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Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. By the end of the eleventh century four schools of Islamic jurisprudence emerged, each named after its leading interpreter: Maliki, Shafii, Hanafi and Hanbali. Muslim Jurists developed a five-part moral scale to evaluate every conceivable human act from mandatory, to recommended, to morally neutral or permissible, to reprehensible to prohibited. The Hanbali and Shafii schools, the most conservative of the four, required Muslim women to cover their entire body, including their face and hands. Most Maliki and Hanafi jurists believed that the entire woman’s body, except for the face and hands, had to be covered. Interestingly, the juridical discussion of women’s attire did not treat the specific question of hijab, or appropriate Islamic dress to be worn by women in public. This means that in traditional Islamic law, the whole debate over clothing fell into the legal categories of appropriate Islamic conduct (wajib and adab), rather than mandatory behaviors (fard) such as praying, fasting during Ramadan or giving alms to the poor. The only element debated by Muslim jurists was whether a woman’s hands and face were to be concealed or whether they could be left uncovered. Muslims are expected to follow the rituals and adopt the practices (including those related to veiling) of the Muslim-majority society they live in. The Hanbali school, like the Shafii, urge the Muslim communities living within their jurisdiction, to follow a more conservative dress code than the Hanafi and the Maliki. The Hanbali, the most conservative school of Islamic jurisprudence, has most of its adherents in Saudi Arabia.

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However, we must understand this Islamic law to be a law created by men, and not the law of God which itself is perforce unknown and unknowable. It is the body of laws that these ninth- and tenth-century jurists developed that came to be known as Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), a human legal system that stands in contrast to sharia, which is God’s Law. Each of them struggled to interpret the few Quranic verses on women’s dress and to name with certainty those body parts that were to be concealed. Such a scale was meant to guide humans in understanding which acts they were required to perform and which ones to avoid if they were to obey God’s law.

Muslim women’s dress was understood to be part of Islamic etiquette and not of required Islamic behaviors. From the perspective of early Islamic law, and in contrast to the way many Muslims continue to assume, failing to cover one’s private parts (Arabic awrah) constitutes only a minor sin for Muslims, not a major sin. These practices are defined by the particular school of Islamic law that the country observes. And this is one of the primary reasons Muslim women living in Saudi Arabia or Indonesia dress differently from those in Egypt or Morocco.
In fact, the Arabic term sharia literally means “path,” and is used in the Quran to refer to God’s law. We got this image from the net that we consider would be one of the most representative images for cocina de la puerta del gabinete lowes perillas.
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