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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In my last post, I said that everyone should find a type of exercise that they find enjoyable in order to stick to it and reduce the chance of skipping a workout. If you only have time to do one type of exercise, I believe it should be resistance training. One of the first things I tell my clients is that your diet is what helps you lose weight, and resistance training is what changes your body composition. How many people have told themselves that because they ran for an hour they ‘deserve’ to have that piece of cake or bowl of ice cream?
I can vaguely remember a handful of runs I went on over the years, but I have vivid recollections of the first time I step foot in the weights area of the gym, the first time I really felt in love with lifting, the first time I squatted and deadlifted my body weight, the first time I benched 50kg, and the first time I did an unassisted chin up. It would be remiss of me to talk about booties without featuring a picture of Amanda Latona – now that is a butt! Every second week or so you could do interval cardio, it goes towards your legs, and even if you don’t think it’ll work, who knows? Personally, I find that weight training makes me much more hungry than doing endurance cardio does. I think the reason I fell hard for strength training is because of the confidence I gained! I agree that people will look for excuses to pig out, but with my clients it seems to occur more often after doing cardio.
I really enjoy reading your blog posts, but I don’t think that an elitist attitude towards one form of exercise over another is necessary. I do agree that hours of cardio are not necessary, and studies have shown that extended hours of cardio can increase cortisol levels and break down muscle tissue. I’m definitely not trying to attack or tear you down as I do really enjoy your posts. This post was more directed at those people who think cardio is the be-all, end-all and then feel frustrated when they don’t see any changes in their body composition. The picture is a massive exaggeration, and nobody can claim to know what that person does for exercise. No matter which way you look at it, losing weight quickly and with the least amount of effort still revolves around diet, exercise and supplements.
So let’s look at the diets, exercise programs and supplements that will achieve your goal and have lasting results. Weight Watchers is based on calorie counting that helps dieters drop the pounds and keep them off.  It ranked best overall for both long term and short term weight loss. If you have seen the TV show, then you know healthy food and regular (and intense) exercise is the backbone of the Biggest Loser Diet.  This is a calorie restriction diet with a more intensive workout program. It has proven to be effective for short term weight loss but harder to stick with for the long term. There is no calorie counting with this diet, and the exercise required is minimal – in fact they encourage you not to overdo it.
I recommend combining a short cardio routine a few times a week with this diet – and you would have a seriously effective weight loss strategy on your hands.
Nowadays though, there are two schools of thought when it comes to weight loss and workouts.

Just about everyone agrees that working out and raising your heart rate will burn calories.
Testing has shown that longer workouts are causing you to over-train.  And that has a negative impact on weight loss. So now, there are some who feel it is better to perform only moderate workouts – like shorter, higher intensity cardio or interval training.
And for even better results, the cardio should be alternated with some mild strength training to maintain lean muscle. Just like workouts, the variety of supplements available for you is staggering.  So which ones work? Supplements fall into 5 different categories – fat burners, fats that burn fat, meal replacements, colon cleanse and appetite suppressants.
Some supplements fall into more than one category which means you benefit from their dual action and you can lose weight faster. Many people are confused because of what is promoted in mainstream media, and they prioritise cardio over weights. When she first came to me, she was doing high intensity interval training AND steady state cardio every single day, with very minimal weight training. Doing cardio does help with fat loss, but it only breaks down your existing tissue – leaving you with a soft, skinny fat look. Depending on your starting point, cardio is often unnecessary and can in fact make it more difficult to lose the last dreaded 5-10 pounds. If you go by the exaggerated figure on your treadmill screen which says you burnt 500 calories during a moderately paced 20 minute jog, then sure.
When you watch Jersey Shore on the elliptical for an hour, you are only burning calories while you are on the machine. I used to do it all the time.  Magazines fuel this by frequently featuring spreads telling you how many minutes of exercise you need to do to burn off certain treats.
In my experience, cardio also increases your appetite far more than weight training does – despite the latter burning more calories overall. Little does he know that I’ve only been riding for two weeks and this booty was built by squats! I was more referring to those people who only do cardio and wonder why their body isn’t changing. I went eight months without doing any cardio at all, but only because I didn’t care if I was holding on to a little extra fat.
You may enjoy resistance training far more than some individuals, just like many individuals love cardio. I suppose I am just tired of seeing posts that stick the boot into one form of an exercise or another.
I thought it was funny purely because most people don’t know what skinny fat is, and that is an extreme example. That’s one of the reasons I actually commeted- because you come across as relatable, yet have common sense, decency & a logical head on your shoulders! One of these is Green Coffee Bean Extract.  Click here to check out our information about green coffee bean extract to see if it is right for you.
When you are already doing an hour of cardio a day and eating like a bird, the only way to continue to lose fat is by eating even less and increasing cardio.

Depending on the duration and intensity of your workouts, it’s most often true that cardio burns more calories than a weight training session. The second you step off, the calorie burn stops (I’m talking about steady state cardio). In the book the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, Tim actually tells people not to do any cardio at all for this reason. Knowing that I am physically stronger than the majority of women and even some men carries over into all aspects of my life and makes me feel unstoppable.
If you’re hoping to lose fat, you have to be a genetic freak to get away with skipping cardio. If it does, just do it whenever you deem fit, it’ll go good together with the combination of all the weight training. I used to run for an hour every day but rarely felt hungry, even though I was barely eating 1000 calories per day. Look at me, making friends everywhere I go ;D And I’ll take that last bum over the first one ANY day! For cardio in a gaining phase, I would only suggest doing HIIT – which can actually help with muscle building, particularly in the glutes. I just don’t understand why individuals (not you in particular) need to justify why their form of training is superior to others. I used to looooove running, so I can completely understand why certain people love cardio and why it gives them confidence.
I cut back her cardio to just two short sessions per week, and I recently had a proud moment when she told me she didn’t want to do any cardio at all anymore!
Doing a million repetitions with pink dumbbells is essentially another form of cardio, and it’s not going to change your body shape. With weight training, although you may not feel like you are working as hard because you might not sweat as much, you will continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after your workout. You can’t reverse the damage of a chocolate bar by hopping on the stairmaster for 30 minutes, and that is a completely warped way of thinking in itself.
I understand that you are using the picture to demonstrate what you are trying to explain, but some individuals just have that type of body composition regardless of the activities they partake in.
I don’t think that it is realistic to measure and compare one form of training over another due to the number of variables involved.
That’s also why I wanted to write this, because I have been on both sides of the fence about this. She could see that her body truly didn’t need it, and she was getting better results from weight lifting alone. Not to mention the fact that for every pound of muscle you build, you burn an additional 50 calories at rest – so you are burning more even when you are not doing anything! Also I disagree about runners and skinny-fat – I started running 18 months ago, went from 5K to 10 K to now being in half-marathon group. Little weight training other than once-a-week yoga ( which I had to stop 5 months ago) and just started cross training boot camp.

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