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A year ago when my son was 8 weeks old I started lose baby weight plans and the healthy mummy smoothies… Since then I’ve taken complete control over my health and fitness beyond what I have ever imagined! In my prep for the half marathon I focused on nutrition and getting as much goodness into my diet as possible, lots of hydration and in the days prior to the race I increased the amount of healthy carbs into my diet. I pushed my training to the limits running a 5km PB of 26.2 mins and using the lose baby weight exercise DVD to strengthen my whole body. I’ve also been getting into bed much earlier on a night, with increased training comes the need to rest more.
Thank you lose baby weight for encouraging and inspiring me to achieve what I never even imagined!!! For over 800 family friendly recipes with daily meal and exercise plans, join our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge made especially for BUSY MUMS – plus you do the challenge with tens of thousands of other mums and chat daily – even hourly with them for constant support in our private group.
When following a healthy eating meal plan it can be difficult to think of healthy and tasty snacks to have in between main meals.
Sharna and I are beyond thrilled to be on board as your febfriendzy motivating mums! Between us on lose baby weight we have lost a massive 54kgs*!
Sharna and I met through the healthy mummy a couple of years ago and became an intimate support network to each other. We both have two kids, have battled through HG pregnancies (severe morning sickness), struggle to lose weight without a lot of work, live with different forms of mental illness but still remain fiercely positive and determined, it’s made us the perfect weight loss buddies as we totally understand each other!! This month is all about celebrating friendship and how much it can help your weight loss journey. Sharna and I are going to show you how much fun it can be when you have a friend on board, the different kinds of activities you can do, the different ways you can support each other and the benefits being part of a true sisterhood can be. We are all here to lift each other up, cheer each other on and encourage everyone to be the best versions of themselves possible. Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too!
My name is Emily I’m 25 years old with PCOS on the worst end unfortunately and I am on my first month of doing the challenges but have been following the page for a while. Before I started this journey I was 84kgs, depressed and wasn’t enjoying my life they way I knew I should be.
I started with two Healthy Mummy Smoothies a day and the weight started to come off and when this happened I noticed my confidence started coming back and my anxiety started to disappear. I’m doing things I never thought I would be able to do, like run, obstacle courses, and enjoying play time with my kids. I have even signed up for my very first half marathon!! I am now at 62kg with a few more kilos to lose to get to my goal weight but I have never felt happier than I am right now. We have this quick, yummy and easy reader recipe for you all to try that wont throw you off your healthy eating plan.

Hayley has completed her first 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and has lost 6.5kgs and loves the easy to prepare, healthy eating diet plans. I managed to gain over 35kg in my pregnancy and 3 months after my son’s birth I was still carrying it all. I committed 100% to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and I am so happy that I have managed to lose 6.5kg in my first month.
I am feeling so proud of myself and cannot wait to continue with Lose Baby Weight to reach my goals. Hey Lose Baby Weight, I just wanted to share my post pregnancy weight loss progress pictures so far with you after starting on your lose baby weight plans and I am happy for you to share to show other mums how it is possible to lose the weight. If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine and you can get a 10% discount by using code LOYALTY at the checkout. There’s nothing quite like hitting the great outdoors for a stroll with the pram, or meeting a friend for a chat and a jog at the local park or green space. Kerri has lost 3kgs plus 36 centimetres from her body measurements since doing one of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. This was my first ever Challenge at 12 weeks post baby number 2, the only difference being I didn’t lose my baby weight after my baby was born. I was honestly so nervous about this Challenge as I know how hard it was to lose 8kgs with my first baby but knowing I had to lose 18kgs this time, before end of September, was a scary thought. I was very proud of myself after the first week, losing 1.5kgs but then got caught up in the number on the scales on the 2nd and 3rd weeks, only losing 400g for those 2 weeks. Now normally I would have given up but I went back and reassessed my calorie intake and with the help of the members on the Facebook support page I turned things around to end well with 1kg loss and my total loss being 3kgs in the 4 weeks. I’m more amazed at how much difference I can see in my before and after photos, with a massive 36cm lost in total. The food on the Challenge is fantastic and so easy to customise, even for a fussy toddler and hubby who now looks forward to the 28 Day Challenge meals. I love how light I feel after eating, I’m never hungry and know that I can now whack this weight in the bum! I’m still working to improve my exercise in the next Challenge but I love that I found the trampoline workout, being something fun I can do with my 2yo while bub is asleep.
Tara has really enjoyed following the healthy eating diet and exercise plans on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and has lost 10.2kgs since she started her journey.
I was skeptical about dieting, as feeding my son and maintaining my supply was my priority. I saw the Lose Baby Weight plans on Facebook and decided to give the 28 Day Meal Plan a try as nothing was shifting the baby weight. I used the 28 Day Plan exclusively for 3 months and while I’ve relaxed my eating a little now, your book proudly sits on top of my fridge as my bible!

I love the variety of the meals, the fact that I didn’t need to think about what to have for dinner, or write a shopping list and the amounts of food I got to eat!
I learnt so much about cooking healthy flavorsome meals without the help of premade sauces and processed foods! With the meal plans, and daily exercise, I’ve lost 10kgs in 3 months and am feeling healthier, fitter and stronger than I did before I had bubs. In the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Plans we give you the low down on why you should snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon when you are trying to lose weight.
Biggest Loser Competition at Work - As part of a New Year's Resolution, someone suggested we start a Biggest Loser competition at work.
Spousal Support and Agreement - My husband is super supportive, and by that I mean, willing to eat whatever healthy recipes I come up with and my own personal cheerleader. Accepting the Schedule - I work full-time, and I am also a wife, a mom, a sister, a friend, and a daughter. Well done!I’ve lost 24kg since I first started with Lose Baby Weight and am now down to maintaining my weight to the last few kg! I completed the half marathon strong and finished much quicker than I aimed for in 2hrs 16 minutes! I loved the online tracking tools, and the support of the Lose Baby Weight community kept me motivated. A healthy eating diet plan and easy to follow exercise routine are just some of the options Lose Baby Weight provides.
I have been on the Lose Baby Weight plans for almost a year now and in that time I have lost 21kgs and feel fantastic! She loves the healthy eating diet plans on the Challenges and is proud that she didn’t give up when things got difficult.
I actually love food more than before but the best part about it is that it’s the healthy version. I have been using the Lose Baby Weight plans and participating in the Challenges since July 2014 and in that time I have lost 15kg and you can see my latest blog here. I also heard there are apps out there that you pay money into and you split the pot with the other winners when peple don't meet their weigh ins. Determine how the tubing used for the trampoline is of satisfactory thickness to anticipate breakages and that the trampoline is not too light weight which might make it move near or flip more than all through utilization.

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