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Ricky:  The training style of Ivan and the whole RAW team is special because it makes me significant and not just another body on a treadmill, so I want to train harder and work together with Ivan to get results. If you have hit a plateau in your journey to lose fat and gain muscle, it’s easy to blame your lack of progress on genetics.
I’m excited to share a tasty gluten free recipe with you today, courtesy of my friend Jennifer Finley, author of Gluten Free Abs. Just about every time that Angie and I post a recipe on the Fat Loss Quickie blog, we receive requests for a gluten free version of the recipe. With the growing need for gluten free recipes, Angie and I have called upon our friend Jennifer Finley, author of Gluten Free Abs, to help us provide some gluten free alternatives to your nutrition plan. When it’s time to take your fat loss to the next level you need to skyrocket your motivation in order to help you overcome any obstacles, challenges or setbacks that you may face along the way.
I have been incredibly happy with my fat loss progress and muscle gains during the first 35 days, especially considering all the junk food that I have indulged in, including the 8 slices of pizza, chips, cookies, kielbasa, and boxed cereal that I ate this weekend. If you have struggled with procrastination as I have, then you will really appreciate the interview that I recently did with Tom Terwilliger, Former Mr.
In this conversation between Tom and I, you will discover some great tips to dig yourself out of the procrastination rut and put yourself on track to finally achieving the goals that you desire. There’s a new healthy cookbook in town, which I am 100% certain will help you achieve your fat loss results faster, while making it easier for you to stick to your new healthy eating plan. There’s absolutely no doubt that your diet is largely responsible for your fat loss results. If you aren’t getting 7 to 9 hours of QUALITY sleep each night and you are stressed out, it will be extremely difficult to lose fat and gain muscle no matter how hard you workout or how great your diet is. When I analyze my personal training clients fat loss journals and pick apart why they are not experiencing the fat loss results that they were hoping for, many times it boils down to lack of quality sleep and they are not managing their stress very well.
On the other hand, to lose body fat, you must burn more calories than you consume in order to get your body to burn off additional body fat as energy. Striving to achieve both objectives at the same time is rarely a good approach to your fitness program because more often than not, you will just end up getting nowhere.

It is in my opinion that this approach is fundamentally flawed because your body can only assimilate so much muscle tissue at one go and after it has done so, any remaining calories will be stored as body fat.
For those people who are gorging in more than 5,000 calories per day, this is obviously way more calories than their muscles need and will inevitably result in a considerable amount of  body fat accumulated over a period of four to six months, which is about the period of time most bodybuilders take to bulk up.
The second way is to take a moderate approach by only eating so many additional calories to support muscle growth. So whoever said that when you gain muscle mass, you will also gain body fat is obviously not taking the more practical approach to building lean and attractive body.
He supports and encourages me, especially when I am exhausted from work.   Right from the start his involvement and understanding of me formed an integral part of his training technique.
If you were only able to give someone three pieces of advice to achieve similar goals, what would they be? I am really impressed with the attention to details and ability for Ivan to adapt and tweak the training routine. Now before I move onto the valuable lessons that I’ve learned about genetics, it is important to note that we do have some genetic limitations when it comes to transforming our body.
These requests come from our valued blog readers who either have Celiac Disease, or an intolerance to gluten, are sensitive to gluten, or are simply trying to reduce the amount of gluten in their diet. If you have been following my current body transformation and mission to lose fat and gain muscle, you already know that this has been a very amazing experience for me where it has felt effortless for me to put forth great effort.
America and author of The 7 Rules of Achievement, which you can find at your local bookstore or online. It’s called Metabolic Cooking, by Dave Ruel, and it is jam packed with mouth watering recipes that will totally boost your metabolism!
Some would argue that diet is 80% of the battle, while others would say it’s even as high as 90%.
Nothing makes it easier for me to burn fat, than having a list of delicious and healthy recipes that also include the calorie content of each meal.
It all sounds good, but just a day or two later you end up right back to your old bad habits.

Our kids can’t stop raving about them and we feel great as parents when we put this healthy snack in their lunch.
When building muscle mass, you will need to consume more calories than you burn up because you need those extra good calories to feed your muscles for them to grow, isn't it?
Most people who lift weights to gain muscle mass will have to accept the fact that they will put on some body fat in the process.
It is interesting to note that bodybuilders who take this approach will suddenly find their life to be a day long buffet since they think that the more food that they eat, the more their muscles synthesize. This will hopefully allow you to gain as much lean muscle tissues as possible without the accumulation of ugly body fat, which you will have to put in considerable effort to get rid of later during the cutting phase, unless you are the naturally skinny and want to put on more weight.
I still feel this way after 35 days, but I know that I can dig even deeper and find even greater motivation that will drive me toward achieving my very best. Although we understand the significant impact that diet has on our body composition, some people choose to rely on guess work to arrive at their fat loss destination.
This has completely intrigued me and has sent me into deep thought and reflection as to how this instantaneous mental shift took place. So the idea is try not to put on extra body fat when you are bulking up and then cut whatever fat you have put on and more during the cutting phase.Can I gain muscle weight without getting fat? BUT, most of us are nowhere close to achieving our genetic potential or reaching those limits. They guess what they should be eating to lose fat and guess how many calories are in the foods that they choose to eat. I went into some detail about this in the Transformation Fascination report about how I went through this same drill for six to seven months, reliving the same scenario, just like the movie ground hog day.
My workouts were great and I was gaining some muscle, but my nutrition was far from up to par, which resulted in some fat gain.

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