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Testers in a study from the University of Gottingen in Germany estimated that people whose discoloration was digitally removed from photos were five years younger than their true age. Luckily, our plans can help you remove your biggest age markers such as spots, lines and dullness. You can blame the sun for the freckles and brown patches most of us consider to be age spots, but there’s a bright side: They will respond rapidly to lightening treatments. Rates of women who are opting for preventive mastectomies, such as Angeline Jolie, have increased by an estimated 50 percent in recent years, experts say. Tiny lines can start showing up by your late 20s or early 30s, first near the eyes, where skin is the thinnest.
If you’re like us, you have a gunky body scrub sitting in the shower that hasn’t been uncapped in a long time. But you should reconsider if you want a young-looking body: Buffing goes beyond just indulgent exfoliation—it can also help put the brakes on aging. While some derms advise patients do a full body scrub with every shower, we know that’s not realistic for everyone.
Apply exfoliator to dry skin with dry hands. Then wet your hands, and starting from feet and working your way up one body part at a time, massage the scrub in with circular motions. Pay special attention to aging zones. Rough areas that are susceptible to premature aging include the hands, elbows, backs of thighs, knees, heels and toes.
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Trade in your normal scrub for a daily cleanser with 2 to 5 percent glycolic or salicylic acid. But many doctors are puzzled because the operation doesn't carry a 100 percent guarantee, it's major surgery -- and women have other options, from a once-a-day pill to careful monitoring.
Even after you’ve faded your blotches, the pigment-producing cells that caused them are still there, dormant. Although they’re the most difficult age marker to erase, treatments are continually improving.
Although they’re less potent than retinols, peptides (proteins that stimulate skin to produce new collagen growth) don’t sting as much, making them a good option for those whose skin can’t tolerate retinol.
New at-home handheld devices such as the Tanda Professional Skincare System, $395, beam low-intensity infrared light waves onto skin to stimulate collagen growth.
Buffing boosts cell renewal and promotes collagen and elastic production in similar fashion to exfoliation of your face, giving it a more youthful appearance.
Fortunately, a weekly habit could reap visible benefits too, since it takes a week or so for dead skin to build up enough to give a dull appearance.
Spend about a minute on each leg and each arm to fully slough off dead cells, dirt and excess oil. And wherever there is roughness, scaling, sun damage or dimples, take a moment to give it extra polishing care. When you’re done cleansing and drying, quickly applying moisturizer or body oil will help delay aging by improving texture and tone. Scrubs’ gritty texture can cause your pigment-producing cells to produce even more color, but chemical exfoliants gently peel away skin’s top layer, taking some excess pigment with it, Dr.

And as we know from those unforgiving celebrity shots that compare mottled hands and chests to facial complexions, there’s no bigger age giveaway than a wrinkly body that doesn’t match a glowing face. Derms warn that only one sunny day can revive the same spots, setting you back a couple of months. Follow in the morning with a cream that contains antioxidants, which studies have shown help curb any inflammation that retinol can cause.
For extra-dry skin, look for proteins or linoleic acid (in StriVectin Facial Anti-oxidant, $109), which will plump up skin.
Instead, use moisturizers with gentle lighteners (vitamin C or soy), which you can apply all over daily to brighten uniformly. By preventing damage, antioxidants allow your skin to focus on building new collagen and other tasks (such as getting rid of old skin cells) that keep it looking young.
For normal skin, try a stronger salicylic acid peel or a microdermabrasion kit; use either once a week only.
The strongest eraser you can buy without an Rx is 2 percent hydroquinone, which works by “turning off” the pigment-producing enzymes. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a cream with botanical lighteners such as arbutin or kojic acid (both are in SkinCeuticals Phyto +, $72).

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