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Welcome to the Lose Baby Weight testimonial section.  Here we have some great stories from mums who have lost their baby weight while following the Lose Baby Weight program. Since we launched in October 2010 mums on our healthy eating and weight loss plans have lost over 75,000kg as well as have lost their stomach fat!!
We have been lucky enough to share the weight loss journeys of thousands of mums and feel very lucky to have been part of their journey to losing weight and becoming healthier. Below are a few of the before and after pictures of some of the amazing pregnancy weight loss stories and thank you again to all the mums who have shared their weight loss stories over 2011.
Laura Mahoney has done an AMAZING job in 2011 losing 8kg and I am still blown away by how different she now looks! Jo Martin has done an incredible job losing over 20kg and juggles 2 little girls, a job and a hubby and has come so far in 12 months that it is amazing.
Kristen Raine has lost a whopping 16kg and 100cm and is now more toned than she has has ever been. Rachelle Price has lost a total of 18kg and has not only gained her pre pregnancy figure back but also her energy levels and health. Emma-Mae lost 12kg of her baby weight whilst breastfeeding her baby on our plans and look incredible – she has done an AMAZING job!! Over the past few months, Delight Smallridge has been sending in her fantastic progress on her weight loss since she has been on the Lose Baby Weight plans and has been inspiring thousands of other mums on our website, Facebook page and weight loss plans too as her results have been so incredible!
But today, Delight has sent in her current up to date results and she has now reached her pre pregnancy weight – which is an amazing result! My name is Joanne and I am 38 years old and have a four-and-a-half-year-old boy, and a nine-month old baby girl.
You may be a first time mum about to embark on the weaning journey with your baby and have no idea where to start.
Our Healthy Kids Cookbook has further 68 fantastic recipes from baby food, to toddler, to big kids and even kids birthday party food. Who ever said you can’t have chocolate for breakfast had obviously never heard of our healthy Choc Almond Bars. Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, keep your wits about you when scanning shelves for Easter treats. Unless you want to be looking at Easter eggs in your pantry and fridge for the next six months don’t go overboard. After Easter do you best to avoid checking out the leftover Easter eggs at 70 per cent off, it will not only make you feel dreadful at what you actually paid, but you’ll probably end up buying (and eating) some cheap chocolate just because it’s there! Easter is nearly here and if you are worried about sugar & calorie overload this Easter then NEVER FEAR – the Healthy Mummy is here!

Enter your details below to get your FREE Easter Recipe Sampler from our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge which is created especially for busy mums. Marissa Nieves, Fitness Expert for the April Sugar Detox Challenge shares some great tips to try when those cravings hit:   How do we curb our cravings for sweet tasty treats so we aren’t left feeling sluggish and unhappy after overindulging?
I joined with the goal of improving both my physical and mental attitude in regards to some health issues that I was having at the time. Whilst I continue to do some cardiovascular work, my current program has a stronger emphasis on resistance training.
I want to continue to be the healthiest person I can be, and know that I can achieve this through continued healthy eating and regular exercise.
It can be hard coming to a gym when you believe you are so far from where you want to be fitness wise.
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Plus we LOVE hearing all the stories and talking to over 15,000 mums on our Facebook page which is kind of its own little weight loss forum – for mums only of course!
It has been a pleasure to be part of Jo’s weight loss journey and she has done so well! WOW, I still cannot believe it was that much but she ROCKS and her weight loss story over the past 12 months was such an inspiration to so many women all over Australia and she looks just AMAZING – well done Kelly! You can see the result below and the email that she sent in with her photo – well done!! Healthy, home made food is always the best way to start your baby on their food journey and here are our TOP 42 ideas. I started my journey last year and thanks to LBW I’ve been able to lose weight, create a healthy lifestyle and maintain my breastmilk supply allowing me to continue nursing my daughter into our 3rd year! This healthy superfood recipe is an ideal breakfast for those on the go and a fantastic lunch box filler for the kids. Before you visit the shops write down what you plan to get everyone, including how much you are willing to spend.
For example, did you know that the 100g Lindt Gold Bunny Red Ribbon, Milk Chocolate treat has 543 calories (and 33rams of fat – gulp). Sure the big and bright-coloured boxes look great but just make sure you know what you’re getting. Sure it’s tempting to buy in bulk and have some just in case, but remember that Easter egg chocolate is about 4 times more expensive than a normal block of chocolate. So I have been focusing primarily on using the cardiovascular equipment, together with some resistance training sessions.

I still have some weight to lose, but my goal now is much more focussed around muscle toning and strengthening. I feel like I have come a long way since I started and I am able to exercise at a level which I never imagined possible 10 months ago. Results will vary depending on personal commitment, genetics, nutrition and lifestyle factors.
This code has been established to set the standards of service, safety and fair trading within the fitness industry.
Her before and after pictures say it all and she should be so so so proud of herself for achieving a 15kg weight loss and doing something so positive for her body. Whatever you do, don’t get trolley envy or get sucked into the deals that give you a stack of money off if you buy more. Consider if smashing back one of those bunnies is really worth about an hour’s worth of exercise. Often you’ll pay twice as much for a fancy foil-covered egg in a huge box as you would for one that is not in a container. Make it about quality not quantity, and from an early age try to teach kids that it’s more fun to hunt the eggs than eat them (good luck with that one). However, I knew that if I was serious in wanting to achieve my goals then I had to incorporate more regular physical activity and exercise into my life. Whilst I have followed several programs written by the trainers at Health Mates, I try to continue to challenge myself every visit to do that little bit more! I also found setting myself some smaller goals to achieve along the way has kept me motivated and helps me remember how far I’ve come.
Adhering to this code also ensure that we employ registered fitness professionals that have successfully attained recognised qualifications and are registered with Fitness Australia. In saying that, check that no one has had a good poke or prod of the eggs that aren’t in boxes. Registration with Fitness Australia is recognised as a license to practice as a fitness professional and is the benchmark for fitness industry standards across Australia and internationally.

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