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For the first Chevrolet C Series, made from 1911 to 1913, see Chevrolet Series C Classic Six, (the first Chevy).
The 1960 model year introduced a new body style of light pick-up truck that featured many firsts. The 1972 models were virtually identical to 1971 models, with the only change being the rear view mirror was glued to the windshield instead of being bolted to top of the cab, and metal or vinyl-covered flat door panels were no longer available; all trim level door panels were molded plastic with integral armrests and wood grain inserts on Cheyenne and Sierra trim levels.
In both series, the 'Highlander package' included special color-coordinated houndstooth cloth inserts and additional trim colors and insulation. Atlanta, Georgia Baltimore, Maryland Pontiac, Michigan Flint, Michigan Tarrytown, New York Kansas City, Missouri St. The rounded-line generation ultimately ran for a lengthy 15 model years (1973–1987) with the exception of 1-ton and Blazer, Jimmy, and Suburban versions, which continued up until the 1991 model year.
C-Series pickups included standard two-wheel drive with an independent front suspension (IFS) featuring contoured lower control arms to improve durability and ride comfort. K-Series pickups included either part-time four-wheel drive or permanent full-time four-wheel drive.
A locking rear differential from Eaton became available on all two and four-wheel drive pickups as an option, under the "G80" regular production option (RPO) code.
A new gauge to show voltage replaced the ammeter in 1976, and the engine size decals were removed from the grille during this model year. For 1977, there was another round of new grilles, revised inner door panels that left less metal exposed, a four-wheel drive, full one-ton chassis was added to the lineup, and a Dana 60 was used for the front axle, as well as an electric oil pressure gauge replacing the mechanical unit.
The 1979 models got a new grille surround that incorporated the turn signals; inside there was a new full-width "houndstooth" seat trim on base models and a (rare) fifth interior color option on the higher series called "oyster" by Chevrolet and "Mystic" by GMC (mostly white with a gray dash, carpeting and cloth).
Some 1980 models had a new grille, others did not; high-trim Chevys had both a new surround that incorporated near-flush square headlights and revised turn signals with a new, squarer grille pattern, while a GMC base model was entirely carryover, base Chevys had the new center section in the 1979 surround while GMCs with uplevel trims or the separate RPO V22 option had the new square-light surround with the main grille introduced in 1977. A mid-lifecycle cosmetic facelift and mechanical refresh was carried out for the 1981 model year. An all-new part-time "shift on the move" four-wheel drive system was introduced on K-Series pickups as a replacement for the permanent full-time four-wheel drive on pre 1981 models.
There's a website where you can insert your photo and see what you might look like in 20 or 30 years. Many people seek information on health benefits of before and after quitting smoking online as it has plenty of resources and we will try get to the bottom of some of these issues and major health benefits. Shows the difference between lung health from a pack a day smoker compared to a smoker’s lungs who has quit for just 90 days. Before quitting smoking you may have not noticed how much money you actually spend on cigarettes. The smoke of cigarettes stains your fingers if you are a chain smoker, leaving a yellow brownish patch over your index and middle fingers. You may not have noticed how much of a negative effect smoking is having on you because you’ve been smoking for so long and have become accustomed to it but behind the lines your body is fighting it with every breath you take. While being addicted your chances of having a stroke or heart attack are much higher no matter what your age is.
A common reason for taking up smoking is that you were rebelling against authority but deep down there is a need of attention that you have a lack of and taking up the smokes helps to relieve this stress. If you have managed to quit smoking for the first day you should congratulate yourself in taking the huge step and going through the anxiety. Try drinking a lot of water or sipping on water all day on your first day because you will feel the need to have your mouth touching something. After quitting smoking for a day you will notice that you can breathe much better and that your taste buds have become stronger, this is great as food will taste much better. The cost of quitting smoking is nil unless you intend on using the nicotine inhalers, patches or chewing gum. A YouTube video of a series of quitting smoking ads produced by the government to try convince people to quit smoking. Use of this website and posting any comments, replies, reviews or other content on this website constitutes acceptance of our Terms. The first Chevrolet pickup truck appeared in 1924, though in-house designs did not appear until 1930. Most important of these were a drop-center ladder frame, allowing the cab to sit lower, and independent front suspension, giving an almost car-like ride in a truck. The cab was changed for 1964, with elimination of the "wraparound" windshield and a new front grille design, along with various interior changes. The most visible change in differentiating a 1968 from a 1967 was the addition of side-marker reflectors on all fenders. First came another new grille design (the "egg crate") for Chevrolet trucks and black paint over portions of the GMC grille.
For restoration, it should also be noted that the door and window cranks were slightly longer due to the molded plastic door panels, and the vent windows were now secured with a single screw on the inside of the door, thus differentiating it from the 1971 model year. Development of the new third generation trucks began in 1968, four years prior to production in 1972, with vehicle components undergoing simulated testing on computers, before the first prototype pickups were even built for real world testing.[1] The redesign was revolutionary in appearance at the time, particularly the cab, departing from typical American pickup truck designs of the era. The first type, called "Fleetside" by Chevrolet and "Wideside" by GMC, was a "double-wall" constructed full width pickup box and featured a flared secondary beltline to complement the cab in addition to new wraparound tail lamps. Regardless of part-time or full-time, all K-Series pickups came with a front live axle, replacing the IFS setup on the C-Series pickups.

Base models gained a passenger-side woodgrain dash accent and a new plaid upholstery pattern (which would change slightly each year until 1978). Trucks with an optional trim level, but without an additional wheel upgrade, received flatter stainless steel hubcaps, still with painted accents. All models got new, flatter dash trim panels, black on the lower two trims and aluminum-look on the fancier two. Blue interiors were a darker shade than before, and cloth-upholstered deluxe models had a new seat fabric. The popularity earned in High School Musical led her to sign a solo record deal with Warner Bros. Moseby on Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and its spin-off, The Suite Life on Deck. It’s like taking drugs – being extremely unhealthy addiction and everyone knows it, even the poor people who smoke a pack a day. Smoking greatly increases your chances of contracting lung cancer and many other cardiovascular diseases. The difference is quite large as the color of the non-smokers lungs now looks quite healthy. If you calculate it then it’s really enough to buy yourself a cheap running car if you managed to save the money up for an entire year. While smoking you have a much greater chance of getting any type of cancer especially lung cancer because the dangerous chemicals contained in each cigarette alters the cells in your body and can possibly mutate them. While smoking you are addicted to the depressant feeling it causes your body and mind and your body loves the fact that smoking ciggies makes you calm and settles you down.
Another fact why we took up smoking in the first place is because we had a lack of experience because if we knew how hard it was to quit and the money it ended up costing you outweighs the positives tenfold and it would have been so much easier in the first place just not having that initial cigarette.
This is because the nicotine levels in your body are craving a smoke so much (especially first thing in the morning) that you’ll get really stressed out when you become bored, stressed or you mouths isn’t touching anything for a long time.
Also be sure to tell the people closest to you that you are quitting smoking on a certain day so that you have positive support.
The withdrawal symptoms in the morning on the first day will be extreme if you were a heavy smoker and the best thing to do is to get mad for the reason that nicotine is putting you through all this and will help deter you.
You’ll easily notice drastic changes in such a short while but which may have seemed like a long time.
The series shows the different side effects of smoking intended to make smokers uneasy about their habits and try convince them to quit. There is a very noticeable difference between the two and all us smokers right now would rather have a healthy lung as pictured above.
The majority of 10 and 20 series Chevrolet trucks from 1967 to 1972 were built with a coil spring trailing arm rear suspension, which greatly improved the ride over traditional leaf springs. Along with the new engines came a new grille design for Chevrolet trucks and a more upright hood for both Chevrolet and GMC trucks.
However, the 1970's plastic inserts actually have highlights that break the appearance into six separate sections. The fuel tank was moved from the cab to the outside of the frame, and a dual tank option was available which brought fuel capacity to 40 US gallons. K-Series pickups featured an off road-oriented design, with the transfer case bolted directly to the transmission and running gear pushed up as high as possible under the vehicle to achieve a low silhouette and optimal ground clearance.[11] Exposed brake lines were wrapped in hardened steel and underbody skid plates were available for further protection. The rear differential featured mechanical slip sensing in addition to a governor, and would automatically lock at or below 15 mph.
Base models received the flatter stainless hubcaps, and Stepsides got new squared-off taillights with built-in backup lights and side markers, while the rear fenders were smoothed out where the old side markers were. Again, engineers turned to wind tunnels to resculpt the front end with new sheet metal, reducing areas which could hinder air flow and cause drag.[13][14] A sleeker front bow-like look emerged, similar to a ship’s bow with the front end being gently swept back from the center. Their first major theatrical film role was in Big Daddy, where they starred alongside Adam Sandler.
Other than dying early, your other risks include accelerating aging skin, smoker’s lines, crow’s feet and deep wrinkles. There are many negatives to smoking; the worst two are the number of bad effects to your overall health and the money the habit costs. You may not have noticed that your lungs have become depressed and your breaths are really low and shallow; breathing oxygen is underrated and you will be surprised how much better you feel after you’ve quit for even a couple of days to a week. Even though nicotine seems to be some sort of stimulant it is actually a major depressant and a form of destructive behavior. Your blood pressure also goes up each time you have a smoke and you can feel this by the increased heart rate with each breath you take.
If you can monitor your behavior then you will surely have noticed that you smoke more when you are depressed, stressed, nervous about a particular situation affecting your daily life.
It is advised you get help by buying a nicotine inhaler and the patches both at once so you have as much support as you need and find the one that works for you. If you wish to succeed on your first day then one thing you can do is to plan it a week in advanced and be telling yourself “You are not a smoker anymore” for a week.
They will all feel happy for you when you tell them on the day that you have decided to quit smoking and will all try and support you through it. If you’ve come this far you will surely have noticed that your cravings for tobacco have almost halved and your chances of mood swings have almost completely disappeared.

Feel proud of yourself for getting this far and always know if you pick up a single smoke then you will have to start all over again and the depression from taking that smoke will just make you want to smoke more tobacco.
It is not a substitute for personalized medical advice, diagnosis and treatment from a qualified health care provider. However, the leaf spring rear suspension was still available on those trucks, and standard on 30 series trucks.
The GMC grille was revised, with the letters "GMC" no longer embossed in the horizontal crossbar.
The second type, called "Stepside" by Chevrolet and "Fenderside" by GMC, was a narrow width pickup box featuring steps and exposed fenders with standalone tail lamps. When you smoke you have bad breath and whoever you’re kissing will probably find the flavor disgusting if they themselves aren’t smokers.
For whatever reason you may have taken up the habit you are surely regretting the fact now and probably mad at those people who introduced it to you whether it be your close friends of a relative (sometimes even your parents). Smoking can cause headaches, agitation, loss of concentration and a decreased appetite because you are compensating putting something in your mouth and spending your time doing something else.
This will enforce positive emotions by having a negative feeling about nicotine the entire week. If you become really stressed and anxious about something then please don’t get mad, rather try talking to someone and whatever you do try stay away from people that smoke because you may feel the need to ask them for a single cigarette and the cycle will start over again and you will feel really disappointed that you gave in to the sanity (or cancer) stick. The thing is after you have managed to abstain from tobacco for this long, your lungs will begin cleaning themselves out and you will start to cough for a few weeks if you were a determined smoker.
GMC models came standard with leaf springs with coils springs optional; all four-wheel drive models (Chevrolet and GMC) had leaf springs on both axles. Another addition was the Custom Comfort and Convenience interior package that fell between the Standard cab and CST cab options.
These packages consisted mostly of comfort features — nicer interiors, more padding and insulation, carpet, chrome trim, and upper and lower side molding and tailgate trim. Mechanical updates included more anti-corrosion techniques, reduced weight, and a new 5.0 liter 305 cubic inch V8 with electronic spark control. The following year, the brothers launched a franchise known as the Sprouse Bros brand, which included a clothing line, book series and magazine.
During 2009 and 2010, she had her first major broadcast role in The CW's television series Hellcats as Savannah Monroe.
The successful stage of quitting is generally after twenty one days of abstinence as the cravings would have disappeared for sure by now and you have adjusted your life to compensate for it somehow.
You may have noticed that you became a little bit more popular because you’re a smoker and found it easier to associate with smokers during a smoke break at work.
This is quite normal and is a healthy thing and you should make sure you consume lots of water to assist your body in the healing process.
Since 1957, trucks were available from the factory as 4-wheel drive, and the new class scheme would make this known. In 1968, Chevrolet celebrated 50 years of truck manufacturing, and to commemorate, they released a 50th Anniversary package, which featured an exclusive white-gold-white paint scheme. Some internal cab changes were also made, most notably the switch from a hand-operated parking brake to a foot pedal, and a more modern looking two-spoke steering wheel with plastic horn button replaced the previous year's three-spoke wheel with chrome horn button. Usually you will need some type of resurfacing combined with anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Your circulation would have increased greatly in this period and there is a chance of getting headaches every now and then so keep drinking that water and practice relaxation exercises.
A C (Conventional) in front of the series number would indicate 2-wheel rear drive while a K would denote 4-wheel drive. Also new this year were upper and lower side moldings, which added another two-tone paint option.
Finally, the front brakes on all light-duty trucks were switched from drum brakes to disc brakes, resulting in much less brake fade under heavy use. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody was changed in 2008 as The Suite Life on Deck, in which the brothers kept their roles as Zack and Cody.
If you are concerned about maintaining your weight after quitting, you can look into some weight loss programs to keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Actual badging on trucks still carried the series name system from the previous generation. You’re only supposed to use the gum for two months but I now I can’t seem to give that up either.
40, 50, and 60 series trucks were badged as "Viking 40", and the largest 70, 80, and 90 series models were marked "Spartan 70" etc.
MSN reported by the end of the 2000s that the twin brothers became the richest teenage twins in the world. GMC called these "Wideside" and "Fenderside." Half-ton models were the C10 and K10 short-bed trucks, and C15 and K15 long-bed trucks. They deferred admission for one year, and they began attending the university in the fall of 2011.

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