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If you're an iPhone user who wants to find out what that whole Android thing is about, there's really no better way to get your feet wet than to buy a Nexus phone. It's possible to use the Nexus phones without cellular connectivity, just using them around the house on Wi-Fi or tethering them to your iPhone when you're out and about. Turn both phones off, pop the trays out, move the SIM from the iPhone to the Nexus, and you should be done.
Finally, if you're popping your SIM out of your iPhone and into the Nexus, consider signing out of iMessage. Aside from the price, one reason to dabble with Nexus phones rather than any of the other OEM offerings is that the "stock" version of Android presented by Google is more iOS-like than the various skins available from third parties. The basics of dragging icons around your screen and opening apps are the same in Android as they are in iOS. The biggest functional difference is probably Google Now, which in KitKat can be invoked either by holding the Home button and swiping up or just swiping to the left of your main home screen. Overall, though, iOS and Android have been "borrowing" ideas from each other for so long at this point that it's pretty easy to jump between them without getting too disoriented. Once you familiarize yourself with Android, you'll find that many of the apps and services you use are available on both platforms.
You're still going to run into pain points, though, and the more invested you are in Apple's stores and services, the more difficult you'll find it to switch. The Google Play app store, for all its virtues, continues to have a couple of notable deficiencies compared to the iOS App Store.
Assuming that you intend to move back to iOS, you'll want to make some effort to keep your information synced up between the two ecosystems—this goes for bare necessities like e-mail, calendars, and contacts as well as your various photos and other media files.
There's no way of getting around it: the best way to keep basic things in sync between Android and iOS devices is to store the data in Google's cloud instead of Apple's.
The other viable option is to use third-party services and ecosystems that both operating systems can connect to. Of course, these aren't the only concerns you'll need to bear in mind if you want to switch between iOS and Android. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. It’s inevitable these days to lose your phone, and its SIM and all your contacts with it. Smart SIMSafe is a service available to Smart’s prepaid subscriber where in the event that they lose their SIM card, they can get a replacement SIM having the same number and with all their contacts intact. Anyway, the reason why you’re paying for this service is to retain your number in case you lose your phone. To avail themselves of the service, Smart and Talk “?N Text subscribers must first register their mobile number by texting REG to 7467.
Subscribers who have lost their SIM can use another Smart or Talk “?N Text number to report the incident.
The first time asked for a lost sim replacement, they asked for a proof that I own the sim card. The last time I asked for a replacement, they only have a 32k sim (not good for mobile banking). PTA team done there job very positively and time to time need some improvements, Like when ever we send our CNIC no to 668 we get the SMS with the connections details on our mobile sets and also same results on the PTA website. I have no connection of jazz by sending sms to 668 I have come to know that there are two connections with my name, please terminate these connections.
According to the SMS receoved from 668 the total 1 sims are registered ZonG my name 03126566880.
According to the SMS receoved from 668 the total 4 sims are registered against my name which are incorrect. According to the SMS receoved from 668 the total 8 sims are registered against my name which are incorrect.
Are you still worried about the expensive roaming fees for using your iphone 3G when travalling between countries? And are you still worried about unlocking other brands of mobile, such as Nokia ,Samsung , Motorola etc . How do you write a review of a game when your head is still stuck firmly up the behind of Star Wars? Young adult and adult Sims with a level 2 skill in painting were welcome to join my little gathering. The only thing I found annoying, is that if your Sim is a member of club Schwarzeneggerius Awesomus for example, and your main activity is working out, your carefully selected fairy outfit is replaced by the selected Athletic wear your Sim dons once they start pumping iron. With my club, the Sims did all I mentioned above (minus the woo-hooing still of course), which nabbed me some club points. Windenburg is the place your little simulated avatars need to go to get the most out of the Get Together pack. The SMS feature is great, though it would have been a nice addition if club member’s deaths were mentioned as well for example. Bought the Sims 4 on a Steam (oops, I mean Origin) sale over Christmas and I have to say, after not playing the series since the Sims 2, it’s a whole lot of fun to sink some time into.
Laptop RecoveryDuring the recent years laptops have become the most popular device to store data as laptops are movable and can continue carry your important & crucial data. Deleted Text Messages From Mobile Phones, you can readHow Do I Read Deleted Text Messages From Mobile Phones?If you accidentally deleted an important text message or contact number from your phone and are looking for a way to get them back then you’ve come to the right place. As eczema is a very individual condition, finding the right treatments is a trial-and-error process. The hardware is never perfect, but Google and its partners will typically sell you a fair-to-good smartphone off-contract for about half the price you'd normally pay for one.

To simplify things and cut down on the number of items to carry around, though, I usually just pop my SIM card out of my iPhone and into the Nexus.
The Nexus 5 (and older iPhones) use slightly larger micro-SIM cards—it's not difficult to find small trays that serve as nano-to-micro SIM adapters, so hit up Amazon if you need one. I've never had problems shuffling my AT&T SIM between phones, and Sprint and T-Mobile SIMs ought to work as well.
I don't mean that to say that Google is copying iOS wholesale, but Google takes pains to make the first-time setup process straightforward. Android is marginally more flexible since you can choose to hide icons without uninstalling the apps and arrange them in any pattern you'd like rather than conforming to iOS' strict rows and columns.
Think of it as an analogue to Siri and the Today View features from iOS 7 but with fewer service hiccups and access to the ocean of data at Google's metaphorical fingertips. Going from either Android or iOS to something like Windows Phone or BlackBerry 10 is much more jarring.
This isn't like switching to Windows Phone 8 or BlackBerry 10, two platforms that continue to suffer from a dearth of major apps. While it's totally possible to move MP3 and AAC files from your computer to your Android phone, iTunes isn't going to help you do it. Dropbox is reasonably competent at shuffling photos and other files between iOS, Android, and whatever desktop operating system you prefer. You might have years of chargers, cables, and accessories that only work with iPhones that are totally incompatible with your Android phone (my car's USB port doesn't like to work with Android phones, which is a pretty expensive accessory to have to work around).
I think I have lost my phone six times already but since I’m a postpaid subscriber, I was able to retain my number through all those times. First sync is free upon registration but every time you sync back, it will cost you P10 a pop.
Good thing with globe, they’ve been replacing it (with the same number, with the same amount of load before it was lost) for FREE no matter how many times it was replaced. It seems that the number you are trying to retrieve is another number and not the number that you have registered. Now I have a suggestion, If it is possible that on the website if any one wants to know that how many cell number are registered on his name.
Easy – you dress up one of your Sims as Darth Vader, then have him woo-hoo in the closet. We got together at my Sim’s house, dressed in our best zombie outfits, painted, admired art, and got all romantic and what not. Setting them up, and what they can and cannot do is easy, and boy are you spoiled for choice! This is great for preserving some sense of realism I guess, but not cool if you really want to go about upping the silly factor of the game. These can be used to purchase club perks like a super suave greeting for example, or club jackets, or the ability to set the club mood. As you play, you will get regular SMS invites from your Sim pals to encourage you to go visit these new locations. There are new bars (for the alcoholics), night clubs (for those who like to get groovy), swimming areas (with diving platforms ), and much more. There’s nothing worse than organizing a get together and seeing only two out of the six members pitching, all the while wondering where the missing folk are.
There’s lots to be done, a bunch of new goodies to interact with,  new areas to explore, and interesting clubs just waiting to be created!
It's a fine value proposition if you've already used your carrier subsidy to buy a shiny new iPhone 5S.
When you sign out, attempted iMessages sent to your phone number will failover to SMS more reliably. You aren't bombarded with dozens of pop-ups or account sign-up messages as soon as you boot the phone (Samsung is particularly bad about this). However, the basic user interactions—swipe down for notifications, long press and then drag to move things around, hit the Home button to go back to the main home screen—are essentially the same. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Dropbox, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Kindle—almost all of the big names are here, and they supply reasonably responsive and good-looking applications on Android phones (though Android tablet apps are still in some ways playing catch-up).
Any media or apps you've purchased through the iTunes store will be totally inaccessible unless you move things over manually.
Android suffers from a dearth of good third-party Twitter, mail, and calendar clients, relying more heavily on the built-in "official" apps to provide this kind of functionality. I can access things in Google's cloud from both operating systems (and from a number of others as well), whereas things in Apple's cloud tend to stay pretty exclusively in Apple's cloud.
I tend to lean on Amazon for e-books, Spotify and Amazon for music, and Netflix and Hulu for most video rather than buying things from Google's or Apple's stores.
Other phone users must find other ways to sync SIM contacts to the cloud which should not be a problem for smartphone users.
They will receive instructions on how to claim their replacement SIM and how to download the saved contacts to their new handset.
When they checked on the system, they said there is no available sim compatible to my number (not sure how and what is that), so they asked for my other contact number (gave them my sun number, haha) and promised that they will contact me as soon as they have a compatible sim. When the results appears on the screen at that time all the numbers would be mention along with the cellular company. Click the relevant button and boom – Sims appear at your chosen lot and start doing clubby things. It’s quite cool, as I find that I tend to stagnate in one lot for too long in general, so a change of scenery is much appreciated. The answer becomes apparent when you find their ghosts getting liquored up and dancing the night away at the local watering hole.

All of them have their own personal reasons for wanting to recover their deleted messages but nonetheless I tell them it can easily be done if you have the right tools.
The Nexus 5 comes with its own tool (and don't lose it, since the pinhole on the Nexus phones tend to be abnormally small).
The UI and the home screens are both free of cruft, and you're free to use the phone as-is or download the apps you need from the Google Play store. When it comes to media (and especially when you're outside the US), the Google Play store's selection remains inferior to iTunes'. Photo, music, and video editing apps in the vein of Apple's now-free iLife apps are also scarce-to-nonexistent on Android. Widgets make it simpler to get quick information without diving all the way into specific applications.
Google also makes and maintains a suite of generally decent iOS apps (including Chrome, Maps, and Drive) that help reduce the pain of jumping between the two ecosystems. The Gmail app in Android is much better-maintained than the standard mail client (which is improved in KitKat, but it's rarely updated and is still missing basic features like conversation view), but both iOS and Android can connect to pretty much any IMAP or Exchange mail service you prefer. Maybe the inconvenience of pulling your data out of iCloud or of giving up iMessage might be too great for you to even consider. The franchises are connected online (and via their mobile phones) to NADRA systems to verify the NIC.
The sims I used already 1 sim of and other 5 sims plz kindly cancel only ZonG AND other 2 sim of ufone i can not use but i am chek in PTA PLZ CANCEL 2 UFONE SIM. Your Sims are free-ish to join any of the pre-made clubs available, but if the Upper Crust members and their love for food is not your cup o’ tea, you can always go about creating your very own group. Continue reading below to learn how to read deleted text messages from mobile phones…By now I’m sure you will be wondering is it really possible to read deleted text messages?
The larger pinhole in the iPhones can be opened up with the Nexus 5's tray opener too, but since the pinhole is larger, a bent paper clip or another similar implement will also get the job done. Apple gives Android users no easy way to access any iCloud data, including e-mail, calendars, notes, and other basics. There's no denying that living exclusively in Google- or Apple-land is more seamless and convenient if you only use Google or Apple devices, but by staking out neutral ground between the two, it becomes easier to hop back and forth. The pre-work you do will enable you to easily mix and match computers, tablets, and all manner of gadgets in the future. Utility provides full backup facility of your cell phone sim card memory.Sim card data recovery software detects the sim card through sim card reader and recovers all deleted messages, contact numbers, phone book directory.
So until that space is overwritten by new data, in your case new messages, contact numbers etc, most of your deleted data is still there and can be easily recovered with the right tools.The tools you will need are a USB SIM card reader, which you can get for a couple of bucks from Amazon, and a good SIM card recovery program.
If you just purchased a new SIM then the data is not available for a few days and you’ll get a message with Unknown name and 1111 as NIC. Software fetches the inbox messages, outbox messages and draft messages even when they have deleted from sim card memory. The recovery program works just like any other data recovery software but it is specifically designed to recover lost SIM card data. It is read only software for retrieving accidentally deleted data like text SMS phone numbers from your mobile phone sim card. This non- destructive sim card data recovery utility can also restore the recent deleted call list.
Software print the report of recovered information including your cell phone sim card lost messages, phone numbers (phone book directory). Recovery of sim card is not possible in the case when your sim card is locked due to unauthorized PIN code. It ensures the retrieval of deleted texts or files also recover the corrupted SMS lost due to virus infection in your mobile phone. Every once and awhile, a person with a GSM cell phone needs to partake in SIM card data recovery.
If you do not know what a SIM card reader is, then you probably do not have a GSM phone (through T-Mobile or AT&T). If you are upset that all of your personal data (including phone numbers of friends and everything saved on your memory) was erased on accident, you are going to need to make use of data recovery. What are you going to need if you want to recover everything that is important from your “subscriber identity module (SIM)” card? The first thing that you should do is to log onto your computer and have your phone nearby.In order to get all of your data restored, you are probably going to need to download a SIM card data recovery software from the internet.
Make sure that you have read a few customer reviews of people that actually experimented with the software and were successful with their SIM card data recovery.Most of the software programs are very user-friendly and easy to get started with.
Once you are finished with downloading and installing a data recovery software, you will need to insert your SIM card into an available port. If you do not know how to do this, most of the recovery software will have easy instructions that will help get you started. Basically, you will want to have your SIM card connected through a port so that the software that you downloaded is able to work its magic on your card by restoring your data.To begin the recovery process, the software is going to ask you your cell phone service provider as well as your ICC identification.
After you have let the software know about your SIM card, you will be able to start with the data recovery which will allow you to recover everything that has been deleted.
This will be able to recover all of your text messages, calling history, as well as your database of stored cell phone numbers. If you follow the instructions, you will be very satisfied with the SIM card data recovery software and its ability to recover lost data.Do not stress yourself out if you are trying to figure out how you can get your past data back to your SIM card.

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