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Katy Perry's now estranged husband, Russell Brand, posted this photo of the pretty singer to his Twitter account at the end of 2010, giving fans a glimpse at what the pop princess looks like when she's not all done up. Nicole Scherzinger asked her Twitter followers in January when she tweeted out this pic of herself in her (very luxurious looking) bathroom.
An extremely rare deep water shark has been caught by fishermen off the coast of Central Japan.

The usually picture-perfect glamazon has shared a series of less-than-flattering photos of herself in various stages of tearful breakdowns on her personal website. The 24-year-old - who usually goes with super-teased hair and caked-on mascara and foundation - shocked us all when she tweeted a photo of herself with plain-Jane locks and absolutely no makeup last month. She probably just wanted to make the rest of us jealous of just how great she looks in any situation!

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