are feeding your fibroids.
A traditional doctor is not likely to tell you that certain foods are feeding your fibroids and by eliminating them you can drastically improve your health. This is so timely for me and a confirmation, thank you for your story and your approach to good health and wellness! So Nicole, am I correct in understanding that you did not consume anything that wasn’t in the form of juice for the full 60 days?
Yes, just juice, water, coconut water, ginger tea, detox tea, and vegetable broth occassionally. In my free ebook I discuss briefly what fruits and veggies to buy organic and which ones are ok to buy conventional. For the past two weeks I’ve been thinking to change my life totally and I know I have to do it by eating well so I can feel good with myself.
Hi Carolyn, Hi a lot of the foods that you are consuming are likely feeding your fibroids. I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead a few days ago and convinced my wife to order us a Breville the next. I just wanted to let you know how you, and others that have gone before me, have inspired me on my most recent steps toward better health. I am excited to see your beautiful pictures and hear your perspective regarding not only weigth loss, but establishing and keeping healthy habits. Hey Elizabeth, sometimes the body is ready before the mind ?? Its sounds like both are ready now. Do you recommend the 3 day Watermelon-Cleanse and then fruit juicing or vegetables or both after the Watermelon-Cleanse? Already I can feel a sense of mental clarity, and my body is beginning to feel a bit tingly from the increased in blood flood. If you keep your body supple by consistently moving through the right balance of activities, you can defy the myth of aging. This is not the first time I have juice fasted, however I am still no expert at the discipline. So today, I tapered my meals size from produce, oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, down to a glass of hearty vegetable juice for dinner. I am also dedicating this week to investing a great deal of effort in Somatic exercises and Yoga. Somatic exercises can help anyone overcome just about any chronic ailment (within time,) and I strongly believe this. My SMA has nearly disappeared, however that damn left psoas is not quite 100% functional. Well I've made it through three days of the 7 day juice fast and I'd be lying if I told you I didn't have thoughts that there was no way I was going to make it yesterday afternoon. For breakfast I made a juice of 2 oranges, red kale, mustard greens, romaine, 7 strawberries, 2 carrots and 1 fuji apple. My wife wasn't so lucky, as she failed to taste the harshness of the mustard greens in my breakfast juice and decided when she got home from work to use 6 leafs of mustard greens in her afternoon juice.
For most of Day 3 of my juice fast I felt pretty good and energetic despite not having any coffee the entire day, but around 6 p.m.
I'm happy to report this morning that I'm very glad I did not cave into the food craving because I'm feeling quite good and energetic this morning on Day 4 of my 7 Day juice fast. So far through 3 days I've managed to drop 9lbs from the juice fasting, which is a really nice feeling but it has me thinking about the transition back to eating that I'll need to make after the 7 Day juice fast is over. I'm thinking that maybe since I've somewhat gotten used to not eating that I would continue to juice for breakfast and dinner and then eat something light for lunches for the transition back.
Despite getting a full 8 hours of sleep heading into Day 2 of my 7 Day Juice Fast, my day started off a little foggy with a lack of energy and more hunger pains that weren't fully satisfied by my 6 a.m. I've found that a pretty good juicing regimen for me is juicing every 3-4 hours, so by mid-morning I was ready for another juice.

The fog and lack of clarity in my thought processes lasted the entire morning and continued into the afternoon.
My wife got home from work around 4:15 and we both made ourselves an afternoon juicing snack.
My headache had already mostly subsided by the time I drank the juice, but I got a nice energy boost from the afternoon juice and my thought processes started to clear up quite a bit!
To close this Day 2 Juice Fasting recap, I'd like to thank all of my Twitter followers who have engaged in helpful conversation about their experiences with juicing and the words of encouragement they've provided to keep me motivated - Including the man himself, Joe Cross, from Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead who gave me a shout out on Twitter last night!
Day 2 into the Juice fast and I'm starting to notice how quickly the garbage can is getting full with all this leftover pulp from juicing!
She explains that the point of any fast isn't to build or maintain muscle, it's to detoxify and cleanse, and getting protein isn't really the main point of juice fasting. Well, Day 1 of my 7 day juice fast is in the books and I'm happy to report that I survived!
As with any new challenge, Day 1 got off to an enthusiastic start with a glass of Apple & Carrot Juice.
Running on the high of a new challenge, I felt great the entire morning, and at mid-morning, I refueled with a glass of Spinach & Tomato Juice before we made our way to the local Farmer's Market to re-stock the fridge full of fruits and veggies. When we returned home from the Farmer's market, we made ourselves a tasty Green Juice concoction with Romaine, Spinach, Carrots, Apples and Celery. After feeling great the entire morning and into the afternoon, I hit the dreaded Day 1 Hunger Wall at about 3:30-4pm - right about the time my wife started making Spaghetti for our Sunday Family dinner with the in-laws.
Luckily for me, I have a very supportive wife and set of colleagues who are encouraging me through this Juice Fasting challenge.
This, plus drinking a ton of water, gave me the push I needed to get through the rigors of Day 1 of the juice fast. In minutes, my wife and I had a delightful juice to help kick start our Sunday and this 7 day juice fast! After the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer arrived at my home on Friday, I had a lot of questions about using the power juicer and what the best practices were for juicing. I've embedded a couple of those videos on this post to help anyone who has come across My Juice Fasting Journey and is looking for tips on the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. My juice fast journey started a few days ago, while I was sitting on my duff on the couch in my living room. Twice in my life I've successfully lost 50 pounds or more, but failed to keep the weight off. So before diving into the juice fasting fad, I researched to find out more about juice fasting for weight loss and body detoxification. Now that our juicer is on the way, my wife and I plan on easing in the juicing into our diet. However, for my hubs, I am willing to walk a mile in his shoes and yes, I will once again be spending the weekend sleeping on the boat with our two young children.
This is a condition that I suffer from and the older I get the more troublesome they seem to become. I fully intend to dance with my daughter at her wedding one day, watch my son graduate from college, and, eventually, play with my grandkids. I always seem to have a brief thought stream while juice fasting that second guesses undertaking such an endeavor.
Between overeating, drinking too much alcohol, and not keeping active enough, I feel like I am aging. For me, I have sensory motor amnesia (SMA) in the left psoas muscle from over-training in various endurance sports.
I strongly believe that by sending more blood to this ailment by giving my digesting track break, I will better sense the muscle and hopefully free it for good.
I had a good bit of energy yesterday morning, especially after seeing that I had dropped another 3.5 pounds during Day 2 of my juice fast. Luckily for me I only used 1 leaf of mustard greens which made the juice bearable to drink. I did decide to have a cup of black coffee from our Keurig this morning which could be helping the energy boost but I certainly don't feel overly hungry nor irritable 3.5 hours after my breakfast juice. I'm sure many others who are juicing or have juice fasted in the past have similar feelings that their biggest fear is quickly putting all the weight back on once the juice fast is over.

I think that way I will probably continue to slowly lose weight rather than put it back on. And then I started experiencing what most juicers I've chatted with describe about their Day 2 experience – a debilitating headache from 1-4 pm that sidelined me from being able to work most of the afternoon.
Perhaps it was that injection of natural sugars to raise my blood sugar or maybe it was the dose of Vitamin C. A life-altering type of documentary that really made me think about the choices of food that I've been eating my entire life and how to transition to more of a plant-based diet so I can live a healthier lifestyle. We were able to jam pack our cart full of green leafys, berries, apples, melons, celery, etc, all for $98! This was also the same time I started feeling a little fatigued and foggy, not thinking as clearly as I normally would have but I pushed through and made myself a little afternoon juice snack with Strawberries, Apple and a Bartlett Pear. Right before dinner, I sent one of my colleagues a text message explaining that it was Spaghetti Family Dinner night and I was at high risk for breaking.
This morning's weigh in reinforced why I'm doing this juice fast - I lost 4 pounds yesterday, down to 267.5 this morning. My current lifestyle is very sedentary, as I work as the Operations Manager for an Internet Marketing company (translation = 10-12 hours of duff sitting in front of a computer everyday). So at 270 pounds and 28 years of age, any motivation for a change in lifestyle is welcomed.
After reading several juice fasting blogs and hearing more testimonials of personal success with juice fasting, my wife and I decided that we were up for the challenge of rebooting our lives with a juice fast, and today we made the first step in juice fasting by purchasing our first juicer! We are planning on ramping up the juicing by substituting one regular meal a day for a few days, then two, leading up to our first 7 day juice fast, which we plan on doing at the beginning of May!
The first thing they want to do is put me on some type of pill or do surgery and I’m really not interested in either! Not only is my job physically demanding, but my actions during critical moments in the lives of the people I care for has a direct impact on their immediate and, occasionally, long-term health.
Although it looks like murky swamp water, it provides an excellent source of nutrients while still tasting delicious and semi-sweet to the palate.
Juicing in the morning has been an interesting adventure as my wife and I have had to find ways to muffle the sound of the juicer so we don't wake up our 19 month old daughter.
However, I will need to get back to the Farmer's Market here within the next day or two, as the fresh organic produce I purchased on Sunday is starting to dwindle and turn not-so-fresh. I juiced 3 peeled oranges and 8 strawberries for a nice fruit juice and man I felt GREAT about 30 minutes after drinking that fruit juice! I don't know, I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I can attest to feeling much better after that.
Although I eat plenty of fruits and veggies and generally substitute turkey or chicken for any red meat, I don't exercise, I drink too much coffee, I'm constantly consumed with work and family (19 month old daughter) and I drink my fair share of alcoholic beverages.
If all goes well, it's my personal plan to challenge myself to a 30 day juice fast later this summer. He grew up going to the lake and some of his fondest memories are of him, his brother and a childhood friend buying a busted boat for a few hundred dollars and spending the whole summer skiing on the lake. Just sit around in your bikini all day and you'll lose weight, because eating fatty foods in a bikini will make you feel like complete dog shit. This was the closest I've come to caving in on my 7 day juice fasting journey, but instead of giving in I decided to make myself an early dinner juice of green leafys, zucchini, parsley, carrots and tomatoes, had a big glass of water afterwards and called it an early night around 9 p.m. Hope to lose weight but most importantly correct my PCOS and get off these blood pressure pills. I am 5’8”, 284 lbs., have obstructive sleep apnea, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.
They add a harsh flavor that burns the back of your tongue and stays there for what seems like forever. How am I to expect my students to take my lecture on the ”Well-Being of the Paramedic” to heart if I don’t emulate what I teach?

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